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The world according to AT > Starting Again

Posted 07 October 2010

This week I have learnt that writing blogs is a dangerous thing, never thought of it until I written one last week depicting life at my now former online radio station and along with it commenting on how people have taken a sharpened edge to things in life and it wasn't supposed to be slander or anything like that but just saying I was struggling to k...

The world according to AT > Ring Ring goes the Bell

Posted 20 September 2010

It's been a very long time since I've written an entry here, although I have been writing in many locations just sometimes focus settles on one area and the rest suffer until a break from the usual uncovers the long rested things that were great to do and you start to pick up the pieces again on them.

About the time of my last blog I was talking about films and I finally got Part I of my film "The Long Road to Loving Someone" completed and what an experience it was first of all it was designed as an Silent film and then it failed so I added sound then was told the text wasn't needed so Part II is going to get presented in a whole new and time consuming style so I been busy in the last week figuring out ways to present a story the way people want it to be seen but I am still very proud of Part I and hope that Part II will match the feeling of Part I story wise.

I've also been making a weekly series called 'At Home with Chuckmeister85' which is greatly appreciated by the people of the Chuckmeister85 Fan Club and probably very few other people at this moment, that's another story the fan club but just look it up on Facebook and you'll see it for yourself anyhow below is the fifth episode of the show and apparently it is really good, it is serious effort but it has some humour and a ticker saying hello to people and other bits and pieces so feel free to check it out.

Still doing Enterprise News Today as well about apart from Enterprise S5 the news is rather limited in quantity, you know we worked our tails off at SE for years and the solution was in our hands all along SE.com, TU, SE in TU the answer was always there in Tom's hands and it taken four years for somebody to come up with the most ingenious method make shots out of the previous four seasons plus your own resources and bang you got yourselves a 30 minute (there about) episodes made into three parts each episode and in a way SE might of lost but in a way it was won sure we didn't get Enterprise back on TV but we got Enterprise back on Youtube thanks to three people who put their abilities together and put Enterprise S5 together, for starters there is no amateur acting, the shots are top notch and the soundtrack is excellent, Enterprise S5 is Alive.

Anyhow I better go and continue making my films, got a full slate of Amateur films to make but it is enjoyable hopefully it is the road to somewhere nice but regardless I still got my fan club and they support anything I do, maybe even see you there we'll see.

The world according to AT > Only when it is dark enough you can see the stars

Posted 12 March 2010

With campaigning for Enterprise pretty much over at least for me, a whole lot of free time opened up and time has slowly been happily filled in although i am still very interested in Enterprise S5 the series which is on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/MsPaulineM ) it is slowly getting a following amongst fans.First i done a stint as a Radio DJ from March to November 2009 and that was fun winning several months in the ratings stakes but unfortunately costs got too high and the station had to shut down but luckily for me I quickly moved on to me making my short films and below is the latest report on one on my films i am making called 'The Long Road To Loving Someone' and i am getting more and more pleased with it defintely come a long way since originally making a series called Endeavour in 2005-2006 which spawned seven episodes and the drawing level was pretty basic.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJ0nSnfS-2A Around the same time I joined the campaign to bring a classic Australian variety show called Young Talent Time back to TV, for non Australian readers YTT was a show that was pretty much in the mould of the Mickey Mouse Club that ran for several decades on American TV with both shows having a similar number of kids as a team or individually doing both singing and dancing but YTT also had a segment which gave three contestants a chance to show their abilities including singing, dancing, instrument playing, comedy skills, magic tricks ability and many other areas as well as having a special guest every show.It is said that at this particular time Australian kids have an abundence of talent but have nowhere on commercial TV to shine, so if you believe in the concept of YTT or the Mickey Mouse Club then please watch the following video http://www.youtube.c...h?v=ypcvJoY18A8 and if you agree with it please consider joining http://www.facebook....id=171065601610 or http://www.myspace.com/redfernforytt or http://www.twitter.com/redfernforytt Finally etaRadio is returning as The Fuzz Radio and I got my Radio slot back and I'll let you all know when the shows start again and I can't wait because in the last five months I've been waiting for another shot at it and been steadily building my music collection ready to play music for people so in conclusion I can finally see the stars again.

The world according to AT > And so the end came

Posted 05 December 2009

So last month the end of etaRadio came and it was a smashing success if an ending of something can be a smashing success, in the final days we needed 20,000 connections to break into the 500,000 connection barrier and it seemed like an impossible task but at about 5:30pm on the last day we broke through and ended our 8 month run at over 502,000 connections throughout the history of etaRadio and i ended my last two hour stint with two Jamie Redfern songs in "Hitch a Ride" and "I Thankyou"

Well since etaRadio ended the question has been what to do next and going through the piles of aborted ideas i came across my story on the history of the original group of kids who performed on Australian variety TV show 'Young Talent Time' and i decided the idea needed a clean up and got to work on it and so i started to put the pieces together for example the original idea called for all 40 kids from 1971 to 1988 to be chronicled and so i cut it down the original six kids taking the starring role and the dozen or so who followed them takes supporting roles as the story reaches a conclusion.

The research is hard, Australian TV networks had a policy of filming over episodes of productions so some 300 out of 800 Young Talent Time episodes are gone including most between 1971 and 1978 the area in which my film Up, Up and Away is based upon and most images are in black and white and some colour is from Polaroid photographs which are largely blurred but here is a teaser of how the movie is, please note the movie is more a guide for some rich company to attempt one day.

My other major interesting phase so far has been pushing for former Young Talent Time performer and current talent school teacher/Facebook user/Performer/other things, Mr Jamie Redfern to become host of Young Talent Time when it returns to Australian TV after an absence of 21 years (19 if you count the Direct-to-Video episode) and the original host of the program Johnny Young is going to go just produce and be a judge so there is an opening and a bunch of us fans are hoping Jamie becomes the host and so i made the following campaign video.

I have to say if i didn't spend all these last four years at Save Enterprise i would never of learnt several things that is vital today for example how to make videos after following Skippy2k and ChristopherPike although they have done much better than I have and then you got the fan made series Enterprise S5 which i am pleased to be one who watches every episode and give some ideas and I think some of my episode ideas will make it into the fifth episode which would be the second time something of mine has made it into the fan made realm but yeah hopefully what i have learnt at Save Enterprise translates to the 'Jamie Redfern: As Host For New Young Talent Time group' on Facebook

The world according to AT > Waiting for the end to come

Posted 14 November 2009

After some 8 months and over 480,000 connections made the internet radio station etaRadio is closing down and it is going to happen just over a day from now and i was devastated by it because i was the second DJ on the station and i have logged over 187 hours on the station since i started although i did a couple of shows on other computers so the total could of exceeded over 200 hours and that means i have kept some listeners company for over a week of their lives in just 8 months and that is astounding.

Unfortunately i was hoping to go far with etaRadio so the announcement last week absolutely floored me but i am hoping the Chuckmeister85 show goes somewhere else to live on in a podcast capacity or just drop the Chuckmeister85 tag and go for my real name which would be nice but in a way Chuckmeister85 is my brand name so i am sort of compelled to stick with it for some time but we shall see what will happen in the future.

Through the last week i have been really working hard on things, my last regular Wednesday night show was a massive success although i lament that i didn't get to play all the classic tunes i wanted to play there were so many Chuckmeister85 standard tunes that four hours just wasn't enough time and i wanted to go on into the small hours but i had no energy left to give so i had to call it a day.

If you want to see any Chuckmeister85 videos go to
We also have podcasts available at http://www.etaradio.com.au but you better hurry because they'll be going offline soon

I also been working on improving my films and i present to you readers the latest teaser trailer from my film effort "The long road to loving someone" which has narration and some new shots plus a longer length and i do promise that more will be coming over time as i boost production to get things done

Well it's time to go and prepare for the show, it is going to be a great one tune in at 4pm AEST (Queensland, Australia time) oh and in this blogs poll question is Jamie Redfern the best child singer the world ever seen here is an example of his singing for you to make judgement

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