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About Me

I met Terrilynn on a cruise, so this chance to be in and write in a similar forum was intriguing for me. I'm an avid Trekker, Trekkie, all around geek. I go to ST conventions just to be amongst the crowd; immerse myself in the moment and magic of Trek. I've been writing online as a roleplayer for four long, wonderful, marvelous and awesome years on MySpace and Facebook and even attempted on Trekspace (nuff said about Trekspace). MySpace was inspiring, and Facebook has some awesome moments too. But, I also, like writing solo, and on occasion about nothing related to Trek. But, fan-fiction is my first love.

I began writing fan-fic in the solitary depths of my own word processor~ writing stories that centered around Dr. McCoy, my first and foremost love and the reason I found myself attracted to Star Trek in the first place. I was around when Star Trek first aired, although, only 8 years old and upset more because it often pre-empted my chance to watch Bonanza (because my father and brothers) liked Star Trek. I wanted to see Little Joe and Adam…but, alas, was stuck watching 'Wagon Train" to the Stars instead. When it cancelled, I couldn't have been happier, until it resurfaced and began to interfere with me watching the Adam's Family. My brothers were once again the bane of my life, until~ I laid eyes on Bones McCoy at age 13…"Oh my!" I gave into geekiness, then and haven't stopped. A proud Trekker, I've gone on to meet and greet many of those who mesmerize as they bring these characters to life.

TNG would bring to life the hunk of my 20's from DOOL's and once again I was enthralled, although, I had begun the campaign in my mind that replacing TOS with all its splendor and campy delight would never match up to Star Trek the Original. It did, with the invention and wonder surrounding "Q". Q is who I have role-played online at MySpace since 2008. Having first ventured on the scene in that venue with a character of Tonia Barrows and attempting to rewrite what I had solo written as fan-fic for years in solitude, only to learn that most Trekkers had no idea who she was…I created a profile for "Q~ the Omnipotent" and the rest is history.

I have no intention of role playing here, but could be persuaded elsewhere, if that is your 'cup of tea', but I hope to begin the idea of writing some fan-fic here that centers on Q, the Q Continuum and how I see this rabble-rouser of the galaxy. I hope you'll find it entertaining.

My favorite genres of Trek are: TOS, TNG, and VOY. My favorite characters are (in order of interest) Dr. McCoy, Q, Data, Janeway, and Picard. Who else do I role-play in the vast virtual realm online? I'll tell~ Kathryn Janeway, Jean Luc Picard, Lady Q, Q Junior, Vash, and an original Q named Toby Q. [all can be found alive and well~ sorta anyway on MySpace]. And, non-Trek characters I play on MySpace are~ Jack Tanner and Ann Whitefield from a little known Shaw play called "Man and Superman".

I consider myself well rounded in writing and not stuck in sci-fi all the time. I invent Q in all aspects of the timeline, whether it be going back in Time or ahead in Time.

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    Star Trek, Avid Q Fan, but also like Data, Picard and Janeway. A bit of a Jaded TOS aficionado, I role-play (collaborative post for post Q on Myspace, Facebook~ have for 4 years running). I also, write a few other ST characters in RP, not saying who. I'm also a Whovian, specifically "Torchwood", Convention-goer. Besides, ST and Dr. Who, I enjoy the classic works of Maugham and Shaw. A disciple of Friedrich Nietzsche.

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