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Comments on Empire Strikes Back

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#21 Warpfactor7



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Posted 25 April 2006 - 10:46 AM

With the Empire Strikes Back, there’s not much difference between the earlier Laserdisc editions, there very close to what you would have heard back in 1980, with the definitive collection, the sound remains pretty close to the first pressing, except for the range in dynamics on the sound, and image quality.

The DVD’s have had slight changes as well as, the 1997 re-release version, where all the visuals remain, the same except for a few minor changes with the emperor, in the DVD edition.

Posted Image

But if you do have the opportunity to spend out on a Laserdisc Player, there going for around £200,00 to £100,00 or under if your lucky to come across one, look for a model that sports “Dolby AC-3” the Pioneer series are so choice for the format.

Now, remember that scream as Luke falls down that huge shaft, well that’s only on the 1980-1997, release version, not on the DVD edition, talk about a director who is confused with what he wants and doesn’t what.

Now if Lucasfilm had made the choice to realise the DVD, as a dual version, like they did with, “The Abyss” 1989-1992 I would be choosing over the theatrical version, most of the time.

Posted Image

Now that does give the fan, or the user the choice to view and hear the filmmakers art as it was when first exhibited to audiences back in 1980. :D

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Posted 25 April 2006 - 11:04 AM

Wowzer you really do know an immense amount about this. I do watch discs on ebay quite a lot and am very tempted to get them but with being at uni I don't really have the money to spend at the moment and I'm really trying to save up for a new TV. However the next couple of weeks I should be working a ton of over time so hopefully I'll be able to get the Star Wars discs then, I'd love to have them.



You can twist my arm, and I still won’t sale my definitive collection THX Laserdisc box-set, which was autographed at a Star Trek convention hear in Bournemouth a few years back, priceless.


No, you do see some Laserdisc owners selling them, thinking there DVD version is the crème de la crème, what morons, the reason I’m still hold on to my Laserdisc versions is quite simple, there is no other version that will be close to the theatrical release, and at the silly price there flogging them at, great, if it where me the starting price would be very high, very.

If you’re looking for some Laserdiscs, look within the United Kingdom, the mailing cost would be low, and the time it would take to reach you would only be a few days.

At this very moment I’m running, “Return of the Jedi” definitive collection CAV side 5, and the Lucasfilm THX audio system makes very pleasurable to listen to, taking of the edgy harshness of the high frequencies etcetera, etcetera. :D

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Posted 10 November 2006 - 02:14 PM

Theyre not all morons, maybe some sell them cause they need the money. Or they are not as concerned with it as you seem to be.
I know, I know, old post, but I wanted to say that.

#24 Chief Cottingham


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Posted 20 July 2010 - 11:17 AM

Overall a good movie with a good storyline. Better than episode 4 but not as good as episode 6.

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Posted 01 December 2010 - 12:51 PM

Gotta love Star Wars and every movie and book and story of it :clap:

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