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Maquis in "DS9"

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Posted 14 April 2012 - 03:58 PM

Me interesting why in "DS9" federation don't arrest maquis,if they attack cardassian ship,oneself cardassian know that they are criminal group and destroy their ships,but why Federation when was begun war vs Cardassia in two part two season in episode "Maquis",they nothing don't making for stopping this unformal warrior squad and only in "Voyager" captain Janeway capture one small ship with maquis crew,this what was hard capture or destroy all their squad in time cardassian war?I don't understand why starfleet command don't give order on arrest all maquis group,why Federation president and high command don't make work what making this with minimal damage and without angry from cardassian side?
My opinion about this question:maybe because was go war vs Dominion and starfleet command don't need was maked arrest Maquis group,because was big space war,what can will be destroy all Alpha quadrant.They just don't was interested Maquis problem,because situation in Alpha quadrant was very critical and it can was end big war and even destroy Earth.
What do you think about this question?

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