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"Star Trek: Hailing Frequencies Open"

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Posted 28 March 2012 - 03:33 PM

I wrote up a few "blanks" for the monthly publication "HFO". Let me know if you like the covers & if any of them should be used.

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Posted 01 April 2012 - 08:13 AM

I wrote up a few "blanks" for the monthly publication "HFO". Let me know if you like the covers & if any of them should be used.

:sadnod: Sadly, Hailing Frequencies Open", the magazine of TrekUnited hasn't been monthly for many years and the last two issues (HERE and HERE and shown below with one of our first pdf paperbacks) were the ones I did for the 2010 Twelve Trek Days of Christmas.

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The editorial decisions behind the covers were...
  • The size wasA4 even though it can still be printed out (as fit to paper) on US Letter
  • The colours are LCARS, I was going to use a different three every issue
  • The foregound was a head-and-shoulders of a "villain" from the era that the issue was focused on
  • The background was a negative line elevation or plan of the ship that is associated with the villain
Unfortunately we don't have the manpower resources to field a magazine such as HFO - bear in mind I'm talking about its content and not its size - and have no plans of continuing publication in the forseeable future. We will, however, be publishing Trekzines under the masthead of Hailing Frequencies Open : Personal Logs for which we will be announcing pitches on our deviantART group page when we are ready to start the next one.

The covers you've shown are some beautiful space art although a Trek cover would generally include either a ship or a person as well. I can see that this might be an advantage for a magazine in that it would set the mood, catch the reader's eye, without being too specific - you'd need some pretty snazzy promotional text on the cover to actually draw the reader into the issue though. The other advantage of your graphics is that they have the space for the text - you don't want the cover too "busy". You definately wouldn't need a spine for a 16-20 page magazine though.


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