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"Star Trek:Star Crossed"

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Posted 24 January 2012 - 02:15 PM

Starfleet academy.April.25.2392 year.This was very sunny day,around academy was stand very many people,news network federation planet too worked here,because this was time open first stable wormhole to the Andromeda galaxy.
Nesmaker:Mr president,what do you think about what was seek first stable wormhole to the andromeda galaxy?
President:This first time was success for science group federation planet.Starfleet find it wormhole.Soon we can will be build around wormhole new station as DS9 for..... i don't asking for why,because this very big secret.It know only i and senior officers starfleet.
On sky was see very big ship with green exterior and with green windows too on exterior.Ship was triangle forms.
Officer:What this it?
Munro:I don't know.I never seen this very big ship before.
Officer:Look out,they are charge weapons.In cover!
Officer:Munro,they are what you "friends" from Delta quadrant?
Munro: Of course not.I even don't know who are them,but weapons is very powerful.
Officer:Munro,shut up,this is war,new enemy attack Federation planet.We should move on starship "Avenger" on Earth orbit and fly on station k-7 what can will be speak with klingon and romulans and maybe they help us.
Munro:I how don'tthink,you of course more young officer and don't understnad what romulan best destroy our ship and usmbut they never don't will be help us.Remember what i now say.
To them was go young officer on name Shawn Newman.
Shawn:Now is very danger situation,new enemy is very strong.All civil personal must will be send on escape ships and fly on Vulcan or on nearly inhabited planet.
Munro:Shawn,Do it!
Ship "Avenger":Bridge:very many people walk on deck one.Captain sit on captain chair.
Munro:Switch on warp drive.First officer,please say me: all ships from Earth was evocuation?
Michael:Of course all.
(Shoot from unknown alien ships)
Shawn:Incomming message from ship "Moscow":
Dmitry:We will be lose power.Main warp reactor is offilene.Please help us,save us now.No,AAAA!!!!(cry).
Munro:No,we was lose friends.(he is cry).Open fire on lead ship.
John:Target lock.
Munro:Fire on my mark.Stand by.Ready?
(Fire from phaser cannon)
John:Non effect.I scanning teleportation 15 bio signals on all deck.
Munro:Red alert.Emergency deploy.We must will be protection ship.One and twp hazard team personal,you come with me.
John:yet how i?I too want will be kill this enemy.
Munro:Wait here,you very need man on this ship,because we end line protection Earth from invasion this new enemy.
Romulan ship:
T'Vok:Senator Danatra,please say how many enemy ships around Earth?
Danatra:~580 ships and 300 fighters.
T'Lak:Danatra,we now gived important messages from Romulas.Senators talk what Romulas was attack unknown enemy.
All builds in city was destroy,very many people was been die.They are say me,what i begun command romulan fleet and return Romulas back.
Danatra:Very danger,but need making it.
(teleportation sound).
Munro:Don't do it.This mission is very danger even for you fleet.I want give you help from starfleet,klingon fleet,taalrite fleet and andorian.
Danatra:I agree with you,this enemy need will be destroy now or never.In first time we will be destroy small fighters,next need will be come to on mother ship and switch off generator wormhole.
Munro:My people can making this work,but you too can making important mission:open fire on mother ship in warp drive.
Danatra:I watch photo this ship,force field.We can't will be destroy engine.
Munro:Maybe switch off bypass and force field will be shut down.After our both fleet will be begun on mother ship and destroy bridge,i and commander Vorik come in main hall manual wormhole and switch off generator.
Remember what this mission is very danger,don't need will be make heroes,if you will be under attack-best use portative teleportation device and you will be can return on "Enterprise".Sickbay is ready right now for send hurt people from federation ships or from romulan ships.Good luck our both.
Mother ship:
unknown officer1:I hope what you can switch on generator for destroy all solar system?
unknown guard:Of course.
unknown offcier1:Wait,soon will be invasion our race in federation planet.We was wait this every five years.Open fire on Moon,now!
Vorik:Munro,look what happen with Moon.
Munro:I can't believe in this,Moon has been destroy.
Vorik:Correct,soon will be destroy Earth and next Bajor with station DS9.
Munro:Attack cancell.I have other plan attack.Talk in command room.
Command room:
Danatra:How is you plan?
Munro:I will be fly on station DS9 and destroy planetary hyperspace bypass,you Vorik with Danatra must will be switch off two generator on mother ship.
Diana:Don't do it this.You must will be live.
Munro:This is my choice.Freedom federation in all Earth in you hands.I believe in you.Let's get to work.
Ds9 station:
Munro:Please come in this room.
Munro was push on button and escape pod was been eject from station.
Munro:Good bye,friends.I will be making this mission.Bypass must will be destroy.
Vorik:Diana,why Munro maked this choice.
Diana:He is from "hazard team".I hope what he can survive.
Station DS9 fly through air layer.OPS deck was been explosive.All lcars panels was been destroy.Munro was sit in chair.On OPS was been very hot.*Sound destroy reactor*.
Munro:Good bye "Enterprise",good bye Picard,Vorik,good bye friends.
Station had been explosive on bypass generator.
Diana:No,he is die.*She is cry*.
Vorik:One bypass destroy.Need switch off main bypass generator on mother ship.
Diana:Why he's die?I can't believe in what happened.He's was 52 age.
Vorik:You must will be understand what if Munro don't destroy first bypass,our Earth and all federation was destroy unknown enemy.I can help you forget what happened,of course if you want?
Diana:No,i don't want forget hes.I know how destroy lead ship and switch off two bypass forever.
Danatra:Please say,we you hear.
Diana:we move "Enterprise" on lead ship and switch on self distruction.All personal ship will be evakuation on escape pod."Enterprise" explosive and mother ship will be destroy.What do you say,Danatra?
Danatra:Me liked you idea.Let's go.
Diana:Picard,please enter code load self distruction system.
Picard:Computer,personal code:Picard-525805/2.Initial self distruction sequence.
Computer:Self distruct sequence is online.Explosive ship after one hour.
Diana:Time have,need escape from ship.
Picard:Agree with you.Maybe after when we will be return on Earth,us give new ship,more powerful and more strong than was "Enterprise-E".
Diana:Maybe give.Go to escape pod,now!
Escape pod:
On chair sit Picard,Vorik,Diana,Worf,Danatra,Diana and other crew members.
Picard:Look this!
Them watched in window escape pod:"Enterprise" hit in lead ship and explosive.
Danatra:Very good news,mother ship has been destroy.
Worf:Correct.Look,they are escape through wormhole in Andromeda galaxy.We had been win.
Earth:Starfleet academy:
Starfleet admiral:Congratulation with success mission,Diana.If don't you,all federation was destroy.
Diana:Thanks,i'm very glad hear it.
Admiral:You will be give new ship "Enterprise-NX-70592" very soon.
Picard:This is very good.
End scene:
View from sky on academy.People and crew "Enterprise" stand around big logo starfleet.
(End story).

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Posted 04 February 2012 - 01:11 AM

Beast Boy,
Enjoy this newest novel cover on your own fan fiction website, (if you have one of your own on angelfire or tripod.com)!

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Posted 04 February 2012 - 04:06 AM

HJauck,thanks,very good and wonderful cover. :thumbsup:



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Posted 18 July 2012 - 06:40 AM

Grade :thumbsup:
Nothing is impossible

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Posted 18 July 2012 - 08:00 AM

Grade :thumbsup:

Thanks,how i glad hear this words from you.



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