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USS Katana needs a strong team

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#1 Victoria Yale


Victoria Yale

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Posted 04 December 2011 - 02:20 AM

"He may be one of the best scientists we have in Star Fleet but I wouldn't let him lead a chorus of Happy Birthday, let alone a Starship" - Admiral Fukashima

"Captain Goodwin is brilliant when it comes to the stars but is a total idiot when it comes to dealing with people." - Goodwin's former lab assistant

"Some people think that it was Admiral Fukashima that was tired of dealing with him so he ordered Captain Goodwin in command of a starship in the Gamma Quadrant because sixty thousand light years isn't far enough." Captain Rowan, Starfleet Operations.

This is the story of an interesting man in command who shouldn't, a young up and coming officer put in place to serve as the XO and to babysit the Captain, and the hard working crew that makes it all happen. This is the USS Katana.

The USS Katana is a Intrepid class starship assigned to explore the Gamma Quadrant as part of Bravo Fleet's Task Force 9. Under the Command of Captain Goodwin (A NPC Character), with Executive Officer Lieutenant Commander Victoria Yale (The Game Manager), they will explore into the unknown. How the trip will go is anyone's guess. A scientist in command who doesn't know how to command requires a strong team around him. We are looking for those to be part of that strong team.

We are currently looking for officer positions including;

Chief Operations Officer
Chief Engineer
Chief of Security
Chief Medical Officer
Science Officers
Helm Officer / Small Craft Pilot

Visit our website today at http://katana.xoomsite.com and sign up to be a part of our crew or talk to the XO, Lieutenant Commander Victoria Yale. Captain Goodwin has no clue whats going on!

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Posted 05 December 2011 - 07:31 AM

If this were a book, I buy it!


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