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"The Changing Face of Evil"

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Posted 12 November 2011 - 03:25 AM

Dominion fleet fly to Earth. Starfleet ships stand around earth,but ship Dominion attack federation fleet.
Breen attack starfleet academy,many cadets was die.Crew ship "Defiant" want attack Dominion force around Earth.
Freedom Earth and Federation planet in hand captain Sisco and crew "Defiant",they can fight enemy or die as other starfleet officers. federation against Cardassia,Jem'Hadar and Dominion.Who can win yet to lose...

In total this episode interesting,have good visual and special effects.Battle starship awesome,because on screen show battle big Dominion fleet vs starfleet.What me more like in this episode: this energy torpedo Jem'Hadar ship.
This episode go to final story line seven and end season epic series "Deep space nine".If you interesting watch how Federation attack enemy in deep space,how many battle go on planet surface,i recommanded you watch end season "DS9",i mean,what you this season and episode very like.I give this episode 8 star from 10.What do you think about this epic episode? Like or no?What very like you in this episode,i mean episode chapter.How many star you give this episode on 10 star scale?



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