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VOY/BSG crossover

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Posted 01 September 2011 - 09:15 AM

A VOY/BSG crossover

Hidden inside a class 5 nebula was a Borg sphere station. Suddenly it was approached by a huge object. It was followed by hundreds of small fighters. It was a Cylon basestar. The two opened a hailing frequency.
,,We are the Borg! Resistance is futile! You...''
,,We can help you find your enemy ship. What's it called... the Voyager. But only if you help us find the fleet!'' Said the cylon-human agent called number six.
,,A few days ago our DRADIS(sensors) picked up a vessel. It was conducting surveys of one of the nearby pulsars. We can tell you it's position but only if you tell us the position of the colonial fleet. We understand the Borg have superior sensor technology. Maybe we can swap information? And work together to beat the both of them?''
,,That is acceptable! We are transmitting! If you do not transmit the information in ten seconds we will destroy your fleet!''
,,Alright... Data transmitted... If your sensor scans are right, this means that the Fleet and Voyager are about to meet. How big is your force?''
,,Three cubes...''
,,We have three basestars. They don't stand a chance.''
,,They will be assimilated!''
On board Voyager.
Harry and Tom entered the mess hall. Tom asked Neelix:
,,What's the special today Neelix?''
,,That would be the hair pasta!''
Tom was disgusted. He shivered.
,,I'll just skip to desert!''
,,Blood pudding it is! It's a Klingon dish...''
,,I'll just have the coffee!''
,,How about you Harry?''
,,Umm... Me too.''
,,Okie dokie!'' Neelix pored some coffee to Tom, then harry. He grabbed a bowl of what looked like thick red pudding, grabbed a spoon and took a large bite.
,,Good stuff!''
Tom and Harry sat at the table next to Seven.
,,Does that guy ever make anything good?'' Tom whispered.
Seven was listening from the table next to them:
,,Neelix's food is acceptable...''
,,But it sure as hell ain't tasty!''
,,Taste is irrelevant.''
,,Not to me it ain't... Join us Seven!''
,,Gladly.'' She got up and sat down at Harry and Tom. Tom looked at Harry laughing very quietly. Harry returned a angry look. He had a crush on Seven and didn't want to be close to her.
,,Senior officers to the bridge!'' Captain Janeway ordered.
,,Aye!'' Harry smiled.
On board Galactica.
Starbuck, Appolo and the pilots were playing poker. Starbuck won.
,,Frak yeah! Fourth time in a row!''
,,Damn it all!'' a large pilot said. He hit the table and quietly walked out of the bar.
,,Yes you are Kara.'' Lee laughed.
,,Oh har de har har Lee! Is everyone up for another game? I mean is everyone up for loosing another game?'' Only one pilot walked away. Then doctor Gaius Baltar walked into the bar.
,,Doctor Baltar care to join us for a game of poker?'' Kara asked.
,,Sorry, I have no money. Even know I'm the vice-president of the fleet! Damn this economy! But i have some cigarettes''
,,That'll do! Have a seat. I'll go get the drinks!''
In the mind of Dr. Baltar appeared the cylon women number six. She sat on the table and said:
,,You like her Gaius.''
,,No I don't!''
,, ,,No I don't'' what?'' Lee asked.
,,Umm... No I don't want to lose!''
,,Who want's some beer?'' Kara asked with hands full of cups and bottles of beer.
,,Don't mind if i do!'' Gaius took a cup and a bottle from her hands and pored himself some beer.
Kara took her place at the table.
,,Now let's start this game!''
On the CIC(the bridge).
Saul Tigh and admiral Will Adama were standing at a table on the center of the cic.
,,We detected a class 5 nebula nearby. It is big enough for the fleet to hide there so we could make repai...''
Lieutenant Gaeta interrupted Tigh:
,,One dradis contact!''
,,Prep the fleet for a jump! Send a message to the Pegasus to launch all of it's Vipers Dee! We'll do the same!''
,,But sir this object is much smaller than a basestar yet bigger than a normal Cylon raider!''
,,Hmmm... Dee give me ship to ship!''
,,Aye sir... We've got ship to ship!''
,,This is admiral Adama, identify yourselves!''
On board Voyager.
Tom, Harry and Seven exited the turbolift and entered the bridge. Captain Janeway was on the the center of it looking at the screen. On it a fleet of small ships and a few big ones. She said:
,,We scanned them and there were humans on board.''
,,Yes, but their technology is more primitive than ours. They're not using energy weapons. They even don't have transporters.''
,,Receiving a hailing frequency! Audio only.'' Tuvok said.
,,Play it.''
,,This is admiral Adama, identify yourselves!''
,,This is captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation starship Voyager. We didn't know there we're more humans in the Delta quadrant.''
,,Are you sure you're humans?''
,,Last time i checked. What else could we be?''
,,Cylon agents!''
,,Umm.. They're robots that we built, to serve us. They evolved. They rebelled, destroying our planets, and there are many copies of the people we know and trust. Will you be willing to come aboard Galactica so we can test you.''
,,For what?'' captain Janeways voice turned grim.
,,To see if you're Cylons!''
,,I assure you we're not!''
,,That's exactly what a Cylon would say.''
She sighed:
,,Alright my senior staff will be aboard your vessel.''
,,We have the technology to transport aboard your vessel using no craft.''
,,Alright you can ,,beam'' aboard our ship.'' he gave Dee the sign to terminate the ship to ship.
,,If you ask me they're damned Cylons!''
,,We will see that!''
,,Only the Cylons could have the technology like theirs! I su...'' Saul was interrupted by a humming noise and a bright flash. The senior staff beam over.
,,Welcome to the Galactica!''
Captain Janeway stretched out her hand to shake with the admiral. He pulled out his gun and said:
,,Come with me.''
,,With all d...''
,,With me! And give me your weapons.'' He took all of their phasers.
,,What the hell are these?'' Saul took one.
,,It's a phaser, watch out it's set on the highest stun setting.'' Chakotay said.
,,So it's some kind of a ray gun?''
,,Um, yeah.''
Adama walked the crew through the halls of the great battlestar Galactica. Whenever they passed a crewmembers he would look at Tuvok's ears or B'Elanna's forehead.
,,What the hell are they?'' Adama did the same.
,,Tuvok's a vulcan and B'Elanna is a half klingon.''
,,So they're aliens?''
,,Yes. To you.''
,,And what are they to you?''
,,I didn't know that Cylons have friends!''
,,We're not Cylons!''
In the lab of doctor Baltar.
,,Why don't you love me Gaius?'' The blond Cylon said.
,,Oh great. You made me believe in your ,,God'' and now you want me to love you? So now i need to love the Cylon that appears in my probably crazy brain! You're asking too much.''
,,God doesn't forbid love!''
,,Oh God, God, God! I only believe in it so i don't get fried by you!''
The Admiral and the crew entered the lab.
,,What was that?''
,,Nothing, just talking to myself.''
,,I need you to test these people.''
Gaius sighed:
,,I'll need at least two days.''
,,May I be of some assistance?'' Seven asked.
,,Um, sure.''

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Posted 02 September 2011 - 06:11 AM

Very good story,me very like,because have"Voyager" and ships from "BSG".Good job,i will be wait next chapter this fan fiction.



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Posted 02 September 2011 - 06:41 AM


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Posted 14 September 2011 - 10:22 AM

Part 2:
,,But how are you sure she wont sabotage the tests?''
,,I'll test her first. I'll need about two hours...''
,,Alright... Now you will wait in the brig until doctor Baltar finishes.''
,,I'm tired of you pushing us around! I won't got to the brig.''
,,Tom!'' captain Janeway shouted.
,,Yes sir.''
They reached the brig. In the cell was Sharon Valeri: a Cylon women. She was just sitting on the bed.
,,Are these Cylons?'' Adama asked her.
,,No. There are only twelve cylon humanoid models. And they're not one of them.''
,,Tell the through!''
,,I am telling the truth! They don't look like cylon ,,skin jobs'' at all!''
,,We'll find out if you're telling the truth soon Valeri... Until then you'll be having some friends.''
He opened the cell door and the crew walked in.
,,Hello. I am captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation starship Voyager. How are you?''
,,I am Sharon Valeri a cylon prisoner of the Galactica. What are you doing here?''
,,Our ship ran into your fleet. We thought we could say ,,hi'' and next thing you know we're in prison.''
,,So there really are more humans?'' Sharon asked.
,,Yes. But there are much more humans but far, far away. On Earth...''
,,So Earth really does exists.''
,,Yes it does.''
,,So what's your story? How did you become a prisoner here on Galactica?''
Three hours later. The guard that was in the brig answered the phone.
,,Yes... OK I'll tell em'.'' he hung up ,,Your results are in. Thanks to your friend that was proven to be a human you're all free. She helped Doctor Baltar with the tests. He says that she's fast study. You're not cylons.''
,,Thank you.''
A few minutes later Lee Adama walked into the brig.
,,You can unlock them now.'' he said to the guard ,,Hello I'm the CAG, Lee Adama. I am very sorry for the inconvenience. I'll take you on a tour of Galactica.'' he shook hands with captain Janeway. ,,Doctor Baltar says that he and Seven created a way to do much more quicker ways to determine who's a cylon and who's not. With your permission we'll scan your ship.''
,,Permission granted. Now let's star the tour.''
,,Hi, I'm a pilot myself and I'd like to see the small one man fighters we picked up on our scans.'' Tom said.
,,Sure. I'll call one of my best pilots, Starbuck to take you on a tour of the hangar bay.''
,,I'd like to go too!'' Harry asked.
,,OK. Just go to deck C section 5 B and she'll meat you there.''
Tom and Harry reached deck C section 5 B.
,,Is this it, Tom?''
,,I guess. Where is she?''
Some time passed.
,,Oh come on! She should've met us an hour ago.''
Behind a corner appeared Starbuck, in her pilot uniform.
,,Hi I'm Kara Thrace. You the guys who wanna see the Vipers?''
,,Yeah. I'm Harry.''
,,I'm Tom. So the one man fighters are called Vipers?''
,,Yeah. We also have Raptors. They're bigger, stronger and less maneuverable than Vipers...''
,,Why did it take so long for you to get here?'' They started following Starbuck
,,I wanted to finish the poker game I started. I won...''
,,So you do play poker here.''
,,You do too?''
,,Of course we do! Harry and I play it every evening.''
,,Great. Maybe we can play it sometimes.''
,,Sounds good.'' Harry said.
,,I'm really happy to see other humans. I thought that we were the only ones.''
,,There are much more humans on Earth.''
,,So it exists?''
They were talking all the way to the hangar bay.
,,Here it is!'' Starbuck said. They entered the bay.
Tom approached a Viper.
,,So this is a Viper?'' he asked.
,,Yes... Wanna try to ride it?''
,,Yeah!'' he was happy.
,,Hey you guys still use combustible fuel?'' Harry asked.
,,Yeah...'' she giggled ,,What else would we us?''
,,Well we use energy powered engines.''
,,Oh... You can talk with chief Tyrol while i show your friend how to ride a Viper.''
,,Okay.'' he looked around ,,Where is he?''
Starbuck shouted: ,,Hey, chief! Chief! Give this man a tour of the hangar bay while I go on a test ride with his friend.''
,,Okay.'' Chief Galen Tyrol shouted.
Starbuck led Tom to the locker room and gave him a Viper uniform and a helmet.
,,Put this on.'' She exited the room.
Tom had a hard time fitting into the suit but he made it. He put the helmet on and gout out of the room. Starbuck was waiting for him.
,,Took you a long time. Let's go.''
When Tom got into the Viper Starbuck explained to him how to launch it.
,,I'll tell you more when we're in space. Your callsign is...''
,,How about Proton?''
,,Okay. My callsign is Starbuck. Let's go.'' She jumped into her Viper.
A few seconds later they launched and were in space.
,,So here are the basics...''
,,This viper is very similar to the twenty first century C-7642 attacker. I rode it on a holodeck.''
,,Alright. So let's see what maneuvers can you do.''
Tom did a great job moving the Viper and a great job on the maneuvers.
,,Good job Poker! Now let's see how you do weapons. Destroy the two small asteroids in front of us.''
,,Aye Starbuck!''
Tom destroyed the first asteroid easily bud he had trouble with the second one.
,,Awesome! You can pass for a real pilot!''
,,I can't wait to... Hey, our Dradis is picking up Cylon raiders!''
,,Those are the red spots?''
End of part 2.

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