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I hope they serve beer in Hell

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Posted 09 August 2011 - 10:08 AM

I really don't even know what I can say about this book because it almost defies description. This collection of stories is purportedly based on the real life adventures of one Tucker Max, and one can only assume that these have been culled from his website (I won't link to it from here, find it yourself :P )

Tucker Max is a reprehensible human being. He has been gifted with charm, intelligence, good looks, and he has been born into advantage (his father being a Miami restaurateur). Unfortunately, Tucker has also been endowed with an ego as big as all outdoors, a vile and misogynistic attitude towards women, and that immature, peter pan-ish certitude that nothing bad will ever happen to him.

The worst part is ... and for this I am truly sorry ... he is absolutely funny as hell.

For those people who think that life is unfair, here is the living breathing proof of that. Looks, charm, money, education, and a seemingly endless supply of eager and willing women who will brave his disdain and (frankly) herculean abuse of alcohol. I can't even describe most of the stories because we haven't developed an R rated filter for postings on this site. I will say this though ... these stories end up being entertaining not for the debauchery, but rather in spite of it. Somehow, after the first couple of shocks in the book, what you end up seeing is a person with better than average self awareness who is able to tell stories of his own bad behaviour and asinine attitudes that set him up for some of the most incomprehensible consequences imaginable. You will get the point of this when he comes to the story about how he came to be permanently banned from an entire hotel chain. Needless to say this story is both hilarious and disgusting and not for the faint of heart.

Tucker Max's life is Gonzo writ large, but even though his debacles match those of the great Hunter S. Thompson, he will only ever be a speck in the shadow of the founding Master of Gonzo. This is Gonzo-lite, Gonzo for the MTV/Jersey Shore generation. It is very rare that you find a book where the protagonist (even if he is an anti-hero type) is a person you would like to see have his feet screwed to the floor and then be used as a human punching bag. But Tucker's exploits, as cringe-perfectly entertaining as they are, inspires just that.

Proceed with caution if you want to read this ...
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