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30 Years On, New Revelations Emerge About the Romulan War

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Posted 25 July 2011 - 11:59 AM

30 Years On, New Revelations Emerge About the Romulan War
T'sel - Federation News Bureau
10 August, 2192

Many questions lingered after the end of the great Romulan War in 2160, but now, more than thirty years after the war's end, a massive release of formerly classified information by President Archer and the Federation Council has finally shed some light on the mysterious events of the war's closing days.

Perhaps the most shocking revelation is that we may never have seen the Romulans face-to-face after all. Among the declassified documents were transcripts of the subspace peace negotiations with Romulus, in which the Coalition ambassador attempted to gain concessions through the release of prisoners of war captured during the Romulan assault--POWs which committed suicide mere hours after the transmission was sent. In their response, the Romulans' representative stated that the prisoners "are not Romulans and have no value to us." An addendum to the document states that some within the Coalition of Planets had theorized this was merely a bargaining ploy by the Romulans, but there is other evidence to support the idea that the shock troopers which assaulted Earth were not Romulans.

Another declassified document states that, shortly after the end of the war, a small amount of Romulan genetic material was recovered from the wreckage of one of their warbirds. The DNA was heavily damaged by radiation from the nuclear weapons which destroyed the vessel, but the few genetic markers that were intact bore no commonality with any of the genetic samples extracted from the troopers that attacked Earth, indicating that the warbird sample was from a completely different species.

One of the few things known about the Romulan Empire is that it includes several worlds populated by races other than the Romulans, so it is perhaps possible that the troopers that landed on Earth were, in fact, a slave or mercenary caste within Romulan society.

Some of the greatest enigmas left behind at the close of the war related to to the final battle in orbit over Earth. The questions of how the NX-01 Enterprise and its allies arrived so quickly and seemingly out of nowhere, as well as what became of the Romulan flagship, have been the subject of speculation for three decades. With the declassification of documents relating to that battle, these questions can finally be put to rest.

The truth is as strange as many of the conspiracy theories. The documents reveal that a deal was struck in the closing days of the war between the Coalition of Planets and representatives of the Xindi, the same group of species that attacked Earth in 2153, killing over seven million people. The Xindi provided the Coalition fleet with a small number of ships equipped with subspace vortex technology which allowed them and any nearby Coalition ships to travel vast distances in incredibly short amounts of time. The Xindi also lent several vortex devices to key Coalition ships, including Enterprise. This allowed the reinforcements to reach Earth in only an hour, despite their having been previously located upon the front deep in Romulan space. It also helps to explain how the Coalition was able to make such deep and rapid advances into Romulan space during the final assault.

The records of the vortex device also reveal the true fate of the Romulan flagship. As it attempted a suicide run at Earth, the NX-01 swooped in and activated a vortex in front of the warbird. Instead of crashing into Berlin as had been its goal, the Romulan vessel was transported into the corona of Earth's sun, where it was immediately incinerated.

The Xindi's assistance is described as an attempt at atonement for the atrocities they committed against Earth. Shortly after the war's end, the Xindi recovered their technology and terminated their alliance with the Coalition. The records indicate that many members of Starfleet wished to keep their technology and incorporate it into Coalition ships, but President Archer--then Captain Archer--convinced them to acquiesce to the Xindi's wishes. The Xindi returned to their home space, and apparently have not been heard from since.

Because of the unusual nature of Xindi technology, Coalition engineers were unable to reverse engineer the vortex technology during the time it was in their possession.

The documents also give an insight into the frequent conflict and disagreements between the various CoP worlds. Virtually every member world threatened to secede from the Coalition on at least occasion during the war. It is worth noting, however, that the frequency and intensity of the arguments lessened with every year the war progressed. This gives credence to the oft-stated theory that the Romulan War was perhaps the single greatest contributor to the birth of the United Federation of Planets.

In addition to the declassified documents, revelations about the war are coming to light from other sources, as well. In her recently released autobiography, "Speaking to the Stars," former Enterprise crewmember Hoshi Sato reveals that she was the writer behind a series of anonymous personal blogs distributed throughout the Coalition fleet by the Starfleet News Feed. Many members of Starfleet found comfort in the relatability of the blogs, and though they were not widely distributed outside of Starfleet during the war, they did find their way into the public channels afterward and have become an icon of the personal impact not just of the Romulan War, but of all wars.

Though these newly released documents do answer many questions about our former conflicts with the Romulans, many questions remain about the Romulan Empire itself. There has been no contact whatsoever between the Federation and Romulan Empire since the end of the war, and no doubt many will continue to speculate on what lies beyond the Neutral Zone for many years to come.

This Dispatches from the Romulan War report was submitted by ensign edwards.

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