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Star trek TNG: Real life.

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#1 Commander Lazar


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Posted 24 July 2011 - 11:27 AM

Star trek TNG: Real life.
Part one:
,,Captain log, stardate 64989,2. While patrolling the romulan border we've spotted a radiation nebula. But the radiation within it is nothing we seen before. Commander Riker, Data, Worf, Geordi and I will go inside the nebula in a shuttle so we could take a closer look.''
Data and Geordi were in Ten forward. On the table some Bolian tomato soup for Geordi and Klingon Gagh for Data.
,,How can you eat that?''
,,Worf suggested it. It's horrible. It's like a spoiled...''
,,Data, I'm eating. And while I'm eating i don't like to listen to how Gagh tastes like.''
,,Oh, sorry... Hey while we were at Malor-3 i heard a joke from a Ferengi. Okay, so this Nausican, Cardassian and a Klingon get in a fight. And the Klingon said...''
Troi and Riker entered Ten forward interrupting Data.
,,Hi friends! Would you care to join us?''
,,Erm, sure! Come here Deanna.''
,,Hi Data, hi Geordi. How are you doing today?''
,,Fine. Except for the Gagh that I was eating. Horrible, just horrible. It's like a spoi...''
,,Data! Still eating.''
,,Sorry Geordi.''
A young Ferengi approached the table.
,,What may i get you?''
,,I'll have some Andorian ale. How about you Deanna?''
,,I'll have some Bolian chocolate.''
,,Nothing for me and Data.''
,,Geordi why did you say that i don't want another drink? I do!''
,,Well Data we're about to enter a unknown nebula in about an hour and we need you sober. Can't have a drunk pilot.''
,,But i jus...''
,,Okay, okay!''
About an hour passed and they exited Ten forward on their way towards the shuttle bay. When they did a Bolian approached Riker and told him:
,,The shuttle and the science equipment are ready!''
,,Thanks! Where's the captain?''
,,He was here a minute ago. Hmmm... He... He's there!'' he pointed toward a a remote part of the Enterprise's hall. Captain Picard was talking to Vulcan.
,,Gentleman, meet Morik. He will be joining our science mission.''
,,It's a pleasure to meet you!''
,,Thanks you.''
They entered the ,,Argo'' shuttle. Everyone took their place.
,,Goodbye Deanna!'' commander Riker said.
,,Bye Will!''
,,Entering the nebula in ten seconds.''
,,All science equipment operational.''
,,Entering the nebula... We're inside the nebula.''
,,I'm having trouble with the shield I'll have to change the...''
,,Captain we're inside a wormhole! We couldn't detect it before because of the radiation! We can't get out!''
,,Boost the power to the engines Geordi!''
,,Aye... No effect, we're still being pulled in!''
,,We're on the other side of the wormhole!''
,,Can you tell us where we are Data?''
,,Hmmm... I think we're just outside the Earth solar system.''
,,What time?''
,,I'm scanning the Earth. I think it is the year 2011. I don't know the date but the year is 2011.''
,,Our plasma batteries are almost gone. I think we have enough to fly to Earth.''
,,Make it so!''
,,Aye, aye captain!''
,,Hey where's mister Morik?''
On the Enterprise. Chief O'Brien was in the transporter room.
,,I've got only one''
Deanna was the acting captain now.
,,Who is it?''
,,It's mister Morik. He's alright.''
Deanna was devastated. Her husband and all her friends lost.
,,Have mister Morik come to the bridge immediately!''
In the shuttle.
,,We're landing sir.''
,,We're about to land two miles away from Las Vegas.''
The shuttle landed raising dust and even knocking over some smaller plants.
,,We're here. But this isn't the Earth we knew. The city was supposed to be one mile from here. Not two. I think we traveled into another universe.'' Data said.
,,Damn. We'll need to find another plasma engine.''
,,That ain't gonna be easy. The only plasma based engine that exists in this century is in Area 51. And Area 51 is well guarded.''
,,Let's head toward the city. There we'll buy a vehicle and steel the plasma engine!'' Picard proposed.
,,I agree!''
,,Why not?''
,,It is a good day to die!''
,,Than let's go!''
On the Enterprise. Morik entered the bridge and approached Deanna.
,,There's a wormhole inside that nebula!''
,,Are you sure?''
,,Than we'll need to send the ship inside the wormhole!''
,,I'm afraid that's not possible.''
,,The wormhole is too small! It would tear this ship apart''
On Earth. The crew was climbing up a hill when they reached it's top. The sight was beautiful: Las Vegas.
,,Captain, do you see that?'' Data pointed near a huge building with a billboard that says: Comic con.
,,There's a man in a Starfleet uniform!''

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Posted 14 February 2012 - 10:25 AM

Very interesting store, meny well moments and good humors
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Posted 15 February 2012 - 07:08 AM

Maybe they can ask that man in Starfleet uniform for a plasma engine :P
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Posted 15 February 2012 - 07:24 AM

Awesome and amazing story.Me reaqlly like.Agree with Eaglet,what in this fan fiction have some joke.
Commander Lazar,good job! :thumbsup:



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