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New ST game to tie into upcoming movie, reflect canon.

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Posted 05 July 2011 - 11:54 PM

Video game tie-ins tend to be a losing prospect. They’re cheap, they’re half-hearted, and tend to exist a another piece of merchandise that will end up in a 70% off bin six months later. They’re are exception GoldenEye 007 and Spider-Man 2 come to mind, but quality tie-ins are few and far between. Whethe upcoming Star Trek game will be good as a game remains to be seen, but executive producer and scre Roberto Orci says it will function as canon. Orci goes on to say, “It’s going to be a story that fits into ou and fits into between the first two movies.” That’s a dangerous prospect. Hit the jump for quotes from game and why I think this could seriously backfire. [Full article]
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Posted 06 July 2011 - 01:48 AM

And so the idiocy begins anew. For the first movie, you had to read a comic book series to understand what the hell was going on. For the second you'll have to play a video game? It's extremely clear who the target audience is for modern Trek. Those of us who have been staunch supporters for the last 45 years are yet again being given a giant middle finger and dismissed.

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Posted 06 July 2011 - 04:20 AM

Cool,new game on "Star Trek" will be in next year,but me interesting one small question: this game will be release for computer or will be only on game console(xbox and others)?I do not have console and play in game on computer.I hope,what this game will be release for PC.I watch screenshot from game,me very like.I mean,what in game can will be fly on shuttle and fly in space,graphic in game,if watch trailer good,best than in STO.But me interesting this MMORPG,where need pay big money every month?If game will be MMORPG and with every pay,i do not buy this game.I do not have many money what pay for game every month.If game will be genre MMORPG,i will be wait other game "Star Trek",where do not need will be pay money.

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Posted 06 July 2011 - 10:34 AM

Awesome, i can't wait!

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