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New STO Fleet - 'Pinafore Fleet'

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Posted 04 July 2011 - 12:40 PM

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Forum Link - z13.invisionfree.com/Pinafore

Less bureaucracy and less rules = More maturity and more fun!

We do not seek what other fleets primarily do: We do not wish to become one of the most populated fleets out there with 500+ members. We like to remain an overviewable, smaller to moderate sized fleet with lots of members who like to share some of their free time, based on whenever they wish to play, with fellow fleeties.

Why 'Pinafore' and not some other fleet?

A good question, indeed. We try to stand out by not standing out ... if you get what I mean. We just try to be a normal fleet without all this bureaucracy from bigger communities, without so many rules ... but with more focus on the fun of the game. We respect the real life issues of every single member in our community. Something important that you need to know though: 'Pinafore' has just been founded yesterday by myself and "Laura" who you might know from the 'Accolades' channel.

Especially those who are new to the game itself and also new to an existence in a fleet community will see that 'Pinafore' is the ideal place for them to learn how to play the game, to get to know the secrets and details of STO gaming. We take good care of newbies and teach them anything they want to know, be it controls on ground or in space, be it skilling, traiting, accolading etc. etc.

It is also very easy to keep a good overview on what's going on in the fleet. We only have an easy-to-use Invisionfree hosted forum, we don't have a huge website with difficult navigational systems and such stuff. There is also just one small rules thread you need to check out when you decide to become a member, and that's it. No further restrictions or hidden secrets.

Our fleet bank is as open as it can be. Everyone knows it, so they are all aware of the fact that everyone can withdraw and donate items and / or energy credits. However, of course, the basic sense is that the rich help the poor, and the high help the low. You never know, the favor might be returned once that low member is a fellow high one in the future.

The forum has got a rank system, but it only reflects the basic posts some of the members have. It's basically a very flat hierarchy, everyone is equal, everyone can voice an opinion and even cause a change for the better of everyone. The ranks infact just reflect what our in-game characters do (roleplay-wise).

What does Pinafore Fleet offer besides being nice to each other and helping newbies? How free are our members in what they like to do?

By the time the community grows more and more, we will have a serious base of experienced members who team out to do regular special taskforces and / or fleet action dailies, normal fleet actions, other daily missions, episode replay to get items that were missed in the first run, and and and. We also offer a reliable news service in the top section of our forums, so you won't have to visit any more news websites to make sure you're in the loop of the most important news around STO.

As already mentioned, we do offer a very open fleet bank, and - quite importantly for some players - we do not force anyone to wear a certain fleet uniform (we do not even provide one) and except some staff members in key roles such as "fleet chief engineer" etc. we do not expect normal members to do special duties. Once we feel the team is too small, we might pick someone from the member base (and that of course only if the member agrees) to expand the team at some point of time in the future.

Only Federation? Why no Klingons?

Another good question. We decided to only support the FED side (no, not Federer of course, but the Federation) because the KDF is currently just not offering us enough content and playgrounds to satisfy the needs of our members. Additionally, the fleet style is based on the Federation side, so we play FED only at this point of time. However, this might change once the KDF becomes more appealing, perhaps around Season 5 with more episodes and dailies for the KDF side.

Okay, me wantz join - what now?

Can we haz your stuff? (lol) No, seriously. Our 'transporter room' section in the forum is the place where you can seek membership. We don't have a specific form to fill out ... you remember? Close to zero bureaucracy if possible. Apply how you want to, as you deem right. If you want to write us a story, feel free to do so. If you just wish to be a fellow fleetie and tell us more about yourself once you know us better ... no problem either. Just be yourself!

You can find Pinafore Fleet, or just the 'Pinafore', at the following place in the world wide web: z13.invisionfree.com/Pinafore - Short and easy link, good to remember, 13 is a lucky number for quite a few people. ;)

I look forward to seeing some of you with us on the Pinafore soon!

~ Eris The Vorta (Playing the characters 'Avarot', 'Eris' and 'Jhamel' in the game and on the board)

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