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Justice League: Mortal

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Posted 20 June 2011 - 05:57 AM

Remember the aborted Justice League of America movie that George Miller was slated to film in Australia which was scuttled for a number of reasons in 2010 - it didn't even get to the stage of a trailer! However there was a storyline and this has finally surfaced on the internet on ComicBookMovie.com - Here's an excerpt...

Batman creates the Brother-Eye satellite to spy on Earth's superheroes and keep detailed files about their powers and weaknesses that can be used against them in case they go rogue. He eventually leaves the Batcave to attend to his birthday party as Bruce Wayne, where he meets his friend Maxwell Lord, CEO of a telecommunications company, and his former lover Thalia Al Ghul, daughter of R'as Al Ghul, a eco-terrorist that Batman defeated many years prior. Thalia betrayed her father to help Batman, but he left her claiming that love would get in the way of his crusade, and she swore revenge against him.

Meanwhile, J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter, in his civil identity as Colorado police detective John Jones, finds a jar with a mutant seahorse in his car. The seahorse coughs a swarm of nanobots that enter J'onn's body and cause him to burst into flames in contact with Oxygen. Out of control, J'onn accidentally starts a series of fires before being rescued by Princess Diana from Themyscira, also known as Wonder-Woman; and Barry Allen, the Flash.

They take him to Wonder-Woman's observatory in New York City, where Superman is called to help them discover who is behind the attack. After hearing about the seahorse, Superman visits King Arthur, nicknamed "Aquaman", in the underwater kingdom of Atlantis. Out of respect for Wonder-Woman, he agrees to help. Meanwhile, Green Lantern John Stewart is also attacked while designing a memorial park for his fallen antecessor Hal Jordan. J'onn senses his pain and brings him to Wonder-Woman's observatory, where Aquaman is bitten by a mechanical mosquito that infects him with a fear toxin that makes him afraid of water. Realizing they are all under attack, Superman takes them all to his Fortress of Solitude in the Artic. Before leaving, the Flash asks his nephew Wally West to investigate recent advances in the field of nanotechnology.

At the Fortress of Solitude, Aquaman removes his prosthetic water hand and uses it to create a second layer of water beneath J'onn's skin, allowing him to come into contact with air without self-combusting. Elsewhere, Batman is attacked by a robot known as OMAC (One Man Army Corps), and realizes that someone has stolen Brother-Eye and his files. He goes to the Fortress of Solitude and tells this to the others. At the same time, the Flash is infected by nanobots that force his to vibrate his molecules in order to phase through the ground and keep going until he is crushed by the gravitational pull of Earth's core. Wonder-Woman saves him with her Lasso of Truth, and Superman realizes they have all been infected.

For the full treatment go to ComicBookMovie.com


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