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Salem One Survivors Escape Romulan Prison

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Posted 19 April 2011 - 05:11 PM

Salem One Survivors Escape Romulan Prison
Commander Joseph Silva - Starfleet News Feed
12 December, 2157

There's been very little good news coming out lately, but this one's sure to amaze.

After the attack on the Salem One Station, we had thought that no prisoners had been taken. But we were mistaken.

Fourteen humans, one Vulcan, a Tellarite and a Denobulan were taken prisoner, and sent to what is believed to have been an underground Romulan prison. In order to, apparently, prevent a storming of the prison, the Romulans kept the name quiet, but prisoners believe they heard words like Perren or Berren. Either of those could be the name of the prison or, perhaps, the name of the world where it was located.

The prison was kept in near-total darkness, and the prisoners could only catch brief glimpses of their captors, who appeared to have an excessive sensitivity to light. Those
glimpses revealed creatures the prisons described as "tall, pallid, and brutish"--could this at last be our first view of our Romulan adversaries?

Though the darkness was both a practical and an emotional barrier, it also provided near-perfect cover for escape attempts. Tunneling began almost immediately, and the excess dirt was hidden in ingenious ways around the camp, including under huts, behind posts and spread out, as evenly as possible, on roadbeds.

With little to go on, the prisoners relied on other prisoners in the compound, providing their own muscle, rations and protection in exchange for information and tunneling equipment. The tunnel finally broke through about four months ago. Now the problem was to hide the light that the breach generated .

The new-found illumination also presented a second problem: the prisoners were able to see that they had been helped by, of all species, the Suliban.

These Suliban might be known to our readers. Back in 2151, NX-01 Enterprise Captain Jonathan Archer and his Helmsman, Ensign Travis Mayweather, were captured and placed into a Tandaran prison, where there were also a large number of Suliban being detained. Unlike the other Suliban encountered by Starfleet, these were neutral civilians and unaffiliated with the mysterious Cabal, which has been the center point of several security incidents, the details of which remain highly classified. Archer and Mayweather, along with Armory Officer Lieutenant Malcolm Reed, managed to break the Suliban out of the Tandaran prison.

The Suliban do not have a home world. With no place to go in the intervening years, the civilian Suliban did not fare well and, ultimately, were forced to commit small acts of piracy in order to get enough fuel and other supplies as they attempted to rendezvous with their own fleet. These acts led some of their number to stray into space claimed by the Romulan Empire, where they were immediately captured and detained. At the time of the attack on the Salem One Station, the Suliban civilians had been held captive for nearly two years. Conditions were harsh. There was little food. Tragically, most of the Sul children had perished by the time our people were brought in.

The Salem One survivors tell us that there was initially much hostility between them and the Suliban after their identities were revealed. Many of the Suliban blamed Captain Archer, and Starfleet as a whole, for their predicament, and the Starfleet officers were also disinclined to be trustful of a race usually considered hostile. However, in the end, necessity won through. Neither group wholly trusted the other, but both considered cooperation preferable to being left to the mercy of their dark-dwelling jailors.

The prison guards were dogged and vigilant, but there were times when the prisoners were left alone. These afforded opportunities to continue to plan their escape, so long as the light from the broken-open tunnel entrance was effectively hidden. The creative means of doing this came from stuffing the breach with the wrappers from ration packets, pieces of shredded uniforms and parts of bunks and even rocks from the nearby grounds.

A daring breakout occurred as soon as possible. Six of the humans and two of the Suliban were killed during the rush to the surface. The remaining eight humans, one Vulcan, one Tellarite and one Denobulan, and four Suliban crowded onto two shuttles. They were able to elude their captors by disabling the shuttles' navigational systems and scrambling their biosigns. This had the side effect of wiping all traces of the coordinates of the prison, but it was well worth it as the shuttles were able to avoid Romulan detection.

Thus effectively cloaked, the escapees were eventually detected by a nearby Suliban helix. There, the humans were hidden for a month while their fellow escapees attempted to determine how to return them to us. The survivors tell of a very tense wait in which some of the Suliban even considered making the survivors their own prisoners as hostages for supplies or as punishment for Archer's interference at the Tandaran prison. In the end, though, cooler heads won out, and the decision was made to repatriate the survivors. It was decided to directly petition Jonathan Archer via Starfleet, due to his assistance years ago in the break from the Tandaran prison.

Initially, Starfleet was skeptical, requesting proof of the humans' presence on the Sul helix. That proof came in the form of a recording of the humans, shaggy and haggard, singing "Jingle Bells", with the Vulcan, Denobulan and Tellarite seated with them in the picture. Captain Archer himself came aboard Enterprise to ferry them back to Coalition space. One of the survivors described the NX-01 as "The most beautiful sight I ever saw."

The human prisoners were returned and repatriated, and are recovering in hospitals in Morocco and Canada. The three other prisoners have been returned to their respective home worlds. It's been an early Christmas indeed. In a time filled with casualty reports, lists of the dead, and endless battles, the news of survivors from the first strike of the war has had a profound emotional impact. Though some families must now deal with the heart-breaking knowledge that their loved ones survived Salem One only to die in an escape from a Romulan prison, more can now celebrate the return of those they had thought lost forever. Even strangers with no direct connection to the escapees wept in joy as the prisoners arrived back on Earth. We owe a lot to the civilian Suliban.

One survivor in particular draws more attention to the others. Lieutenant Charles Michael Orsino became a name known across the Coalition following his "death." Following an editorial on his loss printed by his home town's newspaper, the Santa Rosa Chronicle, his name became a rallying cry for the anti-war movement and a symbol of what Earth stood to lose by entering into an interstellar war. When approached by reporters after his return, Lieutenant Orsino seemed struck speechless by the notion that he had become a political icon and declined to comment. Later, he did release an official statement to the Earth News Network, but it said only that he is happy to be home and fully intends to return to work in Starfleet as soon as he recovers, making no mention of his perceived symbolic importance.

When reached for comment by the media, his father, Michael Louis Orsino, said only that the day he learned his son was still alive was "The best day of my life."

A complete listing of the prisoners, including those killed in the escape, follows.

The dead are:
Cpl. Craig Curtis, MACO, assigned to Salem One Station
Michael Griffin, Crewman (Biology Lab), Salem One Station
Hemira, Suliban (female), civilian
Leonard Petersen, Ensign (Engineering), Salem One Station
Hans Schneider, Steward, Salem One Station
Tanya Sinclair, Crewman (Tactical), Salem One Station and
Brooke Tenniel, RN, Salem One Station
Tritten, Suliban (male), civilian

The survivors are:
David Brant, Crewman (Communications), Salem One Station
Danik, Suliban (male), civilian
Doctor Fernez, Denobulan (male), Salem One Station
Icherri, Tellarite (female), Crewman (Helm), Salem One Station
Randi Hudson, Ensign (Science), Salem One Station
Jesus Mendez, Ensign (Tactical), Salem One Station
Heather Morris, Crewman (Tactical), Salem One Station
Kevin Morris, Crewman (Helm), Salem One Station
Narra, Suliban (female, juvenile), civilian
Charles Michael Orsino, Lieutenant (Tactical), Salem One Station
Siarin, Suliban (female), civilian
T'pas, Vulcan (female), Subcommander (Science), Sompek
William Trent, JAG, Salem One Station
Doctor Velles, Suliban (female), civilian

This Dispatches from the Romulan War report was submitted by Jespah and ensign edwards.

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Posted 20 April 2011 - 10:33 AM

Thanks for posting! It was great to work with you on this one.

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