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Soldiers’ Marriage Project Pulls Off the Wedding of the Year

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Posted 03 April 2011 - 08:29 PM

Romulan War Soldiers' Marriage Project Pulls Off the Wedding of the Year
Rona Moran - ENN Entertainment
20 November, 2157


It is I, Rona Moran, your Dish with the Dish!

Now, you all know that I have been laying low for these past few months. It's been because of the war, of course. No one wants to read about celebrity rehab or society weddings, but the truth is, I expect we all need a bit of schadenfreude-based entertainment now more than ever.

But that's all right. I have been behind the scenes, darlings, working on my newest charitable venture, and that happens to have created a fabulous news event and, moi, being the weddings expert that I am (I have been to hundreds including, of course, my own four); the news service has asked me to cover this major wedding.

For those of you who've been out of touch -- and I know that communications don't always go through, darlings -- my dear friends and I together created the Soldiers' Marriage Project. There are, just like in every other war since the beginning of history, soldiers who wish to wed their sweethearts before deployment. Our original dream was to award one lucky couple an uber-fabulous day. But then we received more letters than we knew what to do with and so a different plot was hatched. And darlings, you do know that I love a good conspiracy!

The new idea was to take a leaf from the Vulcans' book and do the logical thing (Can you imagine me logical, darlings? Neither can my four ex-husbands!) and instead have a group wedding. We decided on a cut-off of one thousand couples and the spaces filled up quickly. The sole requirement was that both the bride and groom had to be subject to deployment. For the many wonderful couples where one of the parties is a civilian, all I can say is, we wish you well but our resources were limited.

Because the entertainment and hospitality industries have been hurting since the start of the hostilities, we were able to get a veritable galaxy of stars to help with the day. The wedding, as everyone knows, occurred earlier today at the San Francisco Forty-Niners Stadium. The gracious people at the California Culinary Institute donated their time and cooking skills. Farmers in China and Uruguay donated vegetables. Beef came from Argentina and chicken came from Greece. Plates and silver service were borrowed from the finest hotels in Singapore and Tokyo. Celebrity chefs made their signature dishes and, as a special surprise, the food was served by celebrities. I saw Alyssa McKenna (She looks terrific after having the twins!) and baseball star Lefty Robinson serving plates of Chicken Francese and roast prime rib. There was a beautiful vegan dish available for those who don't partake -- I tell you, darlings, I would seriously consider veganism if I could eat like that every night!

Parisian designers offered their creations at cost, and veils and garters were provided free to anyone who wanted them. The Chicago Symphony played, and soprano Rosamund Taylor sang with pop sensation Kurt Fong.The song, an old one, is called "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" and it will be available for download to your PADDs for a nominal fee. I do hope that you purchase a copy, darlings, as the proceeds all go to the Project. Plus it's a wonderful song and I predict it will burn up the charts. You heard it here first.

Flowers were flown in especially from Guam and every couple was given a red rose for the bride and a white carnation for the groom. Rings were provided at cost for all who wanted them. I took a peek and they are quite lovely -- certainly a lot prettier than what Maurizio gave me, darlings!

The day was splendid, with the sun glistening off the goalposts. The officiant was Justice Chase Mendez, who spoke of love and commitment.

And I have to say, as I watched it, the massive ceremony was a bit much so I concentrated on one couple in particular. I did not meet them, so I'll call them Denise and Carlos. She is effortlessly beautiful in the way that women in their early twenties all are. He is tall and strong. They both hold the rank of Crewman. I don't know where they are stationed. I saw them as they stood on the twenty yard line and said their vows, as she looked up at him with trusting eyes, and as they kissed, a bit tentative, perhaps. And I wonder, how long have they known each other? For let's not kid ourselves, darlings. There are couples who were fully committed. But there were others who perhaps were less than certain, but went ahead anyway, maybe swept up in the idea or afraid for their futures. Let's not discount the possibility that a few might have wed in order to qualify for, if it comes to that, widows' pensions. It is a rough galaxy we live in sometimes, darlings.

But not Denise and Carlos, at least I don't think so. Maybe they were unsure before, but once they kissed, I could see it. You see, darlings, I have been to so many weddings, I know the look. I know it all too well. Many weddings have this look. Unfortunately, some do not. But they had the look. And that look was that they were in love. Perhaps it happened at that moment, when Justice Mendez pronounced all of the couples husband and wife. I do not know. But I saw their faces, darlings, and they are in love.

Tonight the hotels are full, as are the bed and breakfasts and many private homes are as well. Most of these rooms have been offered at cost. I am lucky to be staying with a young man (Now, darlings, we are not an item -- he is a friend of my son's! Honestly!). I imagine the sounds in those hotels, as I am sure you can imagine them as well. Sighs and bed springs, names called out or breathed to each other, yes. But also, I suspect, some arguments. There is always someone with Buyer's Remorse.

But I don't think Carlos and Denise have that. At least, I like to think that they don't. It is a war, darlings. I know that I can be silly, and I often concentrate on things that are surface and small, and meaningless to many. And today was a day, yes, for desperation and perhaps a bit of calculation and fear, but it was also a day for love. And, yes, for the one emotion that is present at every wedding. And that, darlings, isn't even love. It's hope. I have had that hope at all of my own nuptials – even with Maurizio.

I saw that hope in Carlos's eyes, and I saw it in Denise's. And if you ever see them, you will see it, too.

Darlings, I have been to hundreds of weddings. And I cry at every single one. It is because of the promise, and the hope that is on display.

Today, darlings, I hope you will join me in a good cry for all of the Denises and all of their Carloses, for in a few months, she may be selecting his headstone, or he may be seeing her death benefits accumulate in his accounts. Or she may have a bit of life in her and end up explaining to a future child about the father that will never be known.

But that is the future, and it may not happen. They may both survive, and I hope that they do, for they are the foundation on which our society is built. The society that they are fighting for is expressed in the hope that I saw in their eyes, darlings.

Tonight, join me, and shed a tear for that hope. Thank you.

This Dispatches from the Romulan War report was submitted by Jespah.

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Posted 04 April 2011 - 08:37 AM

Ah, thank you for posting that - heh, darling. :)

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Posted 04 April 2011 - 09:11 AM

I hope you don't mind, but when I read this - I heard Edna Mode's voice (from The Incredibles).

wonderful addition!

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Posted 04 April 2011 - 10:22 AM

Interesting - I was trying to channel Rona Barrett/Cindy Adams but I definitely heard a British accent.

PS Thank you.

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