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Star Trek: Grissom 3

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Posted 05 March 2011 - 03:21 AM

The CGI opening titles for Ireland's first and foremost Star Trek fan show have just been released. Join the crew of the U.S.S. Grissom as they journey to their destiny in the Mutara sector and the Genesis Planet. A 23rd century odyssey now! Check out the full cast audio adventures at http://www.startrekgrissom.com/



Stardate: 8145.3

Following on from the events of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Star Trek: Grissom is an online fan novel released as individual chapters and an accompanying audio adventures which tell the story of the ill-fated Oberth-class science scout which was destroyed in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock – who were they and what were they doing there? With paranoia rampant in the Alpha quadrant and the Klingons making veiled threats along the Federation border and the USS Enterprise investigating the destruction of the USS Gallant, Grissom embarks on a mission of exploration, adventure and intrigue that can only end one way.

The devastating nature of the Genesis project is the centre of a web of covert intrigue that along the way causes this simple science vessel to face danger from without and within! As if an attempted kidnapping, undercover Klingon and Romulan agents, renegade Deltan experiments with implications of Starfleet involvement, a shape-shifting Chameloid agent who is stalking the decks of the ship and a refugee hostage situation were not enough, they attract the attention of the Tholians! An exciting plot develops as everyone – the Klingons, the Tholians and even the Romulan T'al Shiar - come after the Grissom! The crew is faced with some of Star Trek's most memorable canon characters, Commander Kruge and his consort, the deadly Klingon femme fatale, Lady Valkyris, and Cyrano Jones, complete with tribbles, before they can get back enroute to the Genesis Planet.

Once again though they must detour on a new rescue mission but this time failure could mean disaster on a global scale as they battle one of the Federation's most feared diseases. What are the limits of humanitarian assistance and mercy? The crew must wrestle with personal fears, tests of honor, and an exploration of the meaning of mercy and salvation.Do the needs of the many truly outrank the needs of the few?

Star Trek Grissom highlights the advantages of a multimedia production. Audio dramas, like fan films, have a reasonably lengthy production lead time and as such find it hard to release on even a monthly schedule – although there are notable exceptions. By concurrently releasing their story as a prose fan fiction series (see HERE) as well as an audio drama, he gives his fanbase something to keep their interest up between audio drama releases.

The audio episodes announced to date are...

  • 1: All Rumours of Wrath, Past and To Come released
  • 2: The Price of Virtue released
  • 3: The Stars My Destination scheduled for release soon
  • 4: One Moment of Humanity TBA
  • 5: Errand of Mercy TBA
  • 6: Peccavi TBA

Grissom started last year with the release of their second audio drama release, "The Price of Virtue", on February 1st 2010. Grissom is a truly international project with close to thirty characters based in Scotland, England, Germany, Sweden, U.S.A. and Canada, however its home is in Ireland with producer Seán Paul Teeling. The large percentage of Irish cast members have the almost unique opportunity in a fan produced audio drama of recording their parts live in the professional Cauldron Studios in Dublin, Ireland, twice a year.

Their third audio episode, 'The Stars my Destination', scripted by the multi-talented Bodo Hartwig, who directed and scored the episode as well, has completed post production and is scheduled for release soon.

Episode four, "One Moment of Humanity", has nearly all the lines in from is very large and widespread cast. Bodo has once again adapted one of the prose chapters, in this case chapter 7 which was plotted by Seán and Nick Cook, one of the principal cast of Star Trek Intrepid.

The cast represents new roles for many regulars from the Hidden Frontier and Intrepid film and audio production groups. Jennifer Cole of Hidden Frontier Productions plays a leading part in the next episode as Commander Stephanie Ottair (where have I heard that name?) whilst Karl Puder plays Commander Kruge and his wife Barbara plays his spy and consort, Lady Valkris in episode 4. In an interesting parallel, Nick Cook of Star Trek Intrepid plays the infamous Cyrano Jones and his better half, Lucia Cook will be a special guest star as Romulan agent s'Veralis in that same episode.

As an interesting spot of trivia, Star Trek: Grissom is utilising the expertise of established names in the Star Trek movie era fan community - Brad Hathaway who plays Captain Jeffery Pierce in Star Trek: Hathaway and Keith Harris, Admiral Alexander McKnight from Star Trek: Lexington.

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