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Tron: Legacy

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#1 Trek Realist


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Posted 21 December 2010 - 11:52 PM

I am at a loss as to how to report on this film.

I saw the original TRON when it first came out in theaters, when I was young and stupid and easily impressed with flashing lights. Now to be fair I have to say that at the time the effects were pretty neato, but as my little hero put it "Never has there been a more cynically made movie". TRON was made in a time when The Mouse was trying it's damndest to pimp out anything it possibly could in order to make a buck so there wasn't much thought put into the two dimensional characters and one dimensional storyline that was inflicted on an unsuspecting public.

So, now it is almost 30 years later, Disney isn't hurting so bad for moolah so they have taken another kick at the cat. Now, all due respect to Bruce Boxleitner (who I always liked in Babylon 5 even though his emotional rage as an actor seems ... well, limited) but it is amazing that they managed to get Jeff Bridges to reprise his role in this film. Unfortunately, this is not the kind of performance we have come to expect from him, but it is much better than his original foray in the role.

Visually, this is a stunning film, with a nice mix of the (updated) old faves like the Lightcycles and the weird long legged spaceships combined with much more sophisticated new toys and landscapes. To their credit, and their profitability, they have created a gamescape which should comfortably sell several thousands of units of their (available for all platforms) video game. Also, while the technology and software they used to de-age both Boxleitner and Bridges is quite good, there is still that odd and not-quite-natural stiffness that comes from CGI work on human expression.

As far as the story goes ... I am not going to say anything specific about it beyond saying that this has very heavy influences of both Blade Runner and The Matrix. In fairness though, The Matrix can be said to have leaned on TRON for a teeny weeny of it's story landscape. Personally, I think one of the real treats of the film is the musical score by Daft Punk, which really took the film into that Blade Runner-esque sensibility. Also, I have to strongly recommend Michael Sheen's performance in the film ... he is definitely a scene stealer.

All and all this was a good popcorn film, and a pretty decent apology for the Original TRON film. What is really great is that they don't beat you over the head with the 3D effects. But, bring some novocaine for your derrier ... at nearly two and a half hours it is a bit of a grinder.
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Posted 31 August 2012 - 06:05 PM

I was so impresed by this and I love every bit of it. 1 of my all time favourites!

#3 Firdaus



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Posted 03 September 2012 - 03:15 AM

TRON ...? I slept through the movies Both Movies.... wasted my money... I slept 10-15 mins in the show.... both movies.
Yeah Tron lights and motorbike and video game concept makes me want to watch the movie. Just the story, makes me sleep.

#4 Ezri Dax


Ezri Dax


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Posted 11 September 2012 - 01:16 PM

It was not a bad movie. In fact, I have it on my DVR and I check it out from time to time. It takes time to get to like the movie.

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