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CHOSEN--Sci Fi action TV/web series

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Posted 05 November 2010 - 03:36 PM


Avatara Studios would like to produce a Sci Fi TV/web series called Chosen for the many fans out there that have followed the TV series Heroes throughout the years. The series Chosen involves 3 main characters Orin Nathaniel Epps, Zackery Emmanuel Nolan and Gaia Olivia Dane (ONE ZEN GOD) who are one of many super enhanced abnormals who received the ability to alter reality after an experiment concerning the LHC and a massive solar flare eruption that coincided with the experiment.

The event of the experiment and the flare cause everyone who is awake on the planet to have a 2 second deja vu experience like an instant replay. Those who were asleep during the event and dreaming were given an instant reset when the quantum field from the event interacted with the DMT or Dimethyltryptamine within their pineal gland or 3rd eye giving them the ability to alter reality in a conscious state vs the dream world state.

The world soon discovers that there are abnormals among them and they are seeking out the questions to how they came to be and how to stop those who would be a threat to national security. The main charcters are part of a group set out to protect those who are unaware of their abilities and to stop those in governments that are hunting down those with abnormal abilities. One of the main characters in the group has a different experience during the quantum wave event which allows him to take away the ability of any abnormal which makes him not just one of the chosen but the chosen one who can strip a person of their power.

The series has an ancient and spiritual background that leads back to the creation of the universe, the designer behind it and the battle between light and darkness over the centuries leading up to the Golden Age of man.

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Posted 05 November 2010 - 07:59 PM

Buddy, it's cool if you want to promote your series, but you do not need to post about all over the forum. Anymore than one thread is considered spamming, and is strictly against the rules. Further violations will likely result in disciplinary action by the mod team.

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