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"Chronicles federation planet"

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Posted 30 June 2010 - 03:55 AM

<<Warp conference>>.

17.12.2163 year.

Complex test warp-drive. On street has been +21.7* On alley walk captain Archer and engineer NX-02 "Columbia". To them go officer starfleet Alexander Bacic.

Alex:- You wait in main conference complex in sector c-7. This in test laboratory warp drive.

Archer:- We made report on history warp.

Alex:- You wait in conference hall.

Archer:-Lets go. Us very need this conference.

Archer:-Today we talk about story warp tecnology. Ghonson say about history warp.

Ghonson: Warp-drive has been created Zefram Cochrain in 2063-year, after third world war. Cochrain-specialist on phisics time continium. In 29-age he ending institut phisics in London. After third world war, he build ship with warp-drive "Phoenix". After fly,on Earth landed vulcan ship T'Plana'Hath. Quastions?

Ghone O'Braine:- How you watch future warp tecnology?

Ghonson:-Warp will be upgrade, we created trans warp tecnology. Warp speed will be 9.99. Work on future, we make this future.

sound from speacers:-Captain Archer, you wait guest on aleey around laboratory.

Archer:-Hello, how work?

Hoshi:-Im created system, which will be best than universal translated. Sorry,but me wait in laboratory.

Archer:-Live long and prosper.

Hoshi:-Thank you.

Conference complex:

Archer:- Vilcan, Andorian, Catulan,Axanar must upgrade warp tecnology. Remember about future. We people can controll emotion. I think, what need created warp-drive with speed 6.21. Quastions?

Derek:- What trans warp?

Archer:-Trans warp-this ring in space around Earth. In system Orion we build two ring. Ship enter in one ring on Earth, exite from two ring in system Orion.

Derek:-This 520-light years.



Archer:- But this tecnology will be created in 30-century.


*** This not end. ***

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