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Posted 06 June 2010 - 09:21 AM

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Today watch end episode from season 4. Interested end on my point view. Crew destroy Apocalypse and close he in pyramid. Four season have interested episodes. too me in four season like episodes: "Impact","Target-x", "Ascension". In four season very strong story. I think,what fans this series too say,what end series has been interested. Of course will be good if will be released five season.I watch all series and think,what four season-best. Rogue drop statue Mistique in river. Nightcrawler can not safe she. Do not talk about four season,because you will be do not interested watch. i has been enjoy,watch this season, You too will be enjoy,whatch end episodes.Too me has been interested episode "Ghost of the chance". In total series interested and for children and adult.Me like personages: Nightcrawler,because he can teleportation and walk on wall, Spyke,because he shoot sharp spykes and Cyclops,because he can shoot laser from eyes. Secondary personages me too like:nick Fury and Juggernaut. I remember,what me like personage Tabita(boom boom). In two season me like episodes: "Fun and games". In third season me like episode "Cruise control". In series good graphic. Dub Nightcrawler Brad Swaile. This excellent series, i think,what you also as think. in ending i say,what company "Marvel" created excellent series.


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Posted 22 December 2011 - 10:39 PM

I like it. I watched it when I was on vacation last year. It is pretty good. I just didn't like the small part they gave Gambit - he is my favorite X-Men character.

"Science fiction is the most important literature in the history of the world, because it's the history of ideas, the history of our civilization birthing itself. ... (Ray Bradbury)"

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