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Posted 27 December 2009 - 01:25 PM

Ciao a tutti,

I'm from Italy.

If you like Star Trek Enterprise and if you speak Italian, I'm publishing some fanfictions on my blog: http://fabulander.blogspot.com/

You can also find them on TrekPortal, a beautiful forum (all in Italian):

I Naviganti 1: K'lalatar Prkori K'lalatar Prnak'lirli (set during season 3, after "Harbinger", before "E^2")

I Naviganti 2: K'lalatar Prnak'lirli K'lalatar Prkori (this speaks about a charcater introduced in the previous one and takes place mostly in a parallel universe)

I Naviganti 3: Prkori (Diversità) - Quarto Universo (this talks about another parallel universe)

I Naviganti 4: Mélangées (from this one, I'm trying to narrate what, in my opinion, could happen in the 5th season, after "Demons", and why Trip Tucker is not dead. In this one I've tried to see what could happen if Enterprise NX-01 meets Enterprise 1701-D because of a Q's joke.)

I Naviganti 5: Gajtuian (this talks mostly about Archer and Hoshi, and, with them far away on Enterprise, what happens when T'Pol has a normal and physiological pon farr....).

I Naviganti 6: “Io Sono La Quarta” (Trip's shuttlespod crashes on a moon and here he finds a great surprise....)

I Naviganti 7: “Voi Siete il Mio Equipaggio” (Visiting a strange new world, Hoshi gets seriously ill. When Reed and T'Pol go back to the world to trying to help her, they're kidnapped....)


Monica MicioGatta (on TrekPortal I'm T'Mir)
We've all done the scarecrow! (Q -Star Trek - Voyager "Deathwish")

My 5th Virtual Season of Enterprise, or how I saved Trip Tucker!

Against Patulous Eustachian Tube

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