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ne znam dali ste go videle ova ama

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Posted 20 February 2009 - 05:07 PM

I'm the order of the Bat'leth
Son of Kahless
Your family has no honor
But I couldn't care less
I was born to kill Federation swine
And I celebrate with a barrel blood wine

I drink the Raktajino, I eat the gagh
When my homies get to Sto'Vo'Kor I yell "qa'plagh!"
I'm the chief commander on a Bird of Prey
I wake up every morning after owning the day
I'm the MacDad Klingon when I beam on board
I was at the signing of the Khitomer Accord

I never sweat about a Romulan dude
He's just a limp-wristed Vulcan with a bad attitude
And they're sly and they were telling lies
A shout out to Martok who lost an eye
To the dominion, and the Jem'Hadar minions
I'm on them like a transwarp engine
Fear my snarl hear my speach
Watch me blow like a warpcore breach

I'm not a lowly white p'tak like that Barclay guy
I don't need a holodeck to get a parma'kai
When the ladies see the beast I got between my thighs
They say "Perhaps today is a good day to die"
I hit Ezri ,Troi, Jadzia too
Watch out Janeway I'm coming for you
Cause I'm the MacDad Klingon with the humaniod phloxes
My head ain't the only part of me that's got ridges

I've got the visions of Qo'noS on my mind
I've got visions of Qo'noS on my mind
I get visions of Cardassia on my mind
And that my boot smells like Gul Dukat's behind

I hate the Tribbles
Those little furry phloxes
But I love my Klingon phloxes
Cause they've got three tits
I got a dagger and a bat'leth in my hand
If you were any other man
I'd kill you where you stand

I killed Captain Kirk
I killed Picard
I bitchslapped Riker like a Klingon Targ
Cause my name is Worf, I'm the son of Mogh
Ex-Federation officer and Klingon rogue

Discuss :D

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Posted 22 February 2009 - 07:51 AM

Нели на ова му е место во Клингонска поезија?


Ad eundum quo nemo ante iit

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