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The Voyager Maquis

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Posted 08 July 2009 - 06:41 AM

This is why I think that Insurrection would probably have worked better as a Voyager two-parter than the too slow TNG movie it was. Its got the touchie-feelieness of the NewTrek (excluding DS9) worldview but it doesn't feel like a movie. The Maquis would have loved a challenge like that protecting a vulnerable people from exploitation, Seven's perspective on misusing other people's resources for your own gain would have been very interesting given her history with the Borg and I'm sure Neelix would be up for it as well. The humanitarian Janeway likes to believe she is would be horrified about the forced moving of a people no matter who they are just to make better use of their resources but would be torn by the Prime Directive and the Maquis and a few of the younger, more gung-ho types like Tom Paris would involve themselves anyway forcing her hand and in the end the Delta Baku have a new friend. There aren't many Voyager stories where the crew actually makes and keeps friends or where there's an obvious happy ending. Even the culture clash between the technologically reliant crew and the villagers would have been nice. You can imagine a bunch of kids being a little mystified by Seven and how she's just sooo serious and perhaps her getting a feel for the childhood denied to her. It might also be a 'nice' hark back to the sort of "protecting the innocent" stuff the Maquis claimed to be doing.

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Posted 10 July 2009 - 03:02 AM

You know-that's not a bad idea at all.....

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Posted 15 July 2009 - 12:12 PM

I don't think the Maquis had to always be rebellious. I think they could have had an impact when it came to moral dilemmas, wanting to get involved even if it meant breaking the Prime Directive and probably not even agreeing with the Prime Directive in the first place, after all, that was probably the excuse the Federation used not to get involved when the Cardassians were occupying Bajor. An intervention that doesn't work the way its supposed to do that comes out of Voyager protecting people from a stronger force might well work. I did think that they could have done something more with the Devore in 'Counterpoint', possibly that episode being a culmination to a rocky first contact spread over the course of a couple of episodes or something like that where you have a group of people who are manifestly being persecuted i.e. the telepaths or indeed any other vulnerable group.

Approaching a part of space which is well armed and relatively wealthy like the Imperium suggests you are going to hear rumours or have contact with others who may not necessarily have had the easiest time in the world of it. Building up contact as well as seeing consequences to interventions would be very interesting, you could for example send a few Maquis people out to do some forward reckie missions into potentially hazardous outposts, mining colonies, criminal hideouts etc to make contact with merchants and acquire resources and intelligence rather than rely overly on either Starfleet procedure which is often about as much use as a chocolate fireguard in the DQ or Seven the Font of All Knowledge. That also has the added benefit of adding a little bit of miniature serialisation with the occasional three or four episode mini-arc within a season rather than dropping us straight into something without any build up at all. Farscape managed this approach just fine, no reason why anybody else can't.

And re-reading my last post I now have the odd mental image of Seven of Nine emerging from inside a hay stack with a smirk and a raised eyebrow. Oh yes, Delta Baku could have been splendid, Janeway doing her GI Jane act, Chakotay pretending to be a tough guy, Tuvok being so very logical, Harry having his innocence blown away yet again by the machinations of the horrid bad guys, Seven and B'Elanna bickering all the way up the hills like Felix and Oscar. It almost writes itself....

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Posted 19 August 2009 - 03:06 AM

A Look Back at Star Trek Voyager and the Creation of Captain Kathryn Janeway

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Posted 14 April 2012 - 09:29 AM

Of course in begun series they don't controll himself but in episode "Learning curve" Tuvok can making they good starfleet officers.They was think that on "Voyager" can use old method that they used in past,when was Maquis,but on "Voyager" they begun making all based on starfleet rules.On a board starfleet ship they no longer rebel and not warriors,they no longer fight vs Cardassian,they are starfleet crew and as other crew member-they too seek way to Earth.Ensign Chell was most uncontrolling maquis but Tuvok said him that this is not correct way and in end first season he even repair transporter pad yet next he was officer in Hazard Team.I mean that Tuvok can give them discipline,that don't was in maquis squad.Interesting how next fate this people,sadly i don't know answer on this question but i guess that they working in starfleet command.Torres was maquis but she can normal working on a board "Voyager".Indeed Chakotay was said to Janeway that she work in engineerung deck and she was working there to end seven season(episode "endgame").If believe game series "Elite Force" all maquis was working in Hazard team squard,even Chell and Chang.This know only one that Starfleet can making from bad guy-normal and ideal starfleet professional,who can will be making your's job on very good level,because in starfleet if you has been making yours job is bad-you will be go on brig or in penetration colony,where was sit Tom Paris(son of admiral Paris).

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