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Star Trek teaser in HD, viral web campaign begins

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Posted 21 January 2008 - 06:11 PM

Following its premiere in front of Cloverfield last Friday and the subsequent leakage via cameraphone and YouTube, the teaser trailer for Star Trek (2008) has made its official debut online. The teaser, which is available at a number of sites, is just as described and bootlegged, and is available in full 1080p HD, which is absolutely beautiful on a large screen if you've got one.

The trailer is available via Yahoo! Movies and the official Paramount Star Trek website, both in high definition and smaller more bandwidth-friendly versions. If you've got the time, I highly recommend you download the 1080p HD version - even if your screen isn't HD capable, Quicktime will do a beautiful job of scaling down the detail. Normally I would love to host the full HD version here on TU, but I'd rather not cause our server to explode, so the best I'll be able to give you is the 480p version, which still isn't bad. Also, we've got some screencaps of the full HD version, click on any one to view at full size.

Posted Image
...a spark.

Posted Image
The welder takes a breather.

Posted Image

Working on top of a warp nacelle.

Posted Image
At the edge of the saucer.

Posted Image

On the port nacelle pylon.

Posted Image
The bottom of the saucer.

Posted Image
The top of the saucer: U.S.S. Enterprise.

Posted Image
Yes, world, this is Star Trek.

Posted ImageIn addition to the posting of the trailer, it appears that Star Trek will be taking a page out of the book of Cloverfield and will be running an unorthodox advertising campaign. If the success of the Cloverfield premiere this past weekend is any indication ($41 million box office, for a $25 million film), the create-more-mystery viral type campaign can lead to a lot of under-the-radar attention. Cloverfield did not gain much media exposure until after its stunning box office debut, which will certainly lead to many more films taking up the viral campaign bandwagon.

Star Trek's first viral website comes to us in the form of ncc-1701.com. The site, linked to by a glowing red dot on paramount.com/startrek, shows four webcam-like views of the construction of the Enterprise, complete with a heading of 'Shipyard NCC-1701.' Each screen has a slider adjustment beneath so you can play with it to get a clearer picture of whatever is going on.

Download: Star Trek Teaser Trailer: 480p (Quicktime 25.6 MB)
View: Star Trek Teaser Trailer at paramount.com/startrek
View: NCC-1701.com
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