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E-day activity 4: Chat

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Posted 05 August 2007 - 01:44 PM

Missed it. :(

I was gonna hop in 4 a while...

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Posted 05 August 2007 - 01:47 PM

The second is just starting.

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Posted 05 August 2007 - 03:09 PM

Transcript from fan fiction chat: (Blank spaces are probably emoticons lost in copy and paste.)

ensign_edwards: Hey people
jcjec: Hey EE
ensign_edwards: We'll get started soon, just wait for more people to show up
ensign_edwards: One of our guests is absent
ensign_edwards: How is everyone?
Pheon: Not bad.
ensign_edwards: Be sure to pick a colour for your text so peopke can tell who's who easier
jcjec: Eating lunch while typing.
ensign_edwards: I just had lunch
Pheon: How's that.
jcjec: I'll choose this one.
ensign_edwards: cool
jcjec: How did the previous chat go? I saw the transcript, but did it turn out as you had hoped?
ensign_edwards: A little dull actually, I was hoping for a bigger turnout since so many said they wanted to go
jcjec: Sorry it didn't live up to expectations.
ensign_edwards: Hopefully this one will go better.
jcjec: Here's hoping.
Pheon: Just wondering if it's cool to keep a transcript of this chat for myself to post on other boards as I announce my project?
ensign_edwards: Sure. Now serving refreshments.
ensign_edwards: I'll be keeping a transcript for TU as well
jcjec: And I'll probably post one on our performers listserv so they can see what went on as well.
ensign_edwards: Where's Compugeek? We're lacking any Romulan war representatives.
jcjec: I don't know. He knew it was today. Unfortunately, today isn't my day to keep an eye on his low-jack.
jcjec: jk
ensign_edwards: We're gonna have to start without him if he don't show up soon
jcjec: I say go for it and hopefully he'll get here soon.
jcjec: Gina isn't here either.
ensign_edwards: Frack me.
ensign_edwards: I just got a comment on my blog!
jcjec: I would hope that would be a good thing.
ensign_edwards: The comment? It is.
ensign_edwards: I was saying frack me about the lack of guests
jcjec: Ahhh. Gotcha.
ensign_edwards: He (the commenter) liked one of my trek stories
jcjec: That's always a good feeling.
ensign_edwards: yes
jcjec: So, how do you want to get things started?
ensign_edwards: Well I guess we should start with everyone giving a basic outline of what they're doing, so everyone's caught up. Though we might want to wait another minute for the other guests
skydiver has joined.
ensign_edwards: Not much lo9nger though
ensign_edwards: hi skydiver
skydiver: hi friends
jcjec: Welcome skydiver.
skydiver: i was actually checking for the SE day
ensign_edwards: This is E-day
ensign_edwards: This is our fan fiction chat
ensign_edwards: The second of four
ensign_edwards: chats today that is
ensign_edwards: Never seen you around before skydiver, new to SE?
skydiver: completely new
ensign_edwards: Well I hope to see you around a lot more
skydiver: so what you have in plan for E day, I am a big fan of enterprise and captain archer...
ensign_edwards: Well these chats, an info pack of stuff being sent to CBS, contests (too late to enter, sorry), and sending letters, postcards, and e-mails.
skydiver: i ve already sent email and signed pepition
ensign_edwards: I hope you'll stick around after E-day, we have some cool ideas for the future
skydiver: great
ensign_edwards: Okay let's start, Pheon why don't you tell us about what you're doing and then we'll move on to jcjec
Pheon: Sure thing.
jcjec has left.
jcjec has joined.
jcjec: Whoops.
ensign_edwards: Spacial anomalies?
jcjec: hehehe
Pheon: Basically, the my project Enterprise: Season Five is to continue the adventures of Captain Jonathan Archer and his crew onboard the Enterprise NX-01, in a animated cartoon style production.
ensign_edwards: How long episodes do you plan?
Pheon: Here's the thread: http://www.trekunite...showtopic=14631
Pheon: Not exactly a hive of activity at the minute.
skydiver: i will check
ensign_edwards: Don't click unless you open a new tab or you'll be ejected from the chat and have to come back
skydiver: ok will check later
jcjec: I am the co-producer, creator and writer of Star Trek: Eras, a multigenerational series set within all four of the established Trek timeframes. In relation to this particular chat, we have the crew of the Challenger, the NX-03 ship with a completely original crew set during the Enterprise timeline between Terra Prime and These Are The Voyages.
ensign_edwards: How long are the episodes in you respective serieses?
jcjec: I'll plug the website later, closer to the end of the chat.
skydiver: ok guys(you must be all guys??) talk to u later. will check all these new project
Pheon: How long? Equivalent to a normal TV episode more or less. Of course on a Internet medium you aren't necessarily restricted to a particular length, but 40-45 minutes roughly.
jcjec: Our episodes are typically released in three acts which total around 40 - 45 minutes for an episode. Oh, and by the way, we're an audio series.
ensign_edwards: bye skydiver
jcjec: The length of a TV episode was our thought as well.
ensign_edwards: Can you give us some hints about what kinds of stories you'll have? jcjec we'll start with you.
skydiver has left.
jcjec: Currently, we are working on storylines that tie between things that have happened in the past (the NX era, TOS era and TNG era) and situations that our crew is facing in the "present" (post-Nemesis timeframe).
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jcjec: As far as the Challenger is concerned, we are currently pre-Romulan War, and will gradually work our way into involvement in the war as the series progresses.
ensign_edwards: Sounds good. And Pheon what do you have planned?
ensign_edwards: Pheon?
jcjec: Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?
Pheon: Sorry about that, just stepped away for a moment.
jcjec: Happens to the best of us.
Pheon: Well, the scope of the project is limited on the size of the team I can gather, but some of the storylines I've being developing are:-
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Pheon: - A follow up to the Klingon arc of S4 (which will be the premiere episode)
skydiver has left.
Pheon: - An Andorian Arc will definity be happening
ensign_edwards: Ooo I love Andorians
Pheon: - and there will be an overarching arc across the season building up to a certain event at the end of the season
ensign_edwards: Salem One?
Pheon: Well, I'm speaking in a larger context, but I won't deny that Salem One will appear in some context or another
ensign_edwards: Sounds good.
Pheon: And plenty more lol
ensign_edwards: If you want inspiration you should check out the thread TU has in its Enterprise section about S5 plots, there are some great ideas there
Pheon: Well, I'm very hesitant to go down that road. Eventually, I hope I'll be accepting pitches for stories, but I don't want to have anybody potentially accusing me of stealing there ideas so as a rule I stay clear of those kind of threads.
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Pheon: their^
ensign_edwards: Well it might give you some inspiration at least
ensign_edwards: Hey John
jcjec: One of the things that I think would be great would be if those of us who are looking toward the RW could form a bit of a cooperative network so that we can establish a bit of continuity. Having E:TAS, Eras, TRW and NX-01 reach an understanding of how the war takes place and establish a canon that we can all hold to. We'd still tell our own stories, but not counterdict each other.
ensign_edwards: That sounds like a great idea
JohnBart_HUN: Hello everyone!
Pheon: In a perfect world. Besides it's gonna be a while before I even think about what will happen in any potential S6.
Pheon: And I've spent the better half of the past year and a half in planning my story. so as I said in a perfect world maybe but I don't think it can work in practise.
ensign_edwards: True
ensign_edwards: Will you guys be featuring any of the show's background characters? Shran or Soval for instance?
jcjec: As Eras deals with a different crew, we can typically get away with steering clear of Enterprise-centric characters.
jcjec: Though, when we start working on NX-01, that may change. That will be Gina's call as she's producing that one.
Pheon: Most certainly. I'm a big BSG, and DS9 fan and the way both of those shows utilised a recurring extended cast will certainly have some bearing on my project. Shran, Soval will certainly be putting in an appearence.
ensign_edwards: Cool.
Pheon: And I hope to give those characters in particular their own voices within the show.
ensign_edwards: Way cool.
Pheon: I certainly have some great Shran-ness coming your way, in the before mentioned Andorian arc.
ensign_edwards: Since we're short on guests do you think we could talk my trek fan fiction for a sec?
Pheon: No worries.
ensign_edwards: Anybody read either of my stories?
Pheon: Afraid not. I don't get a chance to read much fan fiction.
ensign_edwards: Well I got two
ensign_edwards: "Vengeance from the ice." is set during the Romulan war aboard the Andorian battlecruiser Inshonya
JohnBart_HUN: I liked it, edwards.
ensign_edwards: and "NX-02: Hunting Grounds." is sort of a sequel to "Divergence" in that it shows what happened to Columbia afterwards
JohnBart_HUN: For me, it is hard to read foreign texts, especially on a CRT monitor...
ensign_edwards: though it is very different in what takes place
jcjec: Let me interupt for just a second. I just got a YM message from Gina. She's having trouble logging in. Hair, if you're an admin, could you check to see if she's got a password request in the buffer?
ensign_edwards: Both my stories are availible here at TU or on my blog
Captain_Hair: A password request?
ensign_edwards: I'll shut up about my stories now.
Pheon: They sound interesting though.
ensign_edwards: I'm told VFTI is good
ensign_edwards: obviously I'm a poor judge
jcjec: Yeah. A password request.
Captain_Hair: For the forum, or the chat room?
jcjec: Both, I think.
ensign_edwards: I feel like I should be saying "Technical difficutlies please stand by"
jcjec: Sorry for inturupting the proceedings.
ensign_edwards: That's okay, we want her to show up
Captain_Hair: I'm a little confused by what you mean by "password request."
jcjec: She wrote: "GM Grantham Productions: it seems that i'm going to need to wait for them to email me a new password as for some reason the one i tried isn't working"
jcjec: Go ahead and talk more about your stories EE. I didn't mean to cut you off.
ensign_edwards: I don't think I have anything more to say unless someone has some questions or commentaries
ensign_edwards: I could give plot synopsisis if anyone wants
Captain_Hair: Has she tried the "I forgot my password!" link?
Pheon: Well, I do have a query for jcjec in regards to his project on a production standpoint, as he may have some insight to help me out.
ensign_edwards: go ahead Pheon
Pheon: I’m just curious as to how he went about recruiting a voice cast?
jcjec: GM Grantham Productions: yes, i did. i requested a new one, but it hasn't come yet
jcjec: Sure, Pheon. Shoot.
Captain_Hair: It should send it out automatically and instantly.
jcjec: Honestly, I mined mostly from my friends. I went to co-workers, church friends, friends, friend's family, anyone who showed a bit of interest.
jcjec: GM Grantham Productions: on random, i tried a password and it worked!!
Captain_Hair: Well, nevermind then.
gmgranthamproductions has joined.
ensign_edwards: Hey she's here!
Pheon: Umm... yeah doesn't really help me out. But thanks anyway.
gmgranthamproductions: yes, i finally figured it out
JohnBart_HUN: Welcome to the Chat!
ensign_edwards: So could you tell is about your series?
gmgranthamproductions: thanks. thought i'd never get here
JohnBart_HUN: Yep, I also had problems with the system earlier...
jcjec: That's how we got started. I've also been spreading the word wherever I could that we were open to bring in voice talent. That's how Gina found us.
Pheon: Yeah, I was pretty much just planning on annoucing the project on any board I can find. Maybe even targetting a few voice actor websites as well, I think I ran across at least one dedicated to it.
gmgranthamproductions: From the beginning it's been a big project. I just wanted to I suppose ensure that the Enterprise legacy lived on a bit and the Earth-Romulan War angle gave me a lot to work with.
ensign_edwards: There's a huge amount of potential in that war, that's why I did a story in it
gmgranthamproductions: Oh, yes, because there isn't much cannon known about it so there's lots of space to create your own plots
ensign_edwards: yes
ensign_edwards: What other plots do you have in mind?
jcjec: Pheon: I would recommend going to Darker Projects and putting an ad on their forum. Then go to Pendant and follow their link to VA. Its a voice acting website.
gmgranthamproductions: Though the Earth-Romulan War is going to be the central scene, there will be other loose ends coming into play. The Illyrians, for example, make an appearance early in season 6. Also, Kaitamma, that princess from earlier seasons will show up later. As far as Darker Projects, that's who i pitched this to before TWERP. They weren't too open to it. But I will check out Pendant.
Pheon: Thanks for the tip.
jcjec: Or, you and Gina could talk about the potential of sharing actors as she has her Enterprise crew cast already (not that I'm speaking for her or them).
ensign_edwards: Will any peripheral characters like Soval or Shran show up?
gmgranthamproductions: Oh, yes. Both show up later in the 5th season and fight beside Enterprise in some of the earlier battles of the E-R War. Also, I'll be bringing Commander Cross and Captain Hernandez in for the early episodes of season 5.
ensign_edwards: Sounds cool.
R3d0X: just how many episodes will be in the 5th season?
Pheon: Well, that would depend on Gina. I'm open to the possibility, but it depends.
gmgranthamproductions: There will be a total of 14 episodes for the 5th season.
Pheon: I don't want to poach other people's actors.
R3d0X: cool
ensign_edwards: How long will the episodes be?
gmgranthamproductions: Pheon: If you ever have any open auditions, feel free to email me and I'll forward them to my actors/actresses. It's utterly up to them if they'd like to participate. Michelle Turchiano, who plays Hoshi, might be fairly open to something like that.
gmgranthamproductions: edwards: I'd say between 40 and 60 minutes, though some might be as short as a half hour.
ensign_edwards: I know it's probably futile to mention this but if any of you need any writing talent I would be interested.
Pheon: Well, I'm not specifically recruting at the minute, but I have opened for any potential auditions for the main characters.
ensign_edwards: Mind you I'm not trained or nothing but I have a lot of ideas
gmgranthamproductions: edwards: there is a possibility that I will need some assistance with plot ideas. I'd love a second opinion for something of that sort. pheon: As i've said just email me whenever, and i'll pass it on to my actors/actresses
jcjec: As far as writing goes - and I mentioned this earlier on the post - we're open to taking writing samples and, if we feel we can use the writer, we'll give assignments from there.
Pheon: I'm holding my cards close to my chest in regards to writers at the minute. I had a reasonable number onboard the project in a different incarnation, aside from a few comments on my ideas, and them getting access to all of my ideas at that point they didn't really contribute much of anything.
ensign_edwards: Well you can check out my blog if you want writing samples, it has two trek stories and three BSG stories.
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ensign_edwards: Coming soon will be another three Galactica stories and a story based on the Starcraft video game.
Pheon: Hopefully when I start to gather a production team, I'll open up to episode pitches and anyone is free to send in scripts.
gmgranthamproductions: the main reason i've done a lot of the writing myself for ST:NX-01 is that this project is my baby and I'm very sensitive about it
ensign_edwards: I understand
jcjec: What we're really looking for on NX-01 is a sound editor. Someone who can take the voice work, mix in sound effects and music, and get it ready for release.
ensign_edwards: I don't know anything about writing scripts but I can give plot ideas and I could probably pick up proper script writing
ensign_edwards: with time
jcjec: I know where Gian is coming from on the writing aspect. You're always worried that someone else won't completely understand your vision for the series. Plus, its really hard to let people down if they don't meet the standards of your show.
ensign_edwards: Basically I can write I'm just unfamiliar with script format
Pheon: It's not exactly rocket science, but I'm running this like a actual TV production, so a pitch must be accompanied with a script from the writer, not necessarily at the same time.
gmgranthamproductions: there are so many ways to write a script. a lot of it depends on whether it's a fiction tv show, a movie, a radio drama, a commercial, or a documentary. i'm more than happy to share my knowledge
Pheon: As I'll help out with meshing pitched stories to what will be going on in the series at the time.
jcjec: And we always accompany our episodes with a copy of the script.
ensign_edwards: We'll have to shut down soon and make way for the TCW mod.
ensign_edwards: Any other questions?
ensign_edwards: Anything else anyone wants to say?
Pheon: There's a free program called script smart, it's a macro based component for Microsoft Word which is a good place to start
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jcjec: While it took us a while to get started, I felt that this last little bit has been helpful for all involved.
gmgranthamproductions: ::nods:: i'll keep that in mind
ensign_edwards: Remember SE is always willing to help you guys (and girls) out
ensign_edwards: We always want new allies.
Pheon: lol Well I think we need them
jcjec: A quick plug. Give our stuff a listen at http://www.twerponline.net
gmgranthamproductions: please do feel free to email me if anyone has anymore questions or wants to help out: gmgranthamprod@gmail.com
ensign_edwards: A link to my blog: http://archerstales.blogspot.com/
jcjec: And watch for Gina's Star Trek: NX-01 to come out around Christmas, right Gina?
gmgranthamproductions: exactly. it'll be a great gift saved special for christmas morning it can be a family thing of sorts
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ensign_edwards: Well I guess that's it. I would to thank everyone for coming and I hope you'll stick around for the chat with the Enterprise: Temporal cold war team in a moment
jcjec: No problem.
ensign_edwards: If you want any help from SE or maybe a writer, just PM me
Pheon: Umm... normally I'd love to as I'm really interested in that project, but it's pushing 9pm and I haven't had anything to eat yet.
Pheon: I'm pretty tired as well, I've had a busy day. But if I'm still knocking around in an hour or so I'll be sure to stop by.
ensign_edwards: sure
ensign_edwards: There is also the SE picnic at 7:00PM EDT
jcjec: Good luck with the rest of your E-Day events.
Pheon: I'll just let you all up to date on my project for now:
Pheon: I've got my S5 cast wallpaper up on the project thread in the Fan productions area.
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Pheon: Right now, I'm gearing up to produce a trailer somewhere in the range of a minute or two in length which will show some of the animation in action.
jcjec: That's sounds fantastic, Pheon.
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Pheon: And I'm always at work on the script for the first story.
Pheon: Yeah, hopefully it won't take too long to complete. Here's hoping.
ensign_edwards: Well that finishes this chat I guess, tthe TCW's should start soon.
jcjec: As far as production goes, always figure its going to take three times longer that you expect.
TripTucker: Guys why do i need password to login to chat room?
Pheon: Well, my initial test animation actually took three times less longer
ensign_edwards: I fdon't know Trip
ensign_edwards: Just for the lobby?
Pheon: I've being coming up with tricks to speed things up while preserving quaility of course.
JohnBart_HUN: Do you work with shockwave flash, Pheon?
jcjec: Of course. But I'm going to sign off as the next group is coming in.
jcjec: Have a great time, everyone.
JohnBart_HUN: You can stay, if you are interested in it. Thank you for attending!
Pheon: No, I hate flash lol
ensign_edwards: shockwave flash? sounds like some frankenstein creation made of John and Vorty's GBBS RPG characters LOL
Pheon: I think I'll call it a day there. Good luck with the rest of the chat.
Pheon: Thanks for letting me come onboard, as quite as it's being it's being fun.
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Pheon: quiet^
Pheon: Bye
ensign_edwards: bye
JohnBart_HUN: bye!
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Posted 05 August 2007 - 04:22 PM

Transcript from chat with the TCW team: (Blank spaces are lost emoticons.)

JohnBart_HUN: Time to begin?
ensign_edwards: Yeah sure
ensign_edwards: You can start the questions John
JohnBart_HUN: Please, let me welcome everyone to the Enterprise: Temporal Cold War chat!
CaptainSource: yep, looks like it, the other crew that are on skype are not responding
JohnBart_HUN: To begin with, let me thank you for the E:TCW team for accepting the partnership with SaveEnterprise, and advertising TrekUnited (and SaveEnterprise) on their site and forum. Also, let me thank you everyone who attended this chat interview... First of all, tell me about yourselves! What is your task within the mod team, why and when have you joined, and what are you doing in real life? (This last one is not obligatory to answer)
CaptainSource: Okay, well, I suppose I will go first
JohnBart_HUN: Go on, Captain!
JohnBart_HUN: And please be patient with Trip's answers
JohnBart_HUN: English is not his motherlanguage, give him time to prepare his answers...
CaptainSource: The E-TCW mod was started by myself in May last year and at present, I am not doing too much... lol.. so I can work on the mod
CaptainSource: Trip
ensign_edwards: Just before we get too deep into other questions can you give us a brief overview of what the mod is and what your plans, for people who are new to it?
JohnBart_HUN: That was question number two, EE.
ensign_edwards: ah
ensign_edwards: Sorry to interrupt
CaptainSource: I'll let trip answer, then I'll give a overview to answer question 2.. lol
JohnBart_HUN: Not a problem.
TripTucker: ok i am still going in highschool this is my last year, and i am working on this mod i thik 9 months or less, i am doing almost all the modeling but Flanker helps alot with ships that he made almost every ship just not Nx-01, i really enyoj
TripTucker: making models for TCW
JohnBart_HUN: Do you plan to work something similar what you do for the mod?
TripTucker: yeah i m trying to get in Gaming industry
TripTucker: like a 3d designer or something like that
JohnBart_HUN: Sounds good.
TripTucker: and working on TCW really helps to ge experience and skills
JohnBart_HUN: And helps TCW too, I'm pretty sure about it.
ensign_edwards: I would imagine
CaptainSource: Star Trek: Enterprise - Temporal Cold War is a Halflife 2 Total Conversion. It is obviously based around the series Enterprise and will star all of the major characters from the series. The mod itself will have a demo which we are working toward releasing as a proof of concept and to give those wanting to play the game something to enjoy while we finish the main mod.... it is a first person shooter that we will try and add elements of rpg and adventure being able to explore freely the entire ship and even having you own quarters to keep things in.. it is have temporal agents, the suliban, klingons, tholians and even a new spieces called the anani...
ensign_edwards: Probably looks good on a resume
ensign_edwards: Ooooo Tholians
ensign_edwards: Cool. Not something I expected from the plot
JohnBart_HUN: What will be the system requirements of the modification?
CaptainSource: okay, who gave the plot away.. lol
ensign_edwards: I just know a little
ensign_edwards: Not enough IMO
JohnBart_HUN: LOL
CaptainSource: a reasonabley good system, basially one that plays episode 2 well.... directX 9 if possible GFX card and at leaset 512meg ram
JohnBart_HUN: So will the modification be based on Half-Life 2 Episode Two?
JohnBart_HUN: As for the engine, of course.
CaptainSource: sorry, just getting Basstronix into the chat
JohnBart_HUN: Cool!
CaptainSource: okay, he is signing up
ensign_edwards: Aarg! I have too many tabs up.
ensign_edwards: LOL
JohnBart_HUN: Watch out!
CaptainSource: at the moment, it is in the normal HL2, but, if we need to for extra features, we will go to Ep2 or even 3... we will see, but now that valave have fixed the HDR in HL2, it is looking good already
JohnBart_HUN: Are you using any content (sounds, models, textures) from Half-Life 2?
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CaptainSource: no, we are trying to do a total and complete conversion with at present, over 400 custom models and climbing, and over 1200 custom textures and climbing.. Basstronix who is entering soon, will be producing all of the custom sounds we need for the mod and is also doing some of the generic voises and learning Trips accent
CaptainSource: Hi Basstronix
ensign_edwards: hi
basstronix: Hey there
JohnBart_HUN: Hello Bass!
CaptainSource: just talking about you and the sound
basstronix: cool
JohnBart_HUN: and later about the music.
JohnBart_HUN: Why did you decide to make a modification out of ENT, instead of the four other Trek series?
CaptainSource: why not?
CaptainSource: Enterprise is a great series
ensign_edwards: Good answer
JohnBart_HUN: VERY good
CaptainSource: there has not been a game made for enterprise, but have bene for all the rest
CaptainSource: so Enterprise was the perfect choice for me
ensign_edwards: Enterprise+Me=
JohnBart_HUN: and for us, too
JohnBart_HUN: In which season does the mod's story take place OR if the story does not take place during the four seasons of the show, in which year does it take place?
CaptainSource: the demo will take place in dry dock season 2 just after the attack on earth....
CaptainSource: we are taking on extra crew and you happen to be one of them
CaptainSource: the main mod, is going to take place in the six weeks after entering the expanse, before the first episode of season 3, when Archers syas, "We have been in the expanse 6 weeks and we are no closer to finding the Xindi!" or similar
JohnBart_HUN: So you are not going to feature other NX-vessels (like the Columbia NX-02, the Avenger NX-09, or Star Trek Legacy's Curren NX-03) in the mod?
CaptainSource: at present, this is not planned, as the mod is all about Enterprise giving the player the chance to run around the ship they have grown to love... the other ships can have their own mod.. lol
JohnBart_HUN: Good answer. :P
JohnBart_HUN: Ok... So... Where does the main storyline take place? In the Expanse?
CaptainSource: yes, the expanse, the place where things take place that cannot be explained by normal physics or science, it gives us a clean slate for us to work on, allowing the writers a chance to shine... with six weeks to fill, there is plenty of content tp play with and a great ship to explore, just watch out for the anomilies
JohnBart_HUN: Although the mod will take place in a timeframe which was not shown in the series... Are you going to recreate famous parts/episodes or scenes of the show in some way?
ensign_edwards: If I may but in, will spacial anomalies be a part of the game?
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CaptainSource: well, if you want to see episode from the series, pull out the DVDs or rent them and watch them again.. we want to give the player the chance to see something new, meet all the existing crew and learn what it is like to be apart of that crew... and to answer your question, you will have to wait, cause in the series, they did not encounter them for a while after the period that we plan to have the mod set in
CaptainSource: the anomilies that is...
JohnBart_HUN: It seems that you are all very aware of the details of the show...
CaptainSource: well, watched it a couple fo times
CaptainSource: and it was just on the sci-fi channel about 30 mins ago
CaptainSource: lol
ensign_edwards: I watch it endlessly
JohnBart_HUN: Very good. We, ENT fans like responses like this...
JohnBart_HUN: The mod's subtitle suggests that the Temporal Cold War constitutes an important part of the storyline. Why did you decide to include it? I am just asking this because the Temporal Cold War was not a really liked part of ENT during its run, as far as I know.
JohnBart_HUN: EE, I like it
boomstick has left.
ensign_edwards: I liked it
JohnBart_HUN: I liked it too, but take a look at other Trek sites... :lol:
CaptainSource: well, the TCW is a good name for one thing and it was not really explored completely in the series.. also, they mentioned many factions, so, lets see at least one more faction and see what they want to do to the timeline and why...
ensign_edwards: For the record my loopy emoticon is in reference to my endless watching of Enterprise
ensign_edwards: @CaptainSource: Sounds good.
JohnBart_HUN: Oh... I was confused by it...
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CaptainSource: understood it completly
JohnBart_HUN: So... are you going to include at least one non-canon species?
JohnBart_HUN: In this case, a temporal faction.
ensign_edwards: I always felt the TCW did not realize its full potential
JohnBart_HUN: Many people felt the same, EE
CaptainSource: yes, they will be the Anani, a bio engineered by a faction species that has been inserted into the timeline to bring about a result that this faction wants..
JohnBart_HUN: Just like the Suliban, from the series
ensign_edwards: Sounds very interesting
CaptainSource: similar, but the Anani have been grown, not changed... so these Anani have 3 casts, warrior, worker and tech, and they will be used in various ways to push a certain agenda
ensign_edwards: I'm liking what I hear
JohnBart_HUN: I guess that the most dangerous is going to be the warrior.
CaptainSource: if you hwave seen a pic of one, you must be already dead.. lol
ensign_edwards: Are they humanoid?
JohnBart_HUN: Ouch. Reference to a horror movie? LOL
CaptainSource: kind of
ensign_edwards: Ooooo I like that answer
CaptainSource has left.
basstronix: hmm
ensign_edwards: Speaking of anomalies...
JohnBart_HUN: Seems that Captain has got a little connection problem
ensign_edwards: I should stop making that joke now
JohnBart_HUN: :lol:
JohnBart_HUN: OK... While waiting for Captain to return... Will the mod feature an original soundtrack, or you are going to use the series' soundtrack?
CaptainSource has joined.
basstronix: The mod will feature an entirely original soundtrack, although certain melodies may be inspired from the series' soundtrack
basstronix: for example, Archer's theme will still be intact, but in an entirely new form
basstronix: as well as the main theme itself
CaptainSource has left.
JohnBart_HUN: So you basically reimagine it?
basstronix: and who knows, we might be hearing a new rendition of Faith of the Heart
JohnBart_HUN: Sounds really intriguing...
CaptainSource has joined.
basstronix: The music will have a slightly different feel, in general a little more intense to fit with the higher adrenaline of being a first person game
CaptainSource: sorry, IE keeps shutting down
basstronix: that's alright
basstronix: use firefox
JohnBart_HUN: Not a problem.
basstronix: lol
ensign_edwards: If you're gonna use faith of the heart get a better singer than the series did
basstronix: Just talking about the music captain
CaptainSource: and I must say, we are all extremely impressed with the professional quality of all of Basstronix music compositions...
basstronix: Say... should we share one cap'n?
CaptainSource: brillaint
CaptainSource: yes please
basstronix: maybe the showdown...
basstronix: id like to share that one
basstronix: haha
CaptainSource: upload to the server and thow in a link
CaptainSource: yep
basstronix: will do
JohnBart_HUN: Basstronix, Captain also mentioned that you will impersonate Trip...
JohnBart_HUN: What is the more difficult in your opinion?
JohnBart_HUN: Composing the music, or recording voice?
basstronix: Well they are both difficult in their own rights, however I have over 6 years of composing experience
basstronix: Imitating a voice can be fairly difficult, trying to emulate their exact formants
basstronix: in general it's easier to try and get their accent down and go from there
basstronix: which isn't too bad, considering half my family is from the south
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basstronix: and as Captain mentioned, the actor who plays Trip also fakes the southern accent, so I am faking a fake accent
ensign_edwards: Hey Boris
CaptainSource: also, Basstronix has composed for several films, he has been given a spot here: http://us.imdb.com/name/nm2447425/
boris: Hello people from the spiral room of doom
ensign_edwards: I always wondered if that was his real accent
CaptainSource: hey boris
CaptainSource: no, fake
basstronix: I have scored many more films than appears on that site, but those are the award winning ones
JohnBart_HUN: Impressive, I say.
JohnBart_HUN: It seems that there won't be any problems on the side of voice and music...
CaptainSource: well, we hopefully will have most of the base main characters covered with reading the script and those we can't get we will skillfully extract from the center channel of the DVD set
basstronix: My apologies, I have hosted it on the wrong site... haha, but here is the link to some of the custom soundtrack
basstronix: http://www.fourtecks...owdown loop.mp3
JohnBart_HUN: Fellow Enterprisers, make sure to check it out!
CaptainSource: John Billingsley replyed to a request to star in the mod saying with his current project with "The Others" and "The 4400" he is schedule would not permit but he wished us all the best with the mod
JohnBart_HUN: Did you try to contact any other person from the main cast?
ensign_edwards: That's nice he supports it even if he didn't help.
CaptainSource: yes, we emailed most of them with only John sending a reply
CaptainSource: yes it is
JohnBart_HUN: Agreed. Lets get back to TCW for one more question: The producers of the show were often blamed that they did not follow the established Trek timeline and canon in many respects. What about with you? Are you going to be careful about it? :-)
CaptainSource: we will be as carefuly as the series was.. lol... basically, being a part of the temporal cold war and haing the abilty to have multipled timelines, we can stay away from having to be canon, though we will be trying to stay within the realites of the star fleet universe to an extent...
ensign_edwards: Sounds good to me
basstronix: Heres a proper link to the music http://team.enterpri...owdown_loop.mp3
JohnBart_HUN: Thank you, Basstronix!
JohnBart_HUN: Let me ask a question that I have received from a certain person who likes bare midriffs... Is the Mirror-Universe going to be featured in the mod?
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CaptainSource: lol.. no.. but when the mod is released, all of the models, textures etc will be available for others to mod in the mirror universe and I hope they do...
ensign_edwards: That could be interesting as well
ensign_edwards: That reminds of Terrell hoping for a decon bonus level
JohnBart_HUN: Will the slower and smaller Starfleet ships, like the Intrepid and the Sydney appear in the mod?
CaptainSource: yes, that has been a request a few times...
CaptainSource: yes, they will be in the mod, even if they are only as filler for cutscenes
CaptainSource: since the demo is set at space dock, there should be a few other ships making an appearance
CaptainSource: Flanker has been hard at work producing those, I'll see if I can find a link to the ships he has made so far
JohnBart_HUN: What kind of gameplay should the players expect? Does combat plays a large part in the mod, or are there many puzzles and situations where problem-solving skills are a must-have?
ensign_edwards: Offshoot of that question: I'm curious, will you be fighting on your own, have a sqaud with you, or a mix?
CaptainSource: we hope to bring a good balance to both action and problem solving
CaptainSource: both
JohnBart_HUN: Good question, EE!
ensign_edwards: I like games with a squad better myself
CaptainSource: there will be times you are sent of down a dark corridor to check on something and other times, it will be with an away team
ensign_edwards: Always bugged me how in medal of honour your squad mates were just useless cannon fodder
JohnBart_HUN: Talking about combat... What kind of weaponry should we expect? Are you going to include custom non-canon weapons?
CaptainSource: at present, all of the base starfleet and MACO weapons are in the works including the stun baton.... but, there will be a couple of surprises that we would like to keep under wraps
ensign_edwards: Will the game feature any ship on ship combat?
ensign_edwards: And if so, will the player have any control over it or will it be scripted?
CaptainSource: that is something we are looking into and is a feature I would like to include, but mostly ,t he game is a FPS
CaptainSource: the player would control the ship.. and there will be scripted battle scenes as well
ensign_edwards: What about shuttlepods? Do we get to fly them?
CaptainSource: the short answer is, yes
ensign_edwards: Cool.
JohnBart_HUN: Are there going to be any usable equipment, like tricorders and tools like that?
CaptainSource: yes, the tricorder, communicator and hypospray for health (and other refils) will be available in the mod to complete certain part of the mission at hand
ensign_edwards: So this is basically every gamer Enterprise fans dream come true yes?
CaptainSource: we hope so.. it will have a little of everything.. so many Star Trek games I have played and it has been most of them, have failed in one or more areas of gameplay.. the best I played was Elite Force and it was even better than 2, but we want to, as fans, build a game that will suit everyone, fan of star trek or not
JohnBart_HUN: Now, some questions about the player character, without giving away too much information... Did the player character appear on-screen?
ensign_edwards: Good question John
CaptainSource: http://team.enterpri...eDoesMatter.jpg here is shot of the models that Flanker has made for the mod, the constilation class will not be in the mod and the Enterprise was made by TripTucker.. erykgeko is coming into the chat as well
CaptainSource: no, the short answer.. you will be whoever you are and want to be in the mod, as long as you are the player we say yopu are.. lol..
JohnBart_HUN: Cool!
JohnBart_HUN: Half-Life 2, the game which gives the basis of the modification is based around a character who did not speak a word since he had been created. What about with the character of the mod? Is s/he going to speak?
JohnBart_HUN: The player character, I mean.
CaptainSource: having a player speak, to me, breaks the illusion of being in the game, if somone speaks, then the player is not really interacting, but watching themselves talking, whihc also is not good for those who are woman or any other country... but this is an undecided debate we are haing in the dev forum atm and is only my opinion
JohnBart_HUN: so it is not decided right now.
ensign_edwards: I think it's okay to have the character speak
CaptainSource: well, in the forum it is.. lol
ensign_edwards: It was done well in No one lives forever
CaptainSource: ahh.. it is good to be the king.. lol
JohnBart_HUN: What about with guest characters like Soval, Shran, Admiral Forrest, or most importantly, Daniels?
ensign_edwards: Most times you got to chose what to say
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Posted 05 August 2007 - 04:54 PM

TCW transcript part two (it's running long):

JohnBart_HUN: Hi Erykgecko!
Erykgecko: howdy
CaptainSource: yes, we want to try and have as many of the main characters from the series in the mod, as long as time permits and the script itself calls for it.. hey eryk... thanks for coming...
ensign_edwards: hey
CaptainSource: Erykgeko is out very talented animator
Erykgecko: lol, dunno about very :P
CaptainSource: extremely?
Erykgecko: yeah
basstronix: even thats an understatement
basstronix: if anyone has ever looked up animation tutorials for source, chances are they have seen eryk's videos
CaptainSource: that is true
JohnBart_HUN: So the animation department is also in good hands... Will the mod feature a multiplayer mode? If yes, then what kind of gameplay should players expect?
CaptainSource: well, MP is the new thing after the main mod is released... so for now, it is not first on our minds, but that said, we have hcatted about a team style mission based style gameplay, where you have to complete certain tasks to win the round
JohnBart_HUN: The Black Mesa Team announced earlier that they would try implementing a cooperative-mode into their mod. Don't you think that making it possible to complete the single-player campaign in multiplayer mode would be worthy of consideration as a mode of multiplayer?
CaptainSource: it could be, but we have not dicussed this to date
ensign_edwards: I have a question: Does your site have a links page?
ensign_edwards: I'm interested in doing a link exchange with my blog
CaptainSource: no, it has links on the main pages
CaptainSource: I have not gotten around to having a linsk page yet
CaptainSource: http://team.enterpri...quarter0002.jpg
CaptainSource: a shot for you guys, Tpols quarters, mapped by TripTucker
ensign_edwards: I might link to you anyway
ensign_edwards: Just cause I like the sound of your game
JohnBart_HUN: Fantastic work... I mean this screenshot... Nice work Trip!
CaptainSource: well, what site do you have, I can put you on our banner rotator for the link from your page
gmgranthamproductions: i know this is totally random, but would you all be willing to share some of your music with my project? i haven't been able to find any trek like music and would really appreciate some help in the music department
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ensign_edwards: I don't have a banner, though I probably could get one made
CaptainSource: send us a link to you site and I'l make one up for u...
ensign_edwards: Hi boomstick
JohnBart_HUN: gmgrantham, just ask away... it is a community chat, after all...
CaptainSource: GM, the music sharing would have to be discussed with Basstronix... but that said, what is your project?
boomstick: hey guys, sorry I had tech problems, did my question get answered?
basstronix: yes if you would like to get in touch with me about that, you can find me on the forums
CaptainSource: which was that boomstick?
boomstick: what I would have to purchase once the mod is released
ensign_edwards: If I get a banner made I'll ask P0is0n0us for it
ensign_edwards: No offense to your skills Captain
CaptainSource: np
JohnBart_HUN: p0is0n0us is our Photoshop master, Captain.
CaptainSource: HL2
boomstick: most definently
boomstick: thanks
CaptainSource: and if up change the mods base to episode 2, then that also, but the orange pack that valave is bringin out with episode 2, will have ep1, ep2, hl2 and portals
boomstick: thank you
gmgranthamproductions: Oh, sorry. I'm working to put together an audio drama based on my narrative stories of seasons 5, 6, & 7
CaptainSource: np.. ohh... who is that?? http://team.enterpri...quarter0005.jpg
Erykgecko: guess I'll have to find the funds to get ep 2 then LOL
ensign_edwards: Sadly I'll probably never play it. My computer is way too old to handle half life 2 and my wrist is too wrecked to play games
JohnBart_HUN: Very niiiiice picture...
boomstick: I just don't want to buy a game that I have no interest in to play a game that I am w/ same engine........ oh well
ensign_edwards: We're now overtime
Erykgecko: ahh tpol, the amount of beatings I;ve given you testing weapon animations
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ensign_edwards: Not that it matters
JohnBart_HUN: Just one more question
boomstick has joined.
ensign_edwards: That sounded kind of dirty Eryk
boomstick: woops
CaptainSource: well, there will be plenty of videos and screenshots taken from it.... and hopefylly it won't be too intensive on you wrist..... I should be laying down now with the back the way it is...
JohnBart_HUN: or can we have some extra time if the others agree to stay a bit more?
Erykgecko: lol, yeah, tpol likes the beatings, especially in zero grav
boomstick: yaa.........no
JohnBart_HUN: I understand Captain. Just one more question
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CaptainSource: only cause she is the only character we have in mod at the monet
JohnBart_HUN: If Bethesda (as far as I know they have acquired every right of publishing Star Trek games) would offer that they would publish the mod as a commercial product, and would hire the team as the group of developers... Would you accept or decline their offer? Of course it would be Bethesda that would buy the Source Engine for you, and would bear all the expenses of the development.
ensign_edwards: Hey AT!
boomstick: wondering when U'd show up
JohnBart_HUN: Hi AT!
Erykgecko: I'm gonna work on getting archer in properly this week captain
gmgranthamproductions: bass, my email addy is gmgranthamprod@gmail.com
CaptainSource: a good question and one that I could not answer without having everyone have their say on the design crew.. but if it is worth a couple of mil, I am sure the crew would jump at the opportunity to work in the industry and get paid for it.. though this would defeat the "modding"
CaptainSource: cool eryk
JohnBart_HUN: I understand.
JohnBart_HUN: Well, Captain, if you have to go I can do nothing but thank you for answring all the questions...
CaptainSource: that is a reason that some of the crew have joined, and a m glad to allow them to do so, to get experience and have a mod or game on their resume for a job in the industry
JohnBart_HUN: And it seems that in return, all of them produces quality parts for the mod...
ensign_edwards: Any other questions anyone?
CaptainSource: not going yet, but I will have a break, just to lay down for a bit, to rest the back if I can be excused.. I just need a few minutes to take the preasure off///
ensign_edwards: I think we can wrap up soon
ensign_edwards: I need a break before the picnic
boomstick: thats right you've been here all day
CaptainSource: http://team.enterpri...quarter0003.jpg
ensign_edwards: Yup
ensign_edwards: Any other questions?
CaptainSource: and the last one http://team.enterpri...quarter0000.jpg
JohnBart_HUN: Thank you for the screenshots!
CaptainSource: our pleasure
ensign_edwards: I second that
ensign_edwards: Thank you that is
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boomstick: I third
CaptainSource: so any other questions before we head off?
JohnBart_HUN: OK, so what is our schedule, EE?
ensign_edwards: I would also like to thank you for your continued support of SE
JohnBart_HUN: Do we have any more time for questions?
ensign_edwards: The picnic starts at 7:00PM EDT so theoretically we can go till then but we should take a break
CaptainSource: great to do so and thanks for the interview and the time to share more about our humble little mod...
ensign_edwards: This chat was scheduled to end 15 minutes ago
boomstick: frak schedules
Aussie_Trekkie: little?
CaptainSource: yeah, little mod...
boomstick: and thats right its not little
CaptainSource: hehe
JohnBart_HUN: Then, I think that we should not waste the time of the devteam anymore...
JohnBart_HUN: Thank you for attending to the chat!
CaptainSource: thanks guys...
ensign_edwards: I would also like to thank JohnBart for being our most successful SE ambassador
boomstick: woot!
ensign_edwards: Maybe we can do this again when there's more to discuss about the mod
JohnBart_HUN: Thank you for every teammember for attending!
JohnBart_HUN: Hopefully.
CaptainSource: and being our best PR guy that we have not had to space... lol
JohnBart_HUN: Then, I guess that this concludes the chat. If anyone of you is in the GMT or GMT+1 timezone, have a good night... For those of you who live in a place where it is morning or afternoon right now...
JohnBart_HUN: have a nice day!
ensign_edwards: Bye everybody
ensign_edwards: Hope to see you all at the SE picnic
CaptainSource has left.
JohnBart_HUN: I wish all of you all the best!
Aussie_Trekkie: i'll be sticking around because my day just started
Aussie_Trekkie: 7:47am
basstronix: noon here
ensign_edwards: Cool AT
boomstick: dang it I missed the whole chat frakking internet
ensign_edwards: almost 6 PM here
boomstick: 5:48 to b exact
ensign_edwards: You can read the transcript boomstick
boomstick: wheres that?
ensign_edwards: Hey someone in my timezone!
Aussie_Trekkie: so somebody is eating breakfast, someone be having lunch and another having dinner
JohnBart_HUN: My day has just ended... 23:48 here and I am pretty tired...
ensign_edwards: The thread on E-day chats
ensign_edwards: I don't eat dinner for another two hours
JohnBart_HUN: Uh-oh.
JohnBart_HUN: Does anyone of you have the complete transcript of the chat on his/her window?
boomstick: ok I'll check em out whenever
ensign_edwards: what window John?
JohnBart_HUN: In this window
boomstick: the chat window
ensign_edwards: No but I took that into account
ensign_edwards: I have the whole chat don't worry
boomstick: yeah
JohnBart_HUN: Would it be possible to send it to me somehow?
ensign_edwards: Just read the thread
basstronix: http://www.trekunite.......80&start=80
boomstick: crap I gotta write my letter!

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Posted 05 August 2007 - 07:04 PM

General discussion chat transcript: (Blank spaces are lost emoticons.)

boomstick: shh.. the boss is back
ensign_edwards: Only two minutes late
Aussie_Trekkie: attention!
ensign_edwards: Have I missed anything?
ensign_edwards: Captain on the bridge!
boomstick: yeah definently
Aussie_Trekkie: compugeek came and went quickly
ensign_edwards: I just got a PM from him
ensign_edwards: said he couldn't find the chat
boomstick: Grunt ever stop by EE?
ensign_edwards: Grunt? Not while I've been here
boomstick: cuz I think he posted in the chat thread this morning
ensign_edwards: Yeah he did
boomstick: do dodo dodooooo
ensign_edwards: Shall we get started?
boomstick: why not?
Aussie_Trekkie: looks like nobody else is rolling up
Aussie_Trekkie: a little frustrating
boomstick: yeah
ensign_edwards: Oh there's still time
ensign_edwards: I'm posting about this in the countdown, should help
ensign_edwards: So what shall we discuss?
boomstick: ah, yes the countdown
ensign_edwards: So something simple: favourite episode
ensign_edwards: My favourite is "Zero Hour", very exciting, ends the Xindi arc well, and it has Shran. What's not to love?
boomstick: The expanse(burp)
ensign_edwards: Although if you count the Romulan arc as one thing it might win
Aussie_Trekkie: I just watched Zero Hour on TV
Aussie_Trekkie: Azati Prime would be for me, i never seen the last five minutes of an episode so compelling to watch and you could almost feel the horror of the NX-01 getting a pounding
boomstick: yeah that was a good one
ensign_edwards: Yeah, Azati Prime is pretty great
ensign_edwards: Another one: How much Ent. stuff in the room with you?
Aussie_Trekkie: is that a trick question
boomstick: Esquared was interesting, probably ranks 5th to 7th
ensign_edwards: I have three things: The SE shirt I'm wearing, an NX-01 toy, and "Last full measure."
ensign_edwards: "E2" was okay, not great
boomstick: paper model on the computer, computer files, and the computer.........so yeah 1 thing (but its very big)
Aussie_Trekkie: i got Seasons 3 and 4 plus two books and all my computer files
ensign_edwards: I have more Ent. stuff in my room
boomstick: that just made me think of something! Porthos plush puppy!
ensign_edwards: There is such a thing?
boomstick: I dunno, but there should be
ensign_edwards: Favourite memory of Enterprise?
boomstick: my grandkids could be doing that
Aussie_Trekkie: Watching Broken Bow on my aunts back patio, watching TV outside was never so good
ensign_edwards: For me I'd say the excitement just before "The Xindi" air or working on the campaign last fall
ensign_edwards: That was a very fun time
ensign_edwards: The mass PMs the slogan polls, good times
ensign_edwards: We had a decent team then
ensign_edwards: Nothing against the current team, we just had more then
Aussie_Trekkie: grabbing the all time TU record of members in a day
ensign_edwards: Yeah that too
boomstick: As a recent newcomer to the series and this campaign I would say these last couple months watching the 3rd and 4th seasons and getting pumped about E-dau
boomstick: *day
ensign_edwards: There was a list of people that I considered the SE team back then, the only ones left are me and aT
Aussie_Trekkie: it will be strange for SE when all the original team of 2005 bows out
ensign_edwards: One thing that drives me crazy: The SE black hole
boomstick: ?
ensign_edwards: I can't even count how many people have joined full of passion and then disappeared later
ensign_edwards: without trace or apparent reason
ensign_edwards: And it's always the most passionate
boomstick: bummer
Aussie_Trekkie: i noticed that too
Aussie_Trekkie: fresh people to the team and then they go almost right away like a shooting star
ensign_edwards: I wonder what ever happened to Ichibo?
ensign_edwards: Or Redsky for that matter
ensign_edwards: I guess we'll never know
Aussie_Trekkie: Discodirect
Aussie_Trekkie: the list goes on
ensign_edwards: I know he gave up
ensign_edwards: And then there's all those that just made one post and vanished
Aussie_Trekkie: members and posts = surivival for SE
ensign_edwards: Yes
ensign_edwards: I wish I could get all those Enterprise fans out there to join us
ensign_edwards: I don't understand what stops people
ensign_edwards: especially those that've never helped
ensign_edwards: Giving up after trying I can see
Aussie_Trekkie: but surely people can come to chat about Enterprise
Aussie_Trekkie: there is no harm or cost to do so
ensign_edwards: I know
boomstick: yeah
Aussie_Trekkie: we didn't do anything wrong
Aussie_Trekkie: we promoted
ensign_edwards: No use crying over spilt milk
boomstick: silver lining: this is only a small piece of the puzzle
ensign_edwards: Yes
ensign_edwards: good point
ensign_edwards: Tomorrow will dawn and it will be a new day for SE
ensign_edwards: I have a few ideas for what to do next
Aussie_Trekkie: i be honest, i feared waking up to find nobody here when i logged in
ensign_edwards: The TCW chat went well
Aussie_Trekkie: so you can imagine my relief to find 9 people in when i entered
boomstick: in fact the chats were only to generate publicity am I right?
ensign_edwards: Partly, partly to change SE's image, and partly just because
ensign_edwards: And now for something completely different
ensign_edwards: It's time to announce the E-day contest winners
boomstick: ooh oooh
boomstick: drum roll!
ensign_edwards: The winner of best original SE avatar, with a total score of 74 out of 90...
ensign_edwards: is...
Aussie_Trekkie: suspense
ensign_edwards: P0is0nn0us!!!!!
ensign_edwards: With his animated SE avatar!
Aussie_Trekkie: smart fella
ensign_edwards: Honestly did anyone not see that coming?
ensign_edwards: Drinks all around!
Aussie_Trekkie: well i was hoping nobody wanted a wizz bang avatar
ensign_edwards: You did great AT considering you're a novice
ensign_edwards: You deserve an award just for learning photoshop for the contest
Aussie_Trekkie: thanks, i had to remember stuff from 1998/99
Aussie_Trekkie: when i last seriously used a photo program
ensign_edwards: And now...
ensign_edwards: The winner of best original SE insirational speech...
ensign_edwards: Is...
ensign_edwards: Rhett Coates!!!!!!
ensign_edwards: With a total score of 71 out of 90
<Aussie_Trekkie> sent sound: applause
Aussie_Trekkie: not bad effort at all
ensign_edwards: I'm rather surprised to be honest
ensign_edwards: I had boomstick picked to win
Aussie_Trekkie: i didn't read the others works because i wanted to make it thrilling as possible
ensign_edwards: Rhett did a great job, very inspiring
ensign_edwards: Though voomstick was very original
ensign_edwards: boomstick sorry
Captain_Hair: Congratulations to all participants, pretty much all of the entries were fantastic. It was a hard choice.
Aussie_Trekkie: well question is will the winners be defending their titles
Aussie_Trekkie: i hope so
ensign_edwards: Everyone did do a good job
ensign_edwards: AT your speech's strength was how human it was. I could really feel what you were saying
Aussie_Trekkie: everyone in my family remembers how Broken Bow was watched, my aunt said we couldn't set our TV up and so we did it outside
ensign_edwards: I'm sending the prizes out
ensign_edwards: P0is0n0us made his own prize.
Aussie_Trekkie: there was no way the premiere of Enterprise was going to be missed
Aussie_Trekkie: i feel for the Enterprise fans at the May 13 party (funeral) who didnt get to see the last episode
ensign_edwards: ?
Aussie_Trekkie: TU had some party and the people who attended couldn't get a signal through to watch TATV
ensign_edwards: Well that sucks
boris has joined.
ensign_edwards: The prizes have been sent
ensign_edwards: Hey Boris
Aussie_Trekkie: back in the early days of 2005, SE was something to behold
boris: Hello people from the spiral room of doom
boris: :P
ensign_edwards: I regret I didn't know what SE was doing in those days
ensign_edwards: I should have payed more attention when I went there
Aussie_Trekkie: SE was full of spirit and then April 2005 it came to a halt
boris: so what is the topic now?
ensign_edwards: Oh I hadn't even found it yet then
ensign_edwards: Just anything SE Boris
boris: the old dayes of SE?
ensign_edwards: Or Enterprise
boris: SE+EE= SEE
ensign_edwards: I gotta go watch Bi brother soon
boomstick has left.
boomstick has joined.
ensign_edwards: Big brother
boomstick: holy frak that sucked
boomstick: so who won the contests? I kinda wasn't here
ensign_edwards: Rhett and P0is0n0us
ensign_edwards: I was pulling for you boomstick
boomstick: sweet
ensign_edwards: I gotta go, I'd like to keep going but I need to eat and watch BB

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Posted 05 August 2007 - 09:51 PM

General discussion chat transcript part two:

boris: Yeah i know that

boomstick: hee hee

boris: a bit of joke here and there

Aussie_Trekkie: askibg around do you believe that SE has a future and what would that future be?

Aussie_Trekkie: *asking

boomstick: Everything has a future.......

boris: i don't think so

boris: i know rthat hope is the kllast thing to die

boomstick: whether the future is crashing and buring or success

boris: *last

boris: but i think that it should be a little diferently set

Aussie_Trekkie: i hope SE exists into 2008, i'm not sure what my future would be but i hope it does go into 2008 and go on from there

boomstick: now as for SE, I'm pretty new here so I'm gonna give my impressions

boris: I don't know how it was set before but i think that it has to work on it's promotion l bit harder

boomstick: first: you're in the stage where you're rebuilding a campaign that has basically almost completely collapsed......so times are tough to be sure.

boris: we all know what we want with SE

boris: but does the world know?

boomstick: good point boris

Captain_Hair: If SE is to survive, it needs two things. The first is more people. And the second you need to get the first: Innovation. E-Day is a good state, but you need more. Think outside the box.

Captain_Hair: Take the Jericho campaign as an example, they were able to bring back their show from death and to reinvigorate interest in Jericho with crates of NUTS.

boomstick: second: this near-destruction of the campaign has left this site and SE in some major dwelling on the past issues. which seems to be the scapegoat for the campaign's problems

boomstick: you know Robin B. suggested something on that order........

boomstick: of nuts

Aussie_Trekkie: we try to move forward but people keep saying "In 2005, SE/TU done this and SE/TU done that" and things like E-Day sit in a corner

Aussie_Trekkie: this is outside TU of course

boris: I can see that is all set in a small group of people. All from the TU forum

boomstick: then maybe we need to get our own site and break away from TU

boris: what it needs is a bigger promotion

Aussie_Trekkie: a suggestion was that SE should be renamed to keep with current events

Aussie_Trekkie: SE sounds pre May 13 2005

boomstick: name it what?

Aussie_Trekkie: Resurrecting Enterprise or Returning Enterprise something like that

boomstick: how about just Enterprise?

boris: SE is good

boomstick: The enterprise campaing

boris: but it has to have a new moto

boris: a new conncept

boris: or something

boris: the thing that are done in the las moths are ok

boomstick: a new concept kind of defeats the purpose, we're here to put Enterprise back on the screen.

boris: nooo

boomstick: huh?

Captain_Hair: A new name isn't going to make a difference. How many other SE-like campaigns are there out there? A dozen? Does their having a different name make a difference in their success or failure?

Captain_Hair: No, it doesn't. It's about the approach to the campaign.

boris: The purpes is geting EntHair gets me

boomstick: then why don't we unite all the campaigns on ONE site to work in coordination. Divided we fall United we stand.

boris: Datn my net is all gone

Captain_Hair: SE has recognizablity. The name speaks for itself as to what the campaign is about.

boomstick: thats true

Captain_Hair: IBM doesn't make any international business machines anymore, but they've kept that as their name despite their changed business model.

Captain_Hair: Because people recognize IBM.

Captain_Hair: If SE were to be renamed to The Enterprise Campaign or something like that you would lose people's attention.

boris: It's a brend name

boomstick: what do people recognize SE for? A campaign or a bunch of cat fighting vigilatnes?

boomstick: but yeah we gotta keep it.

Aussie_Trekkie: depends on where you ask because answers vary

boomstick: Seriously though, what do you think about if SE had its own site and not a TU section?

Captain_Hair: What would be gained?

Captain_Hair: And what would be lost?

Aussie_Trekkie: breathing space i suppose would be gained

Aussie_Trekkie: lost well some people in TU be glad to see the back of SE

Aussie_Trekkie: but SE is part of the TU furniture

Aussie_Trekkie: a fixture of the threads

boomstick: I reckon

Captain_Hair: No, I'm not talking about what TU would loose. I'm asking what SE would loose.

Aussie_Trekkie: nothing

Captain_Hair: Nothing?

boomstick: what do you think we'd lose?

boomstick: hair

Aussie_Trekkie: nothing at present moment of thought anyhow, after everything is tallied up then there be stuff noticed

Captain_Hair: What about the 5580 members of TrekUnited's forum that you have free exposure to?

boomstick: true

Captain_Hair: If you leave, you're suddenly isolated and only people who are interested in SE will know what is going on.

Aussie_Trekkie: unless it wasn't a clean breakaway

boomstick: even if SE got its own site I would see TU as basically our gateway.

Captain_Hair: Do you suppose that TU would be inclined to offer as much support to SE if you wanted to associate with it less?

boomstick: alright I'm done

Aussie_Trekkie: SE wouldn't be independent, no way possible

gmgranthamproductions has left.

Captain_Hair: Ciao, Boomstick.

boomstick: ?

Captain_Hair: You're not leaving?

boomstick: no I'm conceding defeat

Captain_Hair: Oh, in that case, feel free to stay! :P


Aussie_Trekkie: TU is the son/daughter and SE is the elderly parent in the retirement home except we are not ready for garden walks and canes and motorised scooters yet

boomstick: yeah, well I might actually leave soon though, I gotta type up my E-day letters and get ready for band camp

Captain_Hair: Yay band camp!

boomstick: We start fitting uniforms 2morow

boomstick: yay

boris: This one time at band camp

boomstick: I was in the sun all day, and then I got heatstroke, and I like passed out and then I like had to get a shot for my sunburn cuz I blistered and.......

boomstick: no it wasn't actually me but it has all happened b4

boris: nice one


boris: Yeah

boris: the Green Day Discography is all Downloaded


Aussie_Trekkie: so everyone is convinced SE has a solid future ahead?

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