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Posted 18 November 2012 - 04:42 AM

As time as passed the most visited pages at STR have changed. In 2009, Exeter was a top choice, but not for some time now. Looking at the last month, I see trends I would never have guessed.

Today, the No. 1 page is my page of links to OTHER listings of Trek materials. Yep. Some other listings of fan films, some listings not of fan films at all, but listings of other Star Trek websites, some of which are themselves listings of other Star Trek stuff. http://startrekrevie...009/06/249.html

No. 2 is my listing of groups that have not produced any films. This is weird, as skipping these groups was one of my No. 1 reasons to create STR, as I was tired of being sent to, say, Star Trek Hathaway, which had no films. http://startrekrevie...009/06/210.html

No. 3 is the first understandable one... It's my listing of all Star Trek Audio Dramas. This is the page with the MOST fan Trek of any page on the website. http://startrekrevie...009/06/247.html

All three of these are NOT near the top of the website, but require some hunting. Clearly, though, once people locate them... they come back! Only the Audio Drama listing is on my top short list of links.

No. 4. Not surprisingly the most visited Fan Films group listing is Phase II. Certainly, well deserved attention. http://startrekrevie...2009/06/20.html

No. 5 is another group listing at the back... select fan Trek games, comics, etc. Again, you have to hunt through the website to find this deeply buried page. It's interesting that people come back to it. I have added links to other listing of other Fan Trek on this page, too. http://startrekrevie...009/06/246.html

No. 6 is a surprise, although for me a delightful one. It's The Multiverse Crisis, the recently completed trilogy by George Kayaian. Perhaps people come to it once they discover it precisely because they have not heard of this relatively good quality fan film elsewhere. http://startrekrevie...2009/06/34.html

No. 7 is Star Trek: The Romulan Wars. Say what you will about the execution, this was one of the best concepts for a fan series. http://startrekrevie...2009/06/10.html

No. 8 is the little known but Excellent Star Trek Aurora. http://startrekrevie...2009/06/25.html

No. 9 is again a surprise... films marked as "Really Really Bad Stuff." Perhaps it assures people their own product is not the worst out there? http://startrekrevie...009/06/209.html

and finally (the software only gives me the top 10) No. 10 is Headline News. http://startrekrevie...month-only.html Again, not a surprise, it's at the top of the website, and I try to feature things that one might not have found on one's own in what is now a HUGE listing, as well as the traditional "New Releases" which are released at times in droves and at other times suffer long dry periods.
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Posted 18 November 2012 - 10:24 AM

Thanks for the update Barb.

I don't get to your site often but I often cite it.
I recommended it on Friday to one of my customers as a great way to see all that is out there for fan productions.
He also joined TU.:thumbsup:

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stant series of adaptations. and I am adapting as fast as I can!

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