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Random Links: Trek.fm, Colouring in and ST Unity animation

Posted by Kirok, 24 June 2011 · 376 views

I'm posting more stuff on my Facebook page recently because it is just sooo easy to do - you add the link, write a comment about it and it is online! Done in ten minutes with a neat little thumbnail, title and blurb direct from the website, simple! If it is something significant, I'll come onto TU and start a thread about it but all too often it is just a little heads-up about something that I've seen or had pointed out to me.

I'm going to try just doing a quick copy/paste into my Blog here, after all, that's what it is for!

:thumbsup: Trek.fm is a class act! Graphically stunning! The three minute Hyperchannel vidcast especially is flawless video editing - beautiful!

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Trek.fm - Home trek.fmNews, four different podcasts/vidcasts, Articles, Episode Index, TrekTrivia game and Newsletter! All distributed across Facebook, Twitter, iTunes and through their own website!

:wub: A cute way of involving your kids - esp. useful for Trek fan clubs! - and encouraging their artistic talents at the same time. Heads-up from Star Trek Update http://twitter.com/#!/StarTrekUpdate

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Coloring pictures of Star Trek www.coloring-pictures.netDrawings of Star Trek. Pictures of the Enterprise with the captain kirk and Mr Spock for coloring.

:dunce: Grethor take it! I'm always finding stuff online I should have seen ages ago! Tanveer has made a new website for ST Unity and they are talking about their animation coming online after the audio drama segues into it as a four part mini series.

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Star Trek Unity www.startrekunity.com

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