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Star Trek ships

Posted by Beast Boy in Martok's Blog, 23 March 2013 · 460 views

Another theme about Star Trek ships. This is my favorite ship( intrepid class). This ship has warp 9.99/warp 5,this upgrade can use for flying on high speed and not harm subspace field.


Weapons include Phasers cannon,photon and quantum torpedoes. Pro...


Posted by HadassahJoy in My first Blog, 30 April 2012 · 466 views

I personally like DS9 because it shows that everyone is treated equally no mater were you come from or who you are. Its kinda like america were no matter what race, handicap, or what you look like everyone should be treated equally, I remember in some episodes were some bejorans hates cardassians and never forgive them for what they did, and that not all...

My weekend plans continued

Posted by Tmir in Insane Waffle, 15 April 2012 · 495 views

My weekend plans ended up bust, instead what happened was: I went to a death metal show, followed by techno, followed by a rave

But anyways I think my roomate is in jail, he was driving with a suspended license and fell asleep at the wheel and he was also drunk... what happened? He hit a semi head on, he lives, but haven't heard much from him oth...

The Two Things Are~

Posted by pclark in pclark's Blog, 07 February 2012 · 332 views
Conventions, Gold Tickets, Who and 1 more...

Is anyone going to Gallifrey One in Los Angeles the weekend of the 17th, 18th and 19th. I'll be there on the 18th, maybe the 19th. http://www.gallifreyone.com/ Let me know @ qtprp2@yahoo.com

And, the other is I have a Gold Ticket to the Philly/NJ Creation Convention set for May, 2012, but I can't use it. I can't go now I'd like to sell i...

"Star trek"Technology.

Posted by Beast Boy in Martok's Blog, 07 July 2011 · 421 views

Collector bussard.

Collector Bussard use for plumping gas from nebula.Too can use as weapon in battle,release gas from gondola. Too in gondola have warp coil for create warp field ,too have plasma for freeze warp coil,because in work this coils very strong burn,if do not freeze coils,all warp gondola...

Random Links: Trek.fm, Colouring in and ST Unity animation

Posted by Kirok in The Raven's Writing Desk, 24 June 2011 · 377 views

I'm posting more stuff on my Facebook page recently because it is just sooo easy to do - you add the link, write a comment about it and it is online! Done in ten minutes with a neat little thumbnail, title and blurb direct from the website, simple! If it is something significant, I'll come onto TU and start a thread about it but all too of...


Posted by Captain Picard in Captain Picard's Blog, 08 November 2010 · 366 views

By logics computer, without ambitions
I fire on you from three my positions.
Afraid? I don't know the fear
Becouse for magogs I was dinner…
Then, from their bodies decks were rubbed
I was repaired.....
Then, came new crew
And waists the air here….
They were said: "How beautiful here!"
Then, Nitshean tribes goes into attack....
Now them...

But what of the future?

Posted by adam_computes in adam_computes' Blog, 07 November 2010 · 440 views
computer speech voice recognition

In 1967 I could only imagine what a computer would be as I watched Kirk and Spock talk to the Enterprise computer.

In 1979 I touched my first PC. I could use Wordperfect to wrd process and Lotus 123 for a spreadsheet.

In 1996 I was awarded a U.S. patent for a microchip I created.

In 2010 I was awarded a U.S. patent for speech recognition technology....

Starting Again

Posted by Aussie Trekkie in The world according to AT, 07 October 2010 · 389 views

This week I have learnt that writing blogs is a dangerous thing, never thought of it until I written one last week depicting life at my now former online radio station and along with it commenting on how people have taken a sharpened edge to things in life and it wasn't supposed to be slander or anything like that but just saying I was struggling to k...

The D20-headed Knight, Chapter Six: The Prodigal Steve Returns

Posted by Apocalypse in Herald of the Apocalypse, 03 October 2010 · 635 views

Yeah, it's been a while since a blog post, but here's more writin's!

Chapter Six: The Prodigal Steve Returns

The party, or, what was left of them, toppled out of the mysterious green energy, its eerie light vanishing as the magic that had sustained it ceased to function. Luckily, the window etched into the stone behind them was not...

Force field.

Posted by Beast Boy in Force field., 01 October 2010 · 454 views

A force field is an energy barrier with many applications and varying degrees of strength. Although force fields had been in use for many years, Starfleet did not begin research on such a device until 2147, then referred to by Malcolm Reed as a "stable EM barrier." (ENT: "Vox Sola") By the 24th century, Federation Starfleet force fields we...


Posted by Beast Boy in Warp-drive., 30 September 2010 · 369 views

Warp-drive-this drive,distort space.Warp-drive has been created in 2063-year doctor Zefram Cochrane.This drive work on annihilation matter/antimatter. /dillithium cristalls use as catalyst for reaction matter/antimatter.
During TOS, the warp factor scale wasn't clearly defined. In his initial draft proposal, Star Trek is..., Gene Roddenberry establi...

"Star Trek:the original series"

Posted by Beast Boy in "Star Trek:the original series", 27 September 2010 · 422 views


"Space-the final frontier...". 8 september 1988-year has been released first episode series "star Trek". This has been series about united federation planets and starfleet. Starship "enterprise"- very fast and powerful fly through space. command ship captain James Kirk, first office...

"Star Trek:Enterprise".

Posted by Beast Boy in "Star Trek:Enterprise"., 24 September 2010 · 388 views


Series has been created in 2001-year. 26-september has been release first episode "Broken bow" on TV-channels.
This series about first fly starship "Enterprise". First research deep space, first contact with klingon and romulan? And many other. In 2005-year series has been relea...


Posted by sebastianstrek in sebastianstrek's Blog, 17 July 2010 · 415 views
Las Vegas convention

Hello fellow Star Trek fans!

We need your help! It's your basic "boy-meets girl at Star Trek
Convention, boy loses girl, boy tries to re-connect with girl by using a
viral video" story. I'm reaching out to the Star Trek community in hopes
that someone will recognize our mystery girl and help us get in touch with
her before the La...

"Star Trek:Online".

Posted by Beast Boy in "Star Trek:Online", 03 July 2010 · 359 views

"Star TreK:online"-this mmorpg in world "Star Trek". Game begun after "Nemesis". You commanding big starship and research galaxy,but space very danger, you will be attack borg, romulan, cardassian and many other races galaxy. Player can create starship, give name personage and ship. too you can upgrade ship, warp core, weapons. To...

Capt. Picard fails to promote Data!

Posted by QmegaZ in TrekAcademy, 15 June 2010 · 378 views
trekacademy, trek, academy and 3 more...

Capt. Picard fails to promote Data!

Do you remember how Capt. Picard failed to promote Data to captain a ship in a battle against the Romulans and how Data managed to get the promotion he deserved? Have you been bypassed for promotion too?

See how Star Trek teaches us lessons in work management and life on www.trekacademy.com (see Lesson No.:001 f...

DD's Favorites: The Next Generation Edition

Posted by Disconnected Drone in Disconnected Drone's Blog, 19 February 2010 · 404 views

Hi all!

So, I was browsing through my blog posts, and I realized that I had yet to write a post regarding The Next Generation, which is quite sad, as I first became a trekkie thanks to The Next Generation. So, here's my blog post about it. Sheesh, I don't know what I'm going to write about when this is finished...

Characters, characters...

"Star Trek" PC games.

Posted by Beast Boy in Martok's Blog, 30 December 2009 · 295 views

Have many were good "Star Trek" games on PC:

"Star Trek:deep space nine:harbinger"

"Star Trek:Away team"

"Star Trek:starfleet command"

"Star Trek: deep space nine:The fallen"

"Star Trek: The next generation"

"Star Trek:elite force"

"Star Trek:Elite force-2"

"Star Trek:Bridge commander"

This no end, have and other "Star Trek" PC-games, but in this...

"Star Trek:The next generation"

Posted by Beast Boy in Martok's Blog, 10 December 2009 · 326 views

100-year ufter fly first federation starship "Enterprise". Now "Enterprise" galaxy class fly through univers. New crew: first officer- Wiljam Riker, cheef engineer -George La Forge, science officer-Data, security officer- Worf, councelor- Diana troy, doctor- Beverly Crusher. Commanding crew captain Jean Luc Picard. New search, new seek lif...

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