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"Star Trek:The next generation"

Posted by Beast Boy, 10 December 2009 · 326 views

100-year ufter fly first federation starship "Enterprise". Now "Enterprise" galaxy class fly through univers. New crew: first officer- Wiljam Riker, cheef engineer -George La Forge, science officer-Data, security officer- Worf, councelor- Diana troy, doctor- Beverly Crusher. Commanding crew captain Jean Luc Picard. New search, new seek life forms waiting in deep space galaxy. Series created Gene Roddenberry in 1987-year. In this series have sciencie part, drama story. In 2002-year was reliased first season on DVD: Posted Image

26-october was reliased complete series on DVD: Posted Image

My recensied: Me this series interested. In "TNG" have positive story, story about honor, life.Honestly, I love this series, there is some sort of a warmth, a piece of the human soul, wonderful stories, which no longer meet modern series. For me personally series "TNG" occupies a special place in my heart. I can not stop admiring the problems of morality and philosophy, set in this series. can consider me old-fashioned, but the "TNG" I like it. Certainly no special effects, such as now, but that's not the special effects, and in the plot. You can watch TV series and the old special effects and enjoy the magnificent plot.

Have 4-movies about crew captain Picard:

"Generation", "Firat contact","Insurrection", "Nemesis". From all 4-movies i were love movie "Nemesis".

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