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Sorry about the lack of updates - blame the hurricane

Posted by Captain_Hair, 23 September 2008 · 43 views

Of all the things I though I could blame downtime on, I never thought our Cincinnati, Ohio based news desk would be able to claim "hurricane" as a contributing factor. But the truth is, after Ike hit Texas, it rushed up through the US midwest and knocked out power to three million in Ohio alone. Almost all of that was through knocking down trees o...

Forum tweaks on the way

Posted by Captain_Hair, 29 August 2008 · 67 views

In order to continue to better serve you, our fantastic membership, we’re making some changes to the way part of the TrekUnited forum is organized. First off, with the shut down of the Save Enterprise campaign, the SE forum has been renamed the Save Enterprise Archives and placed under then Active Projects forum. The Dispatches From the Romulan War...

HFO E-Magazine

Posted by AdmiralRooster, 03 July 2008 · 54 views

*blows off dust*

Well, we took a little break from it, but TrekUnited is going to be working hard on bringing back Hailing Frequencies Open, our E-Magazine, with a few changes. The aim is to create an online magazine in pdf format, available at a central location, with content covering the entire Sci-Fi genre. Its quite a task, and we will need a writing...

Upcoming changes to the forum

Posted by Captain_Hair, 25 January 2008 · 54 views

On Wednesday we will be instituting some much-needed changes to the TrekUnited forums... while we've spent a lot of time making sure that everything was in the right place, I'm afraid that we forgot to look at where the right place was. Frankly, it's a bit of a mess, and we're aiming to fix that. Many forums will be moved to better serve o...

HFO 25 - Now Available

Posted by AdmiralRooster, 20 December 2007 · 41 views

Issue 25 has arrived, and I am sad to say that we will now be taking a 6 month hiatus to work on improving the publication. We hope to come back to you in June stronger and better than ever.

In this edition of HFO, you can find updates from TrekUnited, SaveEnterprise, and a review of this year's Starbase Indy. Starbase Indy regulars should not miss i...

Front Page News Submission

Posted by AdmiralRooster, 17 December 2007 · 27 views

Due to some technical problems with our front page news submission system, we have temporarily disabled it until we can resolve the issue. Please submit news directly to newsdesk@trekunited.com.

Star Trek.com closure

Posted by Captain_Hair, 16 December 2007 · 42 views

We got some very sad news over the weekend: the wonderful people that run Star Trek.com were laid off as part of a restructuring of CBS Interactive and the future of the site itself is up in the air, possibly to be closed or absorbed into the CBS or Paramount corporate sites, or completely revamped in anticipation of JJ Abrams' Star Trek movie coming...

Back Online, RSS, and gifts

Posted by Captain_Hair, 16 December 2007 · 52 views

Hey everybody!

We're all so very sorry about the recent issues with our sever. Our hard drive collapsed on itself! Thankfully we had a nice fresh backup handy and no data was lost, but it took a little while to get the new drive installed and the backup restored. Hopefully now things will run more smoothly and we won'd have any problems w...

Welcome to the Official TrekUnited Blog

Posted by Bill, 16 December 2007 · 50 views

You asked for it and we listened.

Welcome to the Official TrekUnited Blog.

As TrekUnited grows the need to communicate efficiently with our membership is more important than ever.

This Blog will keep members informed with what's happening with Announcements of News, updates of ongoing Projects, upcoming events, changes in the forum, musin...

SaveEnterprise.com Updates

Posted by AdmiralRooster, 24 November 2007 · 62 views

In case you hadn't noticed already, we have put SaveEnterprise.com back on the interweb. We're currently working to bring it fully up-to-date, so please bare with us while we make these changes. Once we have made a few more changes to the site, we will make the final changes to TrekUnited.com and finalise the change.

Thanks to those who have hel...

Changes to the forum

Posted by Captain_Hair, 18 November 2007 · 41 views

It's time for another swath of changes to the TU forum. As our membership continues to grow and evolve, some parts of the forum become much more active, and sadly, others die away.

Starting today we'll be making several changes throughout the forum to better reflect the usage we've seen from all of you.

We'll start with the inactive clos...

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