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Random Links: Trek.fm, Colouring in and ST Unity animation

Posted by Kirok, 24 June 2011 · 375 views

I'm posting more stuff on my Facebook page recently because it is just sooo easy to do - you add the link, write a comment about it and it is online! Done in ten minutes with a neat little thumbnail, title and blurb direct from the website, simple! If it is something significant, I'll come onto TU and start a thread about it but all too of...

Qapla' Balth je' : Honour and success!

Posted by Kirok, 16 December 2010 · 149 views

I talk about "the honour of the House of L'Stok" in my Klingon fan persona but today my son, Christopher has brought very real honour on himself and we can but bask in his awesomeness! He found out his ATAR score, which is the Australian equivalent to the American SATs if I've got it right, and he got 86 which is enough to score himsel...

Soon, all will become clear...

Posted by Kirok, 22 October 2010 · 156 views

My mysterious disappearance from the TrekUnited forums recently is is quite simple to explain... but I'd have to kill you if I did!

So I won't.

Suffice to say that I am back for a short while until the next time I am... called away and then I... won't be here.


There. That should clear things up a little.

Any questions?


Enter... The Monster!

Posted by Kirok, 21 August 2010 · 125 views

... well, technically it is an Acer Aspire M5811 desktop PC but compared to the pedal powered 'puta I've been working with (and its lame duck predecessor) IT IS A MONSTER!

I now have enough computing memory and speed to try things I have been putting off for ages - gaming, animation, streaming video - well, its pretty liberating! Unfortu...

Parramatta Jack hits SupNova

Posted by Kirok, 18 June 2010 · 146 views


We are just getting ready to go to SupaNova , one of the two biggest SF conventions of the year in Sydney. I'm going as a slightly Australianised version of Indiana Jones complete with my pride and joy, an authentic WWII USAAF flying jacket! I'll post pho...

Back in the Saddle

Posted by Kirok, 15 May 2010 · 48 views

Well, we are back from Risa! I paid for the damages from the bar fight and that cowardly Orion never showed for our duel at dawn!

We had great fun, even though Sharyn had a pretty bad cold for the last three days she soldiered on though! If she was any tougher she'd rust! I got some serious thinking done as regards to what my plans ar...


Posted by Kirok, 09 May 2010 · 45 views

Life is full of milestones. Your birthday, starting school, leaving school, making a whole heap of money, losing a whole heap of money...

On a serious note my marriage and the birth of my kids would have to be the major defining moments of my life. Next week is another milestone - our 25th wedding anniversary! Tomorrow the keys to the House of L...

Epic Fail!

Posted by Kirok, 01 May 2010 · 76 views

Third year in a row!

SOUND: Scream of aircraft engines coming in from the distance -- rising to crescendo -- Massive explosion -- Clatter and clang as steel debris impacts around the mike

Ah well! It was well worth doing. I made a major dent in my continuing project, Star Trek: Twelfth Night 2010. I'm very happy with the direction it is goi...

Drumroll please?

Posted by Kirok, 19 February 2010 · 89 views

Twelve months ago I was in the middle of a very invasive course of treatment which I finished in April. Today after ten months I am only two kilo's below my original weight and getting my general well-being back.

I try to make a point of facing my problems rather than waiting for them to trip me up, better to seek them out and neutralise them before...

One man's meat ...

Posted by Kirok, 16 October 2009 · 156 views
fan production
Just got back from a great holiday! Got home and flew straight to my beloved computer!!! I'll never leave you again!!!http://www.audiodram...ilies/crazy.gif Addiction? I can give it up any time ... Meh! Who'm I trying to fool!http://www.audiodram...milies/w00t.gif

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