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My name is Briony, pronounced bree-o-nee, not bry-o-nee cos that's just common. I can't shake the words "cheese" and "chavs" from my vocab. It's probably from the need to fill a silence, where most people say umm or ahh.

I'm at uni, I'm going into my 2nd year in October. I love Biochem, it's what I want to be doing but I don't know what I'm going to end up doing with it. I just wanna learn. I'm really enjoying my athletics at the moment. Last time I checked I was in the top 10 in the UK for shot and discus. I don't want to check again, just yet. I'll wait till I get a PB.

Singing... I think my voice is quite nice. I'm not up my own arse about it, I'm aware that I'm capable and I don't try to force people to listen to my voice. I'm actually rather shy about it, but I belt out a tune when no one's around. There seems to be an influx of nasally and or shouty singers these days. I think the idea is that if you can write your own songs you can be excused from having a crap voice. Whenever I'm searching itunes and I come across a beautiful voice, I'm pleased. Also, I want Ella Fitzgerald's voice. If it were tangible, I'd buy it and shove it down my throat.

If there was one word I could describe myself with it would be "inappropriate." I don't think it's such a bad thing, perhaps in public it is, but amongst understanding friends and family it's alright, well it's still embarrassing. I don’t get very close to people, because I have mild personal space issues and this nose. I’m concerned that my brain is making up scents so I try to breathe though my mouth as much as possible. I can smell people (don't look at me like that..) If someone comes up behind me, I know who it is... I might just have smelly friends. Men smell bad. My relationships don’t last long coincidentally. I don’t like to make people feel unwashed and smelly, they just are. If I find a nice smelling man, it might last a few weeks, if I’m lucky. I actually feel sorry for the people who have had to go through the experience of dating Briony. It must be frustrating for them (I know it's damn frustrating for me).

My mum keeps on lecturing me about how this is the best time of my life and that I should try not to be so negative. Also, about how that this is the age that I'm at my peak, physically.. phlox, really?! I'd better do something with myself then, because if that's so I won't have much of a life to look forward to...

Things I do often... Athletics, but only throwing really. Well, only shot and discus. I hate that just because I do athletics everybody thinks that I know everything about sport. Well, ya wrong. I know nothing about sport. General fun times :D (usually at Nando's thanks to my friends). FOOD! I eat so much crap. I'm surprised I'm not taller horizontally. It's probably the athletics keeping me in shape, though I should still rethink my diet.

I like Music... I like what I like. These are the ones I'm listening to a lot at the moment (according to Last.FM): Fleet Foxes, Fauxliage, Foo Fighters, Coldplay, Queens Of the Stone Age, Alter Bridge, Eagles of Death Metal, Slaves To Gravity, Bullet For My Valentine, Fightstar, Mandalaband, He Is Legend, Muse.

I like Films... Sci-Fi and Horror are me main genres of choice. I do love a good comedy at times. My Favourites: Sunshine, 30 Days Of Night, The Fountain, Run Fatboy Run, Transformers, Pitch Black, Hot Fuzz, Shaun Of The Dead, Spiderman(s), Blade Runner, The Incredibles, 28 Days (& Weeks) Later....

I like Television... I'm not a soap person AT ALL! I can't stand shows about teens/young adults for too long, they're just so tediously obvious in every way. These shows are my absolute favs at the moment: Star Trek: The Next Generation (actually any Star Trek, but TNG is my most favourite), Moonlight, Heroes, CSI:Crime Scene Investigation, Scrubs, Whose Line is it Anyway?, Mock The Week, Buzzcocks, QI, Family Guy, Medium. Red Dwarf - always and forever <3.

I like Books... Lehninger's Principles of Biochemistry, is so compelling for a reference book. That's about all I'm reading at the moment That and iGenetics: A Molecular Approach, just as compelling and exciting, tbf. I loved the LOTR books and the hobbit and Roverandom. I've attempted the Silmarillion.. yeah, I still haven't got round to reading past the 1st chapter. The Red Dwarf books, I never thought I could have a fit of laughter over a book, but these books proved that theory wrong. And Douglas Adam's Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. That was awesome.

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