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Trek United's Second Adult Trek Anthology

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Posted 25 January 2013 - 12:36 PM

TrekUnited publishing has been ePublishing quality Star Trek fan fiction for over a year now, during which time we have successfully experimented with a variety of media – graphic novels, pdf paperbacks and even Fotonovels ! However we have had particularly good feedback on our series of pdf Trekzines, Personal Logs, an anthology of Star Trek, fan produced, short stories backed up with beautiful fan art that is available for browsing and download on the popular Issuu platform.

TrekUnited Publishing is planning a second anthology of Adult Trek. That means PG-13 and up. Adult Trek can take many forms and need not even be sexually-oriented, as violence can be the reason for a particular rating. Last year, the first Adult Trek Anthology was well-received. Come and be a part of this year's offerings!

The anthology will come with a built-in warning for readers. Readers can open the document either by signing up with Issuu or using Facebook Connect, which does not leave any indication or link on your Facebook wall whenever you open the Anthology. The Anthology will have another beautiful cover and will also contain a great deal of internal artwork.

We are looking for stories from all of the series, including TAS, plus the films (including the JJ Abrams universe) and original and alternate universes, including the Mirror Universe. We believe in IDIC, so there are no restrictions on pairings, multiples, non-canon characters, slash, etc. The word limit is 10,000 but I'm willing to be flexible.

We are also looking for original artwork to grace the inside pages. All stories and all artwork will be properly credited.

Furthermore, we will promote this anthology in our Twitter stream and on Facebook, and will provide information (I'll see about a banner) so that you can create a signature line or the like in order to help generate interest in your work. And the banner is also open to artists if they'd like to try their hand at one.

I am the editor and I am currently unsure of how large the anthology will be. Acceptance will be competitive - we will be publishing submission guidelines shortly - who knows where we might go with it?

You can send me a PM here and I'll give you an email address where you can write to me and send your story and/or artwork file. Or, if we're Facebook friends, send me a note there and I'll give you my email address.

Come and be a part of this exciting work! SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS MARCH 1, 2013.

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