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Section 31 to be re-booted?

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Posted 24 July 2010 - 10:06 PM

In a bolt from the blue, Darker Project's eminence gris, Eric Busby has called for auditions for a number of parts for the long-running Trek audio drama which has been in hiatus for over two years! From the Yahoo Group, " Audio Auditions"...

Okay happy people. New episode of Star Trek - Section 31 are starting up once more at Darker Projects. We have two open role both are for women. The first up is for Mathus. Mathus us a genetically engineered human. Think Khan of Wrath of or Space Seed from TOS. Has a very big ego and very assured of herself. She is the new chief of engineering on the Nosferatu.

MATH: That depends if my captain would rather see her ship turned into an atomic fireball or not. See I can sit around and have a fun filled chat with you complete with tea and biscuits.


Or, I can correct this imbalance in the flow setting before it trigger a core breach. So which do you want me to do?

MATH: That's what I like about you starship captains. Always on the ball when its time to make the big choices. Mind you it would have taken while for this to really go bad, so we could have had the tea and biscuits. But the point is still valid.


There. Settings are now aligned. The flow should be normal now.


Now then. What would you like to chat about?

Next is the role of Knight. Knight is a member of the Borg Defense for. So she is half Borg. Half Vidiian. She also suffers form the Phage (See Star Trek Voyager of the same name) Her Borg implant are the only thing keep it in check.
Think 7 Of 9 when reading for her. Cold and efficient. She is part of security.

KNIGHT: I am Six of Ten of Borg Defense Unit 879. I hold the rank of Knight.

KNIGHT: The collective spent many centuries trying to locate your homeworld for assimilation. In the end however, they determined that all the tales and stories told about your people were simply legends that held no validity.


Yet here you are. I find that quite fascinating.

I also have two small role which are open to anyone to try out for. The first is for the transporter chief.

TRANS: We've just gotten a confirmation lock captain. Transporter is standing by.

And the last is for the president aide.

AIDE: Madam President. Your visitor has arrived

So if you are interested in being part of this new Star Trek series. Send your try out to eric.busby@verizon.net

Audition close as of August 1st.

I have mixed emotions about this. Some of the original three series were seminal but I make no bones about the fact that they totally lost me on their unfortunate "finale". If they are going to get back to the unique combination of horror and Trek that was the hallmark of the series - fast-paced with short story arcs - Darker Projects will be back in the game.

I will however be mightily displeased if this reboot is at the expense of Chris Williams' Star Trek: Lost Frontier, S31's successor at Darker Projects. It goes without saying that I'm still 100% behind what Chris has done with ST LF, which he has been working hard on getting back on track.


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Posted 03 August 2010 - 11:24 AM

From what I can tell, Lost Frontier is running almost entirely on its own impetus now. Other than the DarkerProjects hosting space, it doesn't seem to be using any of DP's limited production resources. So the two shouldn't interfere with one another.

Maybe that's wishful thinking. But here's hoping we can have two of the greats back up and running at the granddaddy of Trek audio drama, DarkerProjects.com!
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