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Star Wars (spin-offs)

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#1 Ezri Dax


Ezri Dax


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Posted 06 February 2013 - 10:46 AM

Just came out today in the news, Disney the new owners of Star Wars are going to make a number of Star Wars movies. Problem is, and the fans will love it or hate it: they are going to have spin-off background movies of the major characters. First one, is going to be Yoda so we understand the background of his life. Yes, Yoda when he was born and nice baby pictures of Yoday with his mom and daddy! See him turn into a Jedi, all that good stuff.

Ya, it will make them a trillion dollars ... but ... I do not know! Maybe a background story why the republic became over a 1,000 years ago. Oh brother ... anything for a buck!

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#2 Bill



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Posted 06 February 2013 - 10:57 AM

Lucas was an amateur marketer compared to what Disney will do to squeeze every nickel from this franchise.

Life is a con
stant series of adaptations. and I am adapting as fast as I can!

#3 Butch



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Posted 06 February 2013 - 04:47 PM

I don't think... of course this is me.. that any character development will make for a good movie..
People won't want that.. I could be wrong but .. if you look at the 1st Hulk Movie.. people love Super Hero movies but that 1st one was too...
character developmental..

The 2nd one had a little more bang to it... but it still didn't hit the box office big..
Compare that to Iron man.. Thor.. even Captain America...
Those movies had character development but, it was blended in with just a sprinkle..

Yoda as a kid isn't going to do anything...
Anytime someone goes ahead with a prequel... people get turned off....
those 3 prequels to Star Wars were far from the original...
Not that I'm a Star Wars fan... but it's hard to down play the graphics...

If you make a film today... the fx say 10 years from now will make it look silly..
Now 10 years later you decide you want to do a prequel...
it's a tough coin to mint.. you have to somehow make the earlier time frame version look less advanced..
even though you are using more advanced technology to make the film...
I think that's where the prequels for Star Wars went wrong...
I also think if Enterprise had been following in the future of another ship after Picard.. it would of lasted the full 7 seasons..
Reinventing the past is tricky with fans who usually know the story scripts better than anyone...

Again, just weighing in..
I'm sure JJ will have fun with the franchise...
I wouldn't be surprised if the whole thing doesn't get a re-boot...
JJ's Star Wars
But then he could start from the beginning.. and go forward....

At least he could have "Darkness".... :rolleyes:


#4 Ezri Dax


Ezri Dax


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Posted 08 February 2013 - 11:21 AM

Lucas was an amateur marketer compared to what Disney will do to squeeze every nickel from this franchise.

Disney will get every nickel! Star Trek has to deal from now 2013 till 2380. With Star Wars, they can do anything with that 1,000 years of the republic. Plus the long 900 year life of Yoda. Would shock me they will come up with 4 Star Wars movies per-year with new characters.

#5 Mrs Treklady


Mrs Treklady

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Posted 25 November 2014 - 11:01 AM

the first  trailer for star wars the force awakens will be out in limited theaters  this weekend



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