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Assimilating Ourselves?

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Posted 22 August 2013 - 08:48 AM

Most, if not all, of the big name aliens in Star Trek have represented a culture or something in our world today or in our past. Someone once asked me, "Who do the Borg represent". My quick response was "technology itself, perhaps", without giving much thought. Now, a few years later, I may have been right. I live in a fairly rural town, and I am witnessing the increased dependence on certain technologies to the point that they run our lives.....email, cell phones, facebook.....for starters, and even bluetooth and exercise monitors that people are wearing. Is it a sign that technology is becoming more and more integrated with our selves and possibly our bodies? I fear this, and I fear that some individuals are consumed by this technology, in a similar manner as the Borg. While the Borg are not given a free will to be assimilated, I believe our society is placing that pressure upon us. If I don't pick up a call or answer an email, people start freaking out.

I have and always will love technology. I love Star Trek, and after all, technology is a vital part. But I think they found that balance, to live life with without being a subject to the technology. Aside from Lt. Barclay, would we ever leave the holodeck? I fear babies will never be born if a holodeck is ever made - and I would be guilty as everyone else.

I digress, but just my thoughts, that technology is great, but it can be consuming and assimilating.

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Posted 15 February 2015 - 12:55 AM

Wow, I agree it's scary in a way, that it becomes an all consuming addiction... I went a few years without facebook and I figuratively felt a weight lift... but I was re integrated because of the emotional technological jealousy that overtook me. There is one moment that stands in my mind, I was in the back of the classroom and every single screen before me was on Facebook, I counted 12 before I was like wow...but now that my life is at a stand still I find myself drawn back with the morbid interest in the lives of friends and enemies also the Internet effs with our ability to create memories... lots of peer reviewed research on that, that are indicating it's not so good and our progenies will suffer mentally for it
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