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Calling all Collectors!

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Posted 01 October 2012 - 11:08 AM

Calling all collectors!
My name is Jackson. I am currently studying an MA in Graphic Design at Brighton, and I am researching a project about collectors.

I am looking for any collectors who would be kind enough to spare a moment and answer a few questions about their experiences with collecting, such as how long you have collected, what do you collect etc.

My aim is to accumulate enough profiles and interviews with collectors to collate into a book on the subject, as my skill area is in book design and typography. At this present moment, the project is purely for educational purposes and not to be sold (and as such I cannot offer any money for your contribution), but any contributors would receive a free copy of the final printed publication, and if the project develops into anything bigger, you will remain informed.

Below is a list of questions. If you wish to participate, you can go into as a much or as little detail as you like, and if you are not happy in answering a certain question, by all means skip it. I would appreciate a small profile of yourself, just giving your name, what you do for a living, interests etc.
If you mind me getting in touch to expand on any of yours answers, please say if you are happy to or not.

All responses can either be PM’d to me or emailed to jacksonreesdesign@gmail.com If you have any questions you would like to ask me, by all means get in touch. I hope for this to be an interesting and fun project.

Many thanks.

Jackson Rees.

What do you collect?
How long have you been collecting?
What was the first thing you began collecting? How did your desire to collect evolve from that?
Are there any items you are currently seeking to complete your collection? Is there a ‘holy grail’ within the field you are interested in?
What is the prize of your collection?
What appeals to you about the things you collect? Is it related to your enjoyment of a certain tv series or film? Is it nostalgia? Is it an admiration of craft or design?
Where do you keep your collection? Is it presented in any specific manner, such as a display case, kept in storage, or ordered chronologically?
Do you sell any items, or intend to one day?
Are you quite strict on how much you spend on your collection? What has been the most expensive item you have bought?
Is collecting quite an impulsive thing or did you specifically plan what you wanted to collect?
Do you collect things from specific eras or from a wide range of periods?
Do you have a preference for vintage items over contemporary items, and if so, why?
What do friends and family think of your collection?
Are you in contact with other collectors?
If you could start up an entirely new collection, what would it be?

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