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Terilynn's Trek

8-7-09 One Door Closes - Another Opens

Posted by Terilynn, 07 August 2009 · 125 views

It's with both excitement and a tiny pinch of sadness that I'm writing this short entry.

You see, I'm going to be moving Terilynn's Trek to a new home for the foreseeable future and no longer posting entries here at TrekUnited.

TU has been a very cozy little blog area for me, but when offered an opportunity to bring TT wider exposu...

8-2-09 Can Swallow Redeem Titan from Bennett's Misdeeds?

Posted by Terilynn, 02 August 2009 · 170 views

Those of you who have read my blog over any length of time may remember that I used to like to read the licensed – official – authorized – whatever books published by CBS' company – Pocketbooks.

That's right – I USED to like to read them. That was until the authors grouped together and decided to make their...

7-16-09 Hollywood has Nothing to Fear...Except Fear Itself of Course.

Posted by Terilynn, 16 July 2009 · 180 views

A ha!!! Yes – Surprise – it's a SECOND blog entry today!

Over the course of the last day, Twitter has been…well…atwitter with people who have just gone off about the worsening problem of the "reboot/rehash/remake" disease that has infected the very soul of what used to be a pretty wacky and origi...

7-16-09 Memories of Apollo 11, Strong Men and Little Plastic Monkeys

Posted by Terilynn, 16 July 2009 · 154 views

Tomorrow begins a week-long celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. It'll be a time where someone (who's old enough of course) will likely ask you (if you're old enough of course) where you were when you watched Neil Armstrong set foot on the surface of Earth's moon.

I was young – merely 4 ½ years old...

7-10-09 Megan Fox - A Cause or a Symptom?

Posted by Terilynn, 10 July 2009 · 255 views

I told you all in the last blog that Megan Fox, the hot starlet from Transformers 2 and several upcoming films, was a personality that was worthy of dedicating an entire blog post to…

Well she is.

She is that one enigma that both infuriates me and causes me to wonder whether or not I actually admire her.

She's gorgeous. She's smart....

6-29-09 Transformers 2 Success Gives Terilynn Pause

Posted by Terilynn, 29 June 2009 · 409 views

This morning I was graciously directed to a couple of articles about the entertainment industry as a whole as well as an article that genuinely shocked me. That's kind of hard to do.

And what shocked me pray tell?

Apparently Transformers 2, Revenge of the Fallen has managed to use a little of its own red matter and imploded St...

6-24-09 I'm Chewing on Another Bone

Posted by Terilynn, 24 June 2009 · 180 views

So, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences finally succumbed to the almighty dollar and has opened its Best Picture category to ten nominees.




So what will this mean for the average m...

6-19-09 Anyone Have a Spare $200k?

Posted by Terilynn, 19 June 2009 · 115 views

I'm a little bummed but more excited today. If I had the time to take a day off I would have in a heartbeat.


I would have driven down south toward Las Cruces, NM to see the groundbreaking ceremony at the new Spacestation America – Virgin Galactic's new homeport.



*giggles with schoolgirl delight.*


6-15-09 IGN, Columbia TriStar & LA Times Incur The Wrath of Terilynn

Posted by Terilynn, 15 June 2009 · 145 views

Seriously – what the phlox is wrong with some people?! I don't get it sometimes. There are some people making really lousy decisions based on personal biases. Then it takes a crapload of extremely embarrassing articles and blogs AND A BUNCH OF LAWYERS to get the poor fools to make the RIGHT decision?

What the hell is she talking abou...

6-7-09 The Beating of Trek's Heart?

Posted by Terilynn, 07 June 2009 · 152 views

Can I just say, thanks Wowbagger!!!

Last night I tweeted that I was having trouble finding true inspiration for another blog entry and that Winona Ryder's most recent fluffy, Abrams-butt-kissing in an interview with the Japan Times http://search.japant...20090605r1.html and reported on by TrekMovie.com http://trek...