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My Inspiration...It's Back!

Posted by Melvin, 29 October 2008 · 216 views

Mmm-hmm. So that writing contest thing.

I phloxing kicked its ass today. I was like, "Shut up and sit down, short story, because you're about to get your ass written." And lo and behold, it did get written. Well, not all of it, but I got a lot of it set up, and what's important is I got past the brief block (if you want to call it block) that held me back for a while. So now I'm simply elated.

If any of you are at all curious about it, I've change the title. I realize none of you knew what the title was before. In fact, it was quite literally the title that inspired me (I was just trying to think of an awesome title, actually, that might at least provoke an idea), but I changed it. It used to be The Winter's Red Snow, but now I'm thinking of changing it to Us and Them, that and dedicating the whole piece to the memory of Rick Wright. The bits in it that are about war were in large part inspired by the lyrics and feelings of Us and Them (the song).

Beyond that? Well, you'll just have to wait and read it ;)

Call it the The Winter's Red Snow and I'll point the finger of plagiarism at you! Well, not really, but one of my favorite short stories evar is called Scarlet Snow.

Anyway, I hate you forever, because by just entering the writing contest, you crushed my chances at winning... *cries*
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*googles and finds nothing*

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QUOTE (Melvin @ Oct 29 2008, 09:10 PM)
*googles and finds nothing*


I'll show you the May 1982 copy of Asimov's sci fi lit magazine! No lies, I've got it right here next to me.
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You show that story who's boss Melvin!
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Looked for your epic story and found ----- nothing. Boo.
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One time I wrote something, but it turned out it was a false alarm....
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@Babsy: Not finished yet, but it will get there, worry not.

@Fasty: sad.gif tongue.gif
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Woah Melvin dude. Your story was worth waiting for. And from one Floyd fan to another - I'm totally with you on concept and interpretation. Epic!
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