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My weekend plans

Posted by Tmir, 29 March 2012 · 555 views

So last weekend I was all rearing to go, had makeup on and everything, sexy stockings, vintage skirt. Boyfriend asks if I want to see a movie with his friend; sure why not, he decided he didn't want to anymore, but we could still go to the bar, alright. So we get to the place and meet up with his friends once they finish their movie, he wanted to go to the bar with the guy who owed him money, guy didn't have his money on him, my bros txts me for goods; I make an order and back home we go after stopping at the pharmacy to grab munchies, I grab some strawberry shortcake ice cream (yum). So I was all pumped to go out that friday and it didn't happen and since I'm in school full time in my third year and working 25 hrs a week, I don't have much free time you know?

So this week instead of depending on the boyfriend for entertainment I found some.. well they found me.
2 peeps from a band I used to be groupie of are coming down, one I'm good friend with, the other I think doesn't know my name; the other guitarist knows me, but this one we aren't aquainted, but he is coming down with the drummer to buy a guitar. The drummer I hang with when we get the chance memorable moments include: practice, shows, trip inside the sewers, kite flying, playing old school nintendo games till early in the morning, so yeah I'm probably going to hang with them while they look for a new guitar; probably buy a bongo and go busking in the streets before we get asked to stop because of lack of a lisence to do so. Then later on in the evening (6pm) I shall roll and head to a melodic death metal show, drink and mosh; then stumble on home high on adrenaline

estimated cost: 50 for the ticket, 50 for the bongo, 30 for band merch, and 20 for booze = 150$
Then head to work the next day moaning about how much studying needs to be done before finals in 2 weeks.

Note to self: remember to buy ink, I need some black gold to print 4 classes semester's worth of material including required and suggested readings

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