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Conservatives lock canadians up and make them pay

Posted by Tmir, 13 March 2012 · 667 views

Bill C-10 get's passed as public sector jobs get cut and layoff packages are paid out.

Public sector employees are paid 6 months salary plus paid 11, 000$ to go back to school in severance package.
Curators and environment canada term employees are given 6 months notice, estimated cost of severance pay 2billion$ for 800, 000 jobs. Environment Canada loses 50 scientists... not surprisingly putting more power in the resource private sector, now they'll have less opposition to their non environmentally friendly practices, the reasoning is to save money... but cutting jobs that have previously been approved by the public, if there is one thing canadian want is more social services = more public sector employments... what we want is consultants that get paid half a million for a weeks worth to be sacked, not our scientists, our experts. And in the meantime

Bill C-10 gets passed... what does this mean? For the law abidding citizens not much, for those who break the law? Its longer jail time, even if you committed the crime as a minor... you will now have a higher chance of being tried as an adult, or placed as a youth in the adult judicial system with your name being released to the public if you committed a serious crime. Higher sentences for traffickers; mentioning specifically pot growers minimum 6 months for 6 plants, pardon for small crimes now will be 5 years, 10 years for serious crimes. So what problems will this cause? So the criminals are spending more time in jail? Well first off the tax payers are paying for their jail terms, spending more time in jail makes it more difficult for them to reintroduce themselves into society and inability to receive a pardon makes it mostly impossible to obtain a respectable job; because lets face it criminal checks are common when applying to a company. Youth offenders will also be facing the same issues and lawyers and lawmakers agree that this is more harmful than helpful and gives them almost no chance of reintegrating into law abidding society. +80% of prairie inmates are natives.. there is a reason which canadians are aware of. We pushed the native community to the ground through residential schooling, psychological abuse they brought back to their reserves; the new bill makes things worse and has no basis in researched facts, merely based on conservative fictional bullphlox the party stands on. :thumbsdown:

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