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Posted by Tmir, 16 December 2009 · 121 views

Oh oh, I went to see marilyn manson for my bday in september; it was amazing... we almost died 3 times.First we had to do some illegal activities; which made us late for the concert. 3 hours away; 1:30 till the concert... surprisingly we didn't get caught speeding, and we made it in time.There was a lineup down the road... I'm talking like 2 streets, but my friend lost his wallet right? So we had to go back to every parking lot we parked at... we found it thankfully; it got run over, but everything was there.Went back to the concert, no lineup; got in- nice cloud of smoke, the stadium filled front to back; so I go to the front middle area, so I could see him.Yeah *drool I know.So then we have about 2 hours to kill until the Y opens, it's only midnight, we decide to hit whyte ave.Get there; walk across the street and some stupid chick in a red car almost runs us over by running a red light, and she looked at us like we were crazy!!!So then we hit a few bars... boring, decide to go driving around.First time a car is going the wrong way down the one way we are on... he doesn't stop we have to swerve out of the way... and speeding, next time... oh there's a garbage in the middle of the road- you know plastic; just knock it out of the way, thankfully the person who was driving didn't think that, because it was one of those cement ones.Then we get to the y; things were fabulous after that; made it back around 7 am, had some fun times, before my roomate freaked at me, because I told her ex; whom by the way weren't even dating in the first place.. so not ex; what the entire dating situation was, she was sleeping with the one guy from out of town; after they stopped seeing each other, not during.My roomate is a nympho... she makes things interesting.

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