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Starting Again

Posted by Aussie Trekkie, 07 October 2010 · 389 views

This week I have learnt that writing blogs is a dangerous thing, never thought of it until I written one last week depicting life at my now former online radio station and along with it commenting on how people have taken a sharpened edge to things in life and it wasn't supposed to be slander or anything like that but just saying I was struggling to keep up with the culture although I am trying to keep pace with it and it was taken the wrong way and I was removed from my posts.

It was a blow and for a few days I was guttered but my big family at the Chuckmeister85 Fan Club on Facebook don't like situations such as that and soon I was figuring out ways to get back into things and now several days in, I feel that the outlook is alot better and hopefully by next Wednesday we'll be proclaiming 'Business as Usual' in terms of radio service although we are business as usual when it comes to videos and blogs, I guess starting from scratch without musical support means I have to dig into the past when it comes to radio and create one person plays and other segments to make a show.

In the hours before my removal, I recorded a new episode of 'At Home with Chuckmeister85' on Youtube and this seventh episode has a special meaning for it was the first time I got to show everyone my Trekunited Australia T-Shirt as well as revealing new writing pieces for the people but the really important part of the show was deciding that every view up to 100 sends a 50 cent donation to 'The Sarah Myatt Fund', the fund is important to me because my friend who is the technical wizard of the former station I did my shows on is the brother of the young lady whose life changed after having an accident earlier in the year and I've made two or three $20 donations and thought my next one should have a more group feel and so I worked out that if one view of my show equals 50 cents we'll get anywhere between $20 and $50 based on show averages.
So check out this site http://www.thesarahmyattfund.org.au and give it a good read through then give your support any way you can from writing in the guest book to making a donation, they even got Paypal which is good.

Finally if you want to make a donation through me just view the 'At Home with Chuckmeister85' episode below

That's pretty much it for now, hopefully the next few weeks go by without a problem in anything.