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Ring Ring goes the Bell

Posted by Aussie Trekkie, 20 September 2010 · 96 views

It's been a very long time since I've written an entry here, although I have been writing in many locations just sometimes focus settles on one area and the rest suffer until a break from the usual uncovers the long rested things that were great to do and you start to pick up the pieces again on them.

About the time of my last blog I was talking about films and I finally got Part I of my film "The Long Road to Loving Someone" completed and what an experience it was first of all it was designed as an Silent film and then it failed so I added sound then was told the text wasn't needed so Part II is going to get presented in a whole new and time consuming style so I been busy in the last week figuring out ways to present a story the way people want it to be seen but I am still very proud of Part I and hope that Part II will match the feeling of Part I story wise.

I've also been making a weekly series called 'At Home with Chuckmeister85' which is greatly appreciated by the people of the Chuckmeister85 Fan Club and probably very few other people at this moment, that's another story the fan club but just look it up on Facebook and you'll see it for yourself anyhow below is the fifth episode of the show and apparently it is really good, it is serious effort but it has some humour and a ticker saying hello to people and other bits and pieces so feel free to check it out.

Still doing Enterprise News Today as well about apart from Enterprise S5 the news is rather limited in quantity, you know we worked our tails off at SE for years and the solution was in our hands all along SE.com, TU, SE in TU the answer was always there in Tom's hands and it taken four years for somebody to come up with the most ingenious method make shots out of the previous four seasons plus your own resources and bang you got yourselves a 30 minute (there about) episodes made into three parts each episode and in a way SE might of lost but in a way it was won sure we didn't get Enterprise back on TV but we got Enterprise back on Youtube thanks to three people who put their abilities together and put Enterprise S5 together, for starters there is no amateur acting, the shots are top notch and the soundtrack is excellent, Enterprise S5 is Alive.

Anyhow I better go and continue making my films, got a full slate of Amateur films to make but it is enjoyable hopefully it is the road to somewhere nice but regardless I still got my fan club and they support anything I do, maybe even see you there we'll see.