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Only when it is dark enough you can see the stars

Posted by Aussie Trekkie, 12 March 2010 · 177 views

With campaigning for Enterprise pretty much over at least for me, a whole lot of free time opened up and time has slowly been happily filled in although i am still very interested in Enterprise S5 the series which is on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/MsPaulineM) it is slowly getting a following amongst fans.First i done a stint as a Radio DJ from March to November 2009 and that was fun winning several months in the ratings stakes but unfortunately costs got too high and the station had to shut down but luckily for me I quickly moved on to me making my short films and below is the latest report on one on my films i am making called 'The Long Road To Loving Someone' and i am getting more and more pleased with it defintely come a long way since originally making a series called Endeavour in 2005-2006 which spawned seven episodes and the drawing level was pretty basic.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJ0nSnfS-2AAround the same time I joined the campaign to bring a classic Australian variety show called Young Talent Time back to TV, for non Australian readers YTT was a show that was pretty much in the mould of the Mickey Mouse Club that ran for several decades on American TV with both shows having a similar number of kids as a team or individually doing both singing and dancing but YTT also had a segment which gave three contestants a chance to show their abilities including singing, dancing, instrument playing, comedy skills, magic tricks ability and many other areas as well as having a special guest every show.It is said that at this particular time Australian kids have an abundence of talent but have nowhere on commercial TV to shine, so if you believe in the concept of YTT or the Mickey Mouse Club then please watch the following video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypcvJoY18A8and if you agree with it please consider joining http://www.facebook....id=171065601610 or http://www.myspace.com/redfernforytt or http://www.twitter.com/redfernforyttFinally etaRadio is returning as The Fuzz Radio and I got my Radio slot back and I'll let you all know when the shows start again and I can't wait because in the last five months I've been waiting for another shot at it and been steadily building my music collection ready to play music for people so in conclusion I can finally see the stars again.