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And so the end came

Posted by Aussie Trekkie, 05 December 2009 · 135 views

So last month the end of etaRadio came and it was a smashing success if an ending of something can be a smashing success, in the final days we needed 20,000 connections to break into the 500,000 connection barrier and it seemed like an impossible task but at about 5:30pm on the last day we broke through and ended our 8 month run at over 502,000 connections throughout the history of etaRadio and i ended my last two hour stint with two Jamie Redfern songs in "Hitch a Ride" and "I Thankyou"

Well since etaRadio ended the question has been what to do next and going through the piles of aborted ideas i came across my story on the history of the original group of kids who performed on Australian variety TV show 'Young Talent Time' and i decided the idea needed a clean up and got to work on it and so i started to put the pieces together for example the original idea called for all 40 kids from 1971 to 1988 to be chronicled and so i cut it down the original six kids taking the starring role and the dozen or so who followed them takes supporting roles as the story reaches a conclusion.

The research is hard, Australian TV networks had a policy of filming over episodes of productions so some 300 out of 800 Young Talent Time episodes are gone including most between 1971 and 1978 the area in which my film Up, Up and Away is based upon and most images are in black and white and some colour is from Polaroid photographs which are largely blurred but here is a teaser of how the movie is, please note the movie is more a guide for some rich company to attempt one day.

My other major interesting phase so far has been pushing for former Young Talent Time performer and current talent school teacher/Facebook user/Performer/other things, Mr Jamie Redfern to become host of Young Talent Time when it returns to Australian TV after an absence of 21 years (19 if you count the Direct-to-Video episode) and the original host of the program Johnny Young is going to go just produce and be a judge so there is an opening and a bunch of us fans are hoping Jamie becomes the host and so i made the following campaign video.

I have to say if i didn't spend all these last four years at Save Enterprise i would never of learnt several things that is vital today for example how to make videos after following Skippy2k and ChristopherPike although they have done much better than I have and then you got the fan made series Enterprise S5 which i am pleased to be one who watches every episode and give some ideas and I think some of my episode ideas will make it into the fifth episode which would be the second time something of mine has made it into the fan made realm but yeah hopefully what i have learnt at Save Enterprise translates to the 'Jamie Redfern: As Host For New Young Talent Time group' on Facebook