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Waiting for the end to come

Posted by Aussie Trekkie, 14 November 2009 · 117 views

the end of a dream run

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Is Jamie Redfern the best child singer the world has ever seen?

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After some 8 months and over 480,000 connections made the internet radio station etaRadio is closing down and it is going to happen just over a day from now and i was devastated by it because i was the second DJ on the station and i have logged over 187 hours on the station since i started although i did a couple of shows on other computers so the total could of exceeded over 200 hours and that means i have kept some listeners company for over a week of their lives in just 8 months and that is astounding.

Unfortunately i was hoping to go far with etaRadio so the announcement last week absolutely floored me but i am hoping the Chuckmeister85 show goes somewhere else to live on in a podcast capacity or just drop the Chuckmeister85 tag and go for my real name which would be nice but in a way Chuckmeister85 is my brand name so i am sort of compelled to stick with it for some time but we shall see what will happen in the future.

Through the last week i have been really working hard on things, my last regular Wednesday night show was a massive success although i lament that i didn't get to play all the classic tunes i wanted to play there were so many Chuckmeister85 standard tunes that four hours just wasn't enough time and i wanted to go on into the small hours but i had no energy left to give so i had to call it a day.

If you want to see any Chuckmeister85 videos go to
We also have podcasts available at http://www.etaradio.com.au but you better hurry because they'll be going offline soon

I also been working on improving my films and i present to you readers the latest teaser trailer from my film effort "The long road to loving someone" which has narration and some new shots plus a longer length and i do promise that more will be coming over time as i boost production to get things done

Well it's time to go and prepare for the show, it is going to be a great one tune in at 4pm AEST (Queensland, Australia time) oh and in this blogs poll question is Jamie Redfern the best child singer the world ever seen here is an example of his singing for you to make judgement

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