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If Trekunited was a historical school/Uni what would be on it's grounds and Wall of Fame?

Posted by Aussie Trekkie, 09 October 2009 · 119 views

Imagine if Trekunited was an facility of historical importance like a University or a sporting club.

Which members contributions would hang on the walls of fame? There have been many special members and i would hate to name them incase i miss people or be too Australian biased although i got a feeling three or four Australians would make anybody's list though i think i would name the following in no particular order although i know the list could be double the size if i had many hours to think about it.

Ensign Edwards
Chris Wales
The Middleman

About a quarter of the names i have listed i worked with on Save Enterprise projects or in the Australian section back when the section was pretty much the factory of Trekunited or Save Enterprise ideas for example the Direct-to-DVD trailer was first introduced at a Trekunited Australia live chat and originally worked on in the Australian section, the rest well were part of the early days when Enterprise was number 1 and we wanted to save it and save it right NOW.

What sections of the forum would be monuments or the big ancient buildings of importance well below i have listed two areas, both of them to me are my favourite spots since about 90% of my posts belong to them.

Trekunited Australia and the Aussie Cubbyhouse thread, it seems like yesterday i established Part One of Aussie Cubbyhouse back in the day when campaigns were run by various countries and Trekunited Australia had two leaders over time with myself leading for a few months and Vol taking it for a year or so before things came to an almost complete and utter halt thanks to the disappearance of one named "LonegunGirl" and then when "ghyhgov" and "StarfleetIntel" stopped posting in Aussie Cubbyhouse well that was pretty much it for the group until "Elf" and "Paulinem" arrived and helped push a stalled Aussie Cubbyhouse Part Seven into Part Eight with a little help from "Sevnson_71" and "Bill" who have been coming to TU:AUS for many years.

As mentioned earlier Trekunited Australia was pretty much a factory when the talents of LonegunGirl and Kirok with the leadership of Vol but many of the team's ideas in the spotlight, such was the power of the Trekunited Australia section that in the TU magazine "Hailing Frequencies Open" Kirok had a column devoted to reporting on the monthly runnings of the section and TU:AUS has even beaten the magazine in terms of lifespan.

Topics discussed in Aussie Cubbyhouse have ranged from relationships to what singer is THUD worthy (It was the insistence of LonegunGirl that Thom Yorke should be listed as THUD worthy) while for the fellas skater Sasha Cohen was used as an example of what got the fellas interest but some other topics have discussed the weather, NASCAR, Lynyrd Skynyrd, AFL, NRL, NBL, Vegemite, David Hasselhoff, Dig sites, Record Buying, Young Talent Time and more.

Save Enterprise is in my opinion the "Properly designed Titanic of Trekunited" because every time it looks like Save Enterprise has taken one torpedo too many and is beginning to slip beneath the waves somebody pumps the water out and it floats, we all know that Save Enterprise used to be the entire forum actually Save Enterprise was an entire website and forum until Trekunited was formed and eclipsed it's mother and set it's own path and Save Enterprise was put into Trekunited and lives on today as part of the "Enterprise" section competing against the cuteness of Connor Trinneer in a post for post, view for view battle.

SE has been blessed with many talented people going through it's threads for example Ensign Edwards, ChristopherPike, Bruce, LLAP-TERRELL (to some a controversial choice for a Wall of Fame), JohnBart_HUN, John Doe, Paulinem, Allee, Trek Forever, The Middleman, Rhett Coates and many more members have contributed to past and present ideas.

Recently SE was destined for the rubbish bin of Trekunited as Trekunited is rebuilding itself after some pretty lean years in which some areas have an incomplete feel to it but now thanks to Enterprise S5 and more people expressing ideas and opinions SE's date with the rubbish bin is not going to happen for quite some time.

So what does everybody think of my beliefs, who agrees with the people and places and what areas do you think are important and why?

Thanks for the 'nod' AT.

I can't speak of the past (I wasn't here), but I can speak for the future - I will do what I can to keep Save Enterprise going and relevant... It is still a worthy cause...

and Yeah the Aussies...
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Kind regards
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There were days even i didn't want to be in SE anymore, it got so boring with the same write letters at this time of month campaign and again and again but thankfully in recent times we've looked outside the Television/DVD ideas and spread out further which has enabled other talents to flourish such as what you are doing now and so on and so forth.
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I hope we can keep the Aussie Cubbyhouse thread moving.
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A year on and the Cubbyhouse still going which is good, so eager to get to Part Ten we're not that far way only about 1009 posts away!.
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